Why Are Bald Men Attractive? 9 Reasons 

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Updated On: January 5, 2024
Are bald men attractive

Do women like bald men? Does the shaven head actually look good? Can going bald hide the fact that one is losing their hair? If you are here, looking for answers, wondering, “Are bald men attractive?”, chances are your hairline is prematurely receding, and you are considering going bald!

1536 men in over five European countries responded to a survey on hair loss. The results?

  • A whopping 42% – that’s almost half – reported thinning hair
  • 62% of these men agreed that losing hair could affect self-esteem
  • 43% of men linked balding to losing attractiveness
  • 37% showed concern about getting older
  • 22% reported negative effects on social life
  • And 21% said they experienced feelings of depression

In fact, tennis player, Andre Agassi, writes in his autobiography, describing his hair loss at a young age, “like losing little pieces of my identity.”

Point is, you are not alone, my friend! Neither in the male baldness department nor in feeling anxious about the new shine on your crown. And just so you don’t suffer from an identity crisis like Agassi, we bring to you 9 reasons why women think bald men are downright hot!

Are Bald Men Attractive?

We could tell you “yes” a thousand times, but you wouldn’t believe us, would you? So here are some numbers, data, user experiences, and an age-old saying. Basically, everything you need to believe that follically challenged men could get as much positive attention as someone with a full head of hair.

  • A 2023 research by Skullshaver, an electric razor company, reveals that 82% of the 1,000 women surveyed responded positively to the question: Are bald men attractive?
  • A study titled, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Why Shaved Heads Lead the Pack, by the University of Pennsylvania revealed that women and men perceived bald men to be taller, stronger, dominant, and with a potential for leadership qualities
  • A popular Cantonese saying goes, “Of every ten bald men, nine are rich”
  • Consider this user’s response on a Reddit thread on the titular question. It says, “I LOVE a clean-shaven head!… What is key is your confidence in how you look. Confidence is the catnip I can’t resist”
  • Here is another one, “I’ve always found bald men attractive. The baldness sets off the eyes in a way that hair can’t. Just don’t do a comb-over. Embrace the baldness with confidence. It is the confidence that matters. Hair is insignificant.”
  • And this one, “My husband was hot with hair, and he’s still smoking hot without it. He owned the hair loss and shaved it. I think I may even prefer the shaved head actually.”
  • A Quora thread straight-forward asks, “Why do some women find bald men so gosh darn attractive?” Do we say more?

The keyword? “Confidence.” Internet users, survey respondents, and experts, all agree that if you are sure of yourself, you will be able to pull off a clean-head look. Some people advise keeping yourself fit to carry the look well, “You don’t want to be overweight and fat” seems to be the common consensus. But we say, ditch that. Sure, take care of your health, but there is no formula! Confidence, kindness, niceness, and honesty, all go a long way when people look for a potential mate.

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7 Celebrities Who Prove Bald Men Are Attractive

Are you there yet? Feeling confident enough to take those clippers and run them over your head, revealing your shiny pate? Because if you aren’t, we figured what better way to give you that final nudge than by reminding you of all the sexy celebs who sport their bald heads like pros. Their larger-than-life stature gives these hot bald guys enough leverage to inspire and influence those struggling with natural hair loss to embrace the look.

1. Dwayne Johnson

We wanted to start the list of famous bald men with a big name and who better than ‘The Rock’ to kick things off? Not only has he played a major part in every millennial’s childhood, but he continues to be one of the most popular bald heads there are with an extremely fit body and height that is an inch taller than the rest on the list. His baldness makes him sexually attractive to women of all age-groups.

Have you seen Baywatch? His masculine and hefty physical appearance with the shaved head is a visual treat and proof that a bald head is sexy! Hottie Dwayne in Snitch exudes a more common man charm (by The Rock’s standards) and his sight may be just the mood lift you need.

2. Jason Statham

Legendary bald icon, Jason Statham, could easily switch places with Dwayne Johnson on this list. The fact that he has managed to own and flaunt his receding hairline through the years makes him a trailblazer in carrying the bald look with so much confidence that it has seeped its way into how men style themselves these days. The man looks like a dream with his classic bald buzz cut and his lean muscular physique. Don’t believe us? Ask his 20 years younger partner of 13 years, the super sexy British model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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3. Bruce Willis

Do you remember Bruce with hair or with a naked scalp? Or both? Bruce, very interestingly, segued into the bald look from being a full head so seamlessly, and with so much elegance and grace, you can switch his image in your mind with a snap. And both are equally hot.

Bruce Willis is no doubt an attractive guy and has, in a short time, embraced baldness like a total pro and we are lovin’ it! Not only has he been showing a full scalp, but he is also known to be rocking a messy beard to go with it at times.

4. Vin Diesel

Yes, the Fast and Furious guy whose smolder was enough to carry the entire franchise on his shoulders. Up until Pitch Black, Vin Diesel sported either a buzz cut or a shadow of a diminishing hairline. But with the first of the F&F series he went completely nude… we mean on the head, and there was no looking back!

Vinnie has lowkey proved that there is no formula for physical attractiveness. Life gives you lemons, lemonade is what you make. Now when he sports a wig for a film or two, we can’t wait to see him in his bald avatar!

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5. Woody Harrelson

Woody could be your friend’s hot dad who is super charming and seductive. He looks like he would respect you and sweep you off your feet at the same time. Both qualities women look for in a husband. All the movies that he has made an appearance in have been a visual treat. Standing tall against completely bald men, he has carried his well-receded hairline, for much of his career, with such grace and hotness, he deserves a special spot on this list.

6. John Travolta

We know you are already picturing the hard-to-keep-your-hands-off-him John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but have you seen Paradise City John Travolta? The sex appeal he oozes now that he is older is unparalleled.

John Travolta shaved his head on a whim on New Year’s Eve 2018 and hasn’t looked back ever since. (And we are oh! so grateful!) He has also raised the bar for where bald men stand when it comes to the attractiveness meter and has turned out to be among the most famous bald people.

7. Samuel L Jackson

Speaking of good-looking bald men, Samuel L Jackson has been around for a while as a trustworthy, classic, long-standing example of peak gentlemanliness. He has rocked every role with a completely bald look and impeccable acting skills. He is ultimately a great actor whose hairless “hairstyle” is only another one of his notable features.

Do you think a woman finds an alpha-male more attractive than other kind of men?

9 Reasons Why Women Find Bald Men Attractive

You can blame popular media for using thinning hair to signify older age causing all this unnecessary hoopla around hair! And blame your parents, since Androgenic Alopecia, or Male Pattern Baldness as it is called, is genetic. It begins with a bald spot or a receding hairline, or both, and slowly grows into a bare scalp.

Along with Male Pattern Hair Loss, stress, hormonal imbalances, and deteriorating health due to disease epidemics, there could be many other factors for premature hair loss in the younger population. This means we have more and more 20-year-olds losing hair and complaining of low self-esteem.

A study on the prevalence of male pattern hair loss in 18-49-year-old men found that 16% of their respondents with moderate to extensive hair loss were in the age bracket of 18-29 years. The thing is there shouldn’t be so many men worried about an inevitability in their life when there is so much more to focus their energies on. And that too on something that is in fact not a cause for concern. Women, men, people DO find bald men attractive! Here is why:

1. Baldness exudes confidence

Since baldness represents not succumbing to the cards you have been dealt with and taking charge of your looks and your life, it automatically gives off a hot confident scent! Baldness exudes boldness. In fact, this is a good reminder that all you need to rock that look is to be confident about your decision.

This idea resonated with 46.2% of the 1,000 women surveyed in the Skull Shaver study we mentioned earlier. These women were asked, “What should one work on to rock his bald look?”. Their response? “More confidence.” And because we think you might be interested, other answers included, “growing a beard”, “having a fit body”, and the best of all… wait for it… “Bald rocks by itself.”

hot bald guys
Baldness exudes boldness and charisma

2. Bald guys are low maintenance

No hair comes with its advantages. No barber bills, no hair products. A bald boyfriend wouldn’t hog the shower or clog the drains! Besides, a low-maintenance guy who takes less time getting dressed and still looks kept together is hot to a girl. When you get ready before your girl with that well-groomed shiny top, she thinks you are naturally gifted and could look good with no effort! The effortlessness is a sign of a confident man. That’s sexy, you know!

3. Folically challenged guys are consistent

With a bald husband or boyfriend, there is no bad hair day or morning ruffle, or a terrible haircut that may put the woman off. They wake up as beautiful as they slept! This consistency is what many women would give an arm for.

4. Bald men seem more trustworthy

Given that voluntary baldness often comes from embracing one’s weakness, a bald dude gives the impression that he is okay with being vulnerable. When women in the Skull Shaver survey were asked what they thought of bald men, many women said that they saw “baldness as a form of nakedness which appears to be a sign of honesty, thus making it easier to trust them”.

5. Bald men look mature

To all the young guys worrying about their thinning hair instead of climate change and world peace, we say go bald! The most that would happen is you would look a few years older. Women dig mature and older men.

Since we have subconsciously learned to associate hair issues, graying hair, thinning hair, or no hair, with age, bald men naturally give off the impression that they are older and, therefore, more mature. Use the correlation to your advantage. Don’t shy from looking older. Be the hot daddy.

More on Attraction

6. Bald dudes are rebellious

Or at least that’s the impression their baldness gives. A study on perceptions of dominance in bald men found that the idea of a shaved head broke stereotypes. Since it was perceived as a rarity, or “norm violation” (that’s jargon for being rebellious), it automatically gave the impression of the bald person being dominant. That’s an attractive quality for many people out there.

7. Guys who shave their heads seem more successful

The fact that a bald man took the risk of going against the tide, shows that he may show the courage to take risks in other aspects of life as well. This risk-taking quality makes a bald guy seem courageous, adventurous, forthcoming, extroverted – basically, charismatic! These are qualities in men that attract women the most. This also naturally leads one’s mind toward the assumption that bald men could be more successful in their life. Remember the Cantonese saying about rich bald guys? Maybe this is where that is coming from.

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8. All the attention is on a bald man’s face

It is no surprise that with no hair and a bare scalp, the face becomes more prominent. That means women and men can notice your beautiful smile, or get lost in your eyes. A buzz or a clean shave will highlight your natural features. If you can grow facial hair, we say, go ahead and compensate your follically challenged head with a beard. Women find bearded men hot. Just keep it groomed and you’d be all set to turn heads in any room you walk into.

9. Bald men seem more virile

Two things happened at the same time. Research in the 60s revealed that men with no testosterone did not lose hair. This led to a correlation between high testosterone and lesser hair. Sort of like the price men paid for more virility.

At the same time, popular media began celebrating baldness in men through its depiction of macho action stars. Heck, Johnny Sins, one of the most popular pornographic stars, shaved his head when he was 24 and has sported that look in all the 2000-plus adult videos he has been a part of.

Another popular theory tells us that since prisoners kept a buzz cut, the perception grew that baldies were baddies. New research refutes any direct correlation between testosterone and baldness, but the perception remains that bald men could be better in bed.

Key Pointers

  • Hair plays an important role in a person’s self-image. Hair loss is often presumed to be linked to aging and, therefore, to losing “attractiveness”, making one self-conscious about their appearance
  • Despite this perception, a study revealed that baldness can, in fact, be an attractive physical quality in men. A fit body, a shaved head with beard, and good styling are seen as add-ons
  • Most women and men view bald men as confident, mature, dominant, risk-taking, successful, and trustworthy
  • Women and other men also view bald men as more masculine, macho, or virile
  • Confidence is perceived to be a necessary prerequisite to pulling off the bare-head look

So all you skull shavers out there, stand tall with your (bald) heads held high! The older bald dudes or the young bald men, or even the sexy bald women out there, ditch these “beauty standards” for self-acceptance and love. Trends come and go, but self-confidence is here to stay. And, before we forget, all you bald heads, don’t forget the SPF!

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