Kreena Desai

I am a practising Astrologer and Vastu Consultant. I have completed my Masters in Management. My interest in the science of Astrology has been a part of my early years while learning first-hand through my father, renowned international astrologer Mr. Atul Desai how the power of stars guides us through life. I deal with clients around the world ranging from different ethnicities and age groups. I believe in adhering to unique, situation-based practical solutions and remedies to problems relating to career, marriage, health, life goals, inner peace and self-discovery. I also strongly that all answers lie within Astrology if we know where to look and what area to focus on, at the right time.

most powerful zodiac signs ranked

The 8 Most Powerful Zodiac Signs – 2021

Have you ever crossed paths with a person and instantly felt intimidated, awed or influenced by them? To help you better understand how the element of power plays out in different signs, we have curated a rundown on the most powerful zodiac signs