Arushi Chaudhary

Journalist, writer, editor. Having spent five years in leading newsrooms in India and over a decade contributing to different digital platforms and print publications – The Tribune, BR International magazine, Sum Up, Make My Trip, Killer Features, The Money Times, and Home Review, to name a few – I've found that writing is my first and forever love. During all this time spent romancing the written word in its various forms, I was also dealing with the train wreck that was my romantic life. As someone who has been in the eye of the storm of abusive, toxic relationships before discovering what love in its healthiest form feels like and navigating mental health issues like PTSD and GAD, learning to connect the dots between emotions, behavior patterns, adult relationships and childhood experiences has been a fascinating journey. I feel compelled to delve deeper and spread awareness to help others like me love more mindfully. When Bonobology and I found each other, it was a match made in heaven.

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Online Dating Advice – 23 Important Tips

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9 Tips To Build Harmonious Relationships

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How Do You Deal With A Quarrelsome Wife?

All wives pick on their husbands to some extent, all husbands have their unique ways of annoying their wives. So, how then do you make a distinction between routine bickering and chronic nagging? How do you know you have a quarrelsome wife? Let’s find out all we need to know and the ways to deal with a quarrelsome wife.