Emotional Infidelity

Definite signs he loves the other woman

18 Definite Signs He Loves The Other Woman

You think your man is in love with another woman but you are unsure. So what are the obvious signs to look for to determine if he loves another woman

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marriage crisis

8 Expert Tips To Survive A Marriage Crisis

Do you feel like your marriage is in danger? A marriage crisis is a hurdle in the marriage which, to the couple, seems too difficult to overcome. An expert gives us tips on how to survive this phase.

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signs there is someone else

17 Signs There Is Someone Else In Your Partner’s Life

Before there are red flags, there are yellow ones. Do you have a hunch your partner is seeing someone else but are not sure? We look at 17 signs that may indicate your partner is engaging in infidelity, emotional and otherwise.

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Signs an affair is turning into love

12 Signs An Affair Is Turning Into Love

“Is it an affair fog or real love?” “Is the affair getting serious?” – Well, if you are asking yourself these questions, you’ve probably crossed the affair stage and moved on to love.

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signs of emotional cheating

11 Signs Of Emotional Cheating With Examples

Since there’s no real evidence of infidelity in emotional affairs, you might end up telling yourself you’re imagining things. But is there something to this hunch you’ve got? Considering how it led you to this article, let’s talk about what is emotional cheating in a marriage, and the signs you need to be aware of.

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