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dating a firefighter

11 Things To Know When Dating A Firefighter

There are some unique perks and challenges of dating a firefighter. If you’re thinking about going out with one of these first responders, here’s what you should know.

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first date topics

21 First Date Topics To Impress And Engage Your Date!

Does the “I perform well under pressure” you put into your CV hold true on dates as well? Don’t worry even if you lied about it on your CV, these first date topics to talk about will get you through to the second round without a hitch.

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How to tell a girl that you like her

10 Best Ways To Tell A Girl That You Like Her

Telling a girl you like her isn’t really the easiest thing in the world. To make sure the outcome looks like the positive scenarios you dreamt up, we’re here to help you tell a girl that you want to watch Netflix with her on a lazy Sunday afternoon, for every Sunday that’s yet to come. 

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