How to attract a divorced man

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Updated On: March 28, 2024
How to attract a divorced man

Divorced men are the loneliest creatures and need someone to fill the void. Divorced men have a haunting past and they avoid getting into any kind of relationship, as they are scared of commitments. This makes getting into a bond with them a bit hard. So always remember that dating a divorced man is still different, as you’re not dating a normal guy.

Here are some tips you may find helpful to attract a divorced man:

  • Divorced men become more conscious after their trauma of separation. So don’t push him for anything. Don’t force him to be with you or talk to you whenever you want to. Be compassionate, understanding and helpful to him.
  • Be his healthy habit. After a separation he might take to drinking to get over the old memories with his ex-spouse. So encourage him to do constructive things, as it will keep his mind free from negative thoughts.
  • Always keep in mind that a divorced man comes with a lot of issues. So don’t nag him much and don’t expect him to be available for you every time.
  • He might have a child to look after. You must try to be friendly with his child and take care of him/her to get in his good books. But at the same time, you must remember that you are not his/her biological mother and he/she is going through the trauma of separation of their parents. So don’t go too fast in becoming a friend with them.
  • Try not to talk about his past. But again, if he talks about it, then don’t get hyper or feel irritated. Rather, be the consoling buddy.
  • Often go to his place, if he is alone at home and help him in the household chores. In the meantime, try to make him feel loved by giving affectionate looks or just a warm hug from behind. It really attracts a man to a woman emotionally.
  • Be playful with him. Make him laugh, because it is a good therapy to bring someone back to life. You can play video games with him or be the partner while watching sports, as it attracts men the most.

All these little things work wonders if you really like a person who is a divorcee. So just don’t think hard but be his constant companion.

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