Dating in college

Dating In College Vs Dating As An Adult – 5 Differences

As you might have noticed, dating as an adult seems starkly different from your wild college stories. Each all-nighter feels worse than the last, cheap booze starts to become intolerable, and the foreign concept of personal space is now becoming more important. Let’s get into the nitty-gritties of it, and list out the differences.

Toxic relationship desserts

The Sweetest Toxic Relationship: Desserts And You

So, how exactly can a relationship with your cheesecakes and your tiramisu ever be toxic? Take the following assessment with a grain of salt, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the whole argument. Let’s get into it.

I got left on read

A Swing And A Miss: Emotions You Go Through When You’re Left On Read

When anybody gets left on read, there are bound to be a million things going on in their heads immediately after they realize they’ve just been subjected to the 21st century equivalent of the guillotine. Let’s take a deep dive into this unfortunate victim’s mind, for empathetic purposes only, of course. Nobody’s laughing here. 

Questions to ask your boyfriend

100 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

This detailed rundown on funny, cute, dirty, deep and romantic questions to ask your boyfriend covers everything you ever wanted to know about your significant other.