The 8 Most Powerful Zodiac Signs – 2021

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Updated On: July 24, 2022
most powerful zodiac signs ranked

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and instantly felt intimidated, awed, or influenced by their very presence? Chances are that this person could well be someone from the top of the list of the most powerful zodiac signs! And it is this inherent power of their personality that draws others to them.

According to the tenets of astrology, every zodiac sign and the natural element that sign is associated with it lends certain traits to the personalities of people born under it. Some behaviors and personality traits are more pronounced in certain signs and subdued in others. Our temperament and assertiveness are definitely among them.

To help you better understand how the element of power plays out in different signs, we have curated a rundown on the most powerful zodiac signs.

Least Powerful To Most Powerful Signs Ranked

  1. Pisces  (February 20-March 20)
  2. Gemini (May 21-June 20)
  3. Cancer (June 21-July 22)
  4. Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
  5. Libra (September 23-October 22)
  6. Virgo (August 23-September 22)
  7. Sagitarrius (November 22-December 21)
  8. Taurus (April 20-May 21)
  9. Aries (March 21-April 19)
  10. Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
  11. Capricorn (December 22-January 19
  12. Leos (July 23-August 22)

The 8 Most Powerful Zodiac Signs Ranked

Is there really a most powerful zodiac sign? Well, look at it this way. Power can mean different things to different people. While some equate power with physical strength, others may view it as a manifestation of a strong will and an even stronger mind.

So then what is the strongest zodiac sign? Think of it this way. Most commonly, power is seen as the ability to exercise influence over others, either through domination or intimidation. When analyzed by that measure, there is indeed a most powerful zodiac sign at the very bottom of this list. But let’s start uncovering them in reverse. Here are the most powerful zodiac signs ranked in the increasing order of formidable nature:

8. Virgo – The analyst

Nobody analyzes things the way that a Virgo does. So if you’re asking which is the zodiac sign strongest emotionally, it might just be Virgo because of their logical approach to things. People born under the Virgo sign have a different level of clarity on things. They are very objective in their analysis and have a great way of balancing their emotions through their logic and ideologies. With a rational mindset, they bring a great deal of perspicacity to situations.

Relationship and intimacy coach Shivanya Yogmayaa, who is an astrology consultant as well, previously told Bonobology, “Virgos are perfectionists. If you’re meeting up with a Virgo, make sure your hair is trimmed and your pants don’t sag. Trust me, they’re going to pick up on it. They like a lot of orderliness as well. This sometimes makes them self-critical. If they feel their life is not in order, they’re susceptible to experiencing a lot of anxiety. Virgos can be critical of the people around them, and they’re not going to hold back. Especially if they appreciate you.”

This also makes them very strong individuals. Their powerful mind allows them to cultivate intelligence and in turn, independence. This is especially true of women born under this sign. That’s why Virgo is also the strongest female zodiac sign. And that is hardly surprising. Dating an independent woman? There’s a good chance that she’s a Virgo gal.

Be it their career or love, what makes them truly excel is their ability to think deeply, analyze rationally and follow through with their ideologies. Even more so, their conviction to stick to their decisions makes them an even stronger force to reckon with.

These traits make people instantly drawn to Virgos. After all, certainty is a different level of attractiveness. Virgo is the most powerful zodiac sign? Check!

7. Sagittarius – The individualist and indeed the most powerful sign

is sagittarius the most powerful zodiac sign
There isn’t a charmer like the Sagittarius

Is Sagittarius the most powerful zodiac sign? Yes, but people don’t often think of them that way because they don’t necessarily see the most powerful zodiac sign elements in them. But we will show you how they actually can be incredibly powerful.

When people think of the most powerful zodiac signs, Sagittarius is hardly ever counted as being one among them. While power is not commonly associated with the Sag, there isn’t a charmer like them around. And if that is not power in a way, what really is it?

The fact that they are so subtle about it makes it a perfect tool for exerting their power and influence over others. Sagittarians are positive to a fault and will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of their freedom. This makes their personality super infectious without being threatening. Over-zealous and with a go-getter attitude, you don’t want to mess with them. You’re under their spell before you realize it.

But, beware of their free-spirited nature and how easily they will help you set yourselves free. Their encouragement is transformational and you will be renewed under their command.

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6. Cancer – The protector

Yes, Cancer also makes the cut in this list of most powerful zodiac signs. One of the qualities that make Cancer qualify among this list and are considered the most powerful zodiac sign in the eyes of some, is how fiercely protective they can be of the people they love. They are the Alphas when it comes to protecting their near and dear ones. There is a strong sense of reliability and security if you’re lucky enough to have them as your life partners or close friends.

But what else is their most powerful zodiac sign element which makes them this way? What makes them stand out from the rest?

Well, Cancers are famous for a few things. They take their relationships very seriously and are great at understanding and respecting emotions. This makes them incredible partners for long-term relationships. If you are down and want someone who will actually hear you out and know exactly what to say, call a Cancerian. Even in friendships, they never disappoint. They will get through to you when everyone else will fail too.

5. Taurus – The nurturer

For most people, there is nothing more comforting than a mother’s warmth to feel close to another person. And if there is a sign that comes close to spreading that kind of warmth and joy, it is Taurus. The most powerful sign in terms of caring for someone, they are an essential zodiac sign in this list. The women of the zodiac sign are strong and complete mama bears when it comes to taking care of those closest to their hearts.

What makes them very powerful is their ability to care and nurture like no other. Their presence is like a rainbow on a rainy day. They will be whatever you need them to be in times of distress and will know exactly how to get you out of that melancholic mood. With love, assistance, concern, and maturity – they can help you sail through anything. They are a kind gift to a broken and downtrodden heart.

While Taurians have their plus points, Shivanya also previously told Bonobology when discussing the Taurus sign, “ They do need to learn innovativeness. They need to learn to be open-minded, so they’re not too fixated on other things because their stubbornness can sometimes get the better of them,” and that’s what stops them from being the strongest zodiac sign ever.

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4. Scorpio – The game-changers and the most powerful sign

When we try to rank zodiac signs strongest to weakest, Scorpio makes it towards the top of the list, and here’s why. Nobody can turn the tables around as Scorpios can. Confused much? Then read ahead about what makes Scorpio the most powerful zodiac sign.

Their grit and tenacity are unmatched by any other signs in the zodiac. These are the main reasons this zodiac sign is known to be one of the most powerful zodiac signs and the most successful too. Their dedication to a cause or an idea is rarely compared to any other. When a Scorpio sets their mind on something, there is really nothing like it. They are hardly discouraged when they have a goal in mind. It’s like they become completely unstoppable. A Scorpio woman in love will let nothing get in her way when she wants to go after her man.

Their passion is the reason they can achieve incredible feats. They take the plunge when others would back off and go the extra mile when others would quit. And with this attitude, they can turn any loss into gain. Any obscurity into fame. They deserve the tag of game-changing plans and ideas. Hope you are not still wondering what makes them the most powerful sign?

3. Capricorn – The resourceful one among all the most powerful zodiac signs in astrology

If you’re looking for the most powerful zodiac sign elements, then knock on Capricorn’s door because they’ve truly got it. Everything important has a different facet and trust a Capricorn to prepare for all facets of life. They are the kings and queens of multitasking and delegation and know well how to get their work done. They believe in preparedness and efficiency. And what makes them very powerful is that they can get other people to do the same.

They are patient and hardworking and will guide others till they can bring out the best in them. And what better than a zodiac sign who truly uplifts others? They have an innate ability to make others self-reliant as well as optimize their abilities for their benefit to get the work done. If this isn’t the trait of a true leader, we don’t know what is!

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2. Aries – The innovators

most powerful zodiac sign element
Aries are creative people with a go-getter attitude and the most powerful zodiac sign element

In this list of the strongest zodiac signs ranked, Aries ranks at number 2, and for good reason! Creativity at its best, these signs are crazy innovators. Go-getters who mean business, Aries are absolute magicians at negotiation, dynamism, and creation. Dating an artist? You might just have an Aries on your hands! What makes Aries the most powerful zodiac sign in its own way, is its ability to handle a large number of people with authority.

astrologer and Vastu consultant Kreena Desai previously talked to Bonobology about the Aries sign and mentioned that what sets them apart is “They look at the world with an advanced lens and are willing to adapt and accept changing times and situations.”

Another impressive quality is the conviction and clarity in their thought process. Not to forget their ability to take risks and go all out for a larger cause. The women of this zodiac are also one of the fiercest, known for their tenacity and guts. In a nutshell, they aren’t a force to be tampered with. And they will make sure that everyone knows that about them.

1. Leos – The leaders (The most powerful zodiac sign)

A famous quote says ‘A great leader is the one who knows the way, shows the way, and also goes the way.’ No other quote can describe a Leo more accurately. Their symbol is a lion and that is a clear representation of who they are as people. Their bravery, their loyalty, and their persona is power exemplified. Everything they do is symbolic of their leadership qualities and their visions.

The most powerful zodiac sign indeed, Leos are visionaries, and their ambition and drive pave the way for them to achieve it all. These people aren’t just people but entities unto themselves. They invent, innovate and lead, and the world just follows effortlessly.

As you can see, different zodiac signs channel and exercise their power differently. So with this list of strongest zodiac signs, we hope you get a better idea of what exactly each sign brings to the table and how they are all unique in their own ways. But one thing that all these signs have in common, is to have leverage over the others. That truly is what makes one the most powerful zodiac signs!


1. What zodiac sign is the most powerful?

All in all, it is Leos, who top the list of the most powerful zodiac signs. And for good reason, as Leos are fantastic visionaries and possess extremely good leadership qualities that help them guide others.

2. What zodiac sign is the strongest physically?

While physical strength may have a lot more to do with one’s zodiac, the most powerful zodiac signs elements for physical strength are seen in Taurus because of the power of the bull.

3. What zodiac signs are power signs?

Leos, Aries and Capricorn are seen as power signs.

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