Will I ever find love? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Will i ever find love ? quiz

Ever feel like navigating the world of love is like deciphering an ancient map? Do questions like “Do I like someone?” or “Will I ever find true love?” dance in your head like fireflies on a summer night? Well, we’ve got you covered! Dhriti Bhavsar, an experienced relationship counsellor has whipped up a quick and witty quiz to unveil the love landscape that awaits. 

No need for enchanted maps or mystical prophecies, just ten simple questions designed to unlock the secrets within your heart. Leave your doubts at the door, for this quiz is a safe space to delve into your desires, hopes, and even those nagging insecurities that whisper, “Will I ever meet the one?”

Whether you’re a starry-eyed romantic or a cautious realist, this quiz welcomes you with open arms. Be vulnerable, be honest, and let your intuition guide you

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  1. Do you believe that love is real?
    1. Of course! I’m a romantic at heart
    2. Not for me
    3. I’m not very convinced of it
  2. Is there someone you like or have feelings for right now?
    1. Yes, I have someone I like
    2. I’m not too sure
    3. Not really
  3. Do you think you make a good impression on first dates?
    1. I try my best
    2. Not really, I’m too awkward
    3. I haven’t been on enough to know
  4. Why are you looking for love?
    1. I’m lonely
    2. I think I have to
    3. I want companionship
  5. Do you think people can be happy on their own, even without romantic love?
    1. Yes, there are different types of love
    2. Maybe, but I can’t
    3. No
  6. Are you actively looking to date or dating right now?
    1. Yes
    2. I’m growing tired of it now
    3. No, I’m not immediately interested
  7. Has someone in the past broken your heart?
    1. Yes, it was a painful experience
    2. Yes but it was a long time ago
    3. No
  8. How do you feel about yourself?
    1. I’m a work in progress but i like myself
    2. I’m learning to accept myself
    3. I don’t have a good relationship with myself
  9. Do you enjoy spending time by yourself?
    1. I enjoy my own company
    2. I’m okay either way
    3. No. I don’t like being alone
  10. How much are you willing to change about yourself in order to find love?
    1. Whatever it takes
    2. I don’t want to change everything about myself
    3. I don’t think change should be a required for love

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