Aditi Mehrotra

Aditi Mehrotra is an Indian writer and writes both in English and her native Hindi. Her fiction and creative non-fiction have appeared in places like The Boston Globe, Little India Magazine, by Kitaab Singapore, Kathadesh and Naya Pratiman. At the centre of most of her writings are human relationships. Childfree by choice, Aditi believes she is in a new-age marriage with her partner for the last 9 years making conscious decisions from a longstanding preoccupation over what makes a partnership healthy and joyful.

things to do after a breakup

10 Best Positive Things To Do After A Breakup

When going through a breakup, finding productive things to do can often be your best bet to deal with difficult emotions. This article offers a list of 10 things to do after a breakup.

signs there is someone else

17 Signs There Is Someone Else In Your Partner’s Life

Before there are red flags, there are yellow ones. Do you have a hunch your partner is seeing someone else but are not sure? We look at 17 signs that may indicate your partner is engaging in infidelity, emotional and otherwise.

Insecure men

7 Habits Of Insecure Men – And How To Deal With Them

Who is an insecure man? Learn the signs of insecure men to protect yourself from the repercussions. And if your partner is showing signs of insecurity and jealousy this article helps you learn how to deal with it.

why are younger guys attracted to me

Why Are Younger Guys Attracted To Me – 21 Probable Reasons

Oh, the joy of wondering, “Why are younger guys attracted to me?” Not many questions can uplift the spirits and confidence of a woman like this one. Gone are the days when older women-younger men relationships yanked us straight into predatory connotations with words like ‘cougar’, ‘cradle robber’, and ‘Mrs. Robinson’. Times have changed. Age …

Why Are Younger Guys Attracted To Me – 21 Probable Reasons Read More »

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