Dr. Gaurav Deka

Dr Gaurav Deka is a medical doctor and a transpersonal regression therapist. His professionalism, combined with his understanding of human behaviour, drives the successful results he gets with any client who consults with him. He uses techniques like Regression Therapy in conjunct with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Inner Child Healing. He is also a member of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). He lives and practices in Delhi.

Sexless marriage

8 myths about Asexuals (ASE)

Contrary to popular belief, asexuals are not repressed homosexuals, products of sexual trauma or people with physical disabilities around performance or sex, but absolutely normal individuals who experience little, or no sexual attraction to other people. They are also a part of the sexuality spectrum, even though they happen to be the least spoken about. …

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