150 Truth Or Drink Questions: Swirl Some Fun, Sizzle, Kinks, And Romance

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Updated On: April 8, 2024
Truth Or Drink Questions

Spinning bottles, saucy questions, and racing hearts. Remember the charm and thrill of the good old Truth and Dare? If you’re thinking, “Yes, but that’s so high school”, I’ve got some news for you. Let me introduce you to the adult truth and dare that works like pure magic: Truth or Drink!

Want to spice things up with your partner between the sheets? Looking for ways to break the ice on a first date? Or maybe bring some life to a mundane housewarming party? Bite into a slice of your favorite high school game but with a few twists and a few glasses of wine or tequila shots this time. 

How To Play Truth Or Drink And What Are The Rules?

Before dipping your toes into this pool of truth or drink adventure, you need to know how to play this game and ace it. Write down the questions on paper slips and just put them all into a bowl. After a good dose of shuffling, take turns and pick out a slip each time. Read out the question loudly and then answer it. With honesty, of course. It’s like truth or dare questions but instead of having different dares for every question, the dare here is constant. They have to chug their drink in one go.

Got handed a question you don’t feel like answering? Don’t worry, the solution is right here. Pick up that glass, give it a swirl and take a drink! It’s time to get the taste of fun. If you don’t have paper slips nearby, you needn’t run to the stationery store right now. Take turns and simply ask each other questions from this list. 

Romantic truth or drink questions. Sexual truth or drink questions. Dirty truth or shot questions. Random truth or drink questions. You just name it, and I’ve got it listed right here for you. Enjoy the list, slurp some wine and discover each other on a whole new level! 

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Sexual Truth Or Drink Questions

Samantha, a textile designer from Boston, says, “My husband was finishing up his office work one Saturday night and I was looking for the remote. We were about to have a light drink, watch a documentary, and go to sleep. As soon as my eyes fell upon the bottle of wine he had kept on the bed, I suddenly changed my mind and asked if he was up for a game of truth or drink. It was fun, it was exciting, and of course, we didn’t get any sleep that night.”

Celine, who lives with her boyfriend in a New York apartment, shares her experience with a hearty laugh, “I’ve tried some dirty truth or drink questions with my partner, Michael, and I feel it’s much more than the giggling and blushing that is highlighted everywhere. It helped boost our sex life, understand our needs better, connect on a deeper level with partner, and the orgasms, oh, they just got so much better!”

If you’re looking for ways to spice things up with your partner, a few rounds of truth or drink questions dirty enough to make their skin crawl will do the trick for you. Let the sizzle begin and I guarantee that the answers will surprise you. Here are some crazy truth or shot questions that will reveal your partner’s fetishes and fantasies:

1. If you could use any fruit during foreplay, what would you pick?

2. What are your biggest turn-offs and turn-ons?

3. What is your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

4. When was the last time you sent or received a naughty picture?

5. Would you ever strip for someone in this room? 

6. What’s your favorite sex position?

7. What was the most recent thing you searched on a porn site?

8. Do you enjoy dirty talk?

9. Have you ever been pleasured by a partner while you were busy with work?

10. Have you ever had quick sex in a car?

11. Would you ever let your partner dominate you in bed?

12. Where do you like being kissed the most?

13. What is the dirtiest thing you have said to someone in bed?

14. Would you ever go for a friend with benefits?

15. Spice things up with your partner by asking them this question: Describe the hottest scene you’ve watched on TV.

16. If you could sleep with a celebrity, who would you pick?

17. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

18. Describe the first time you touched someone down there.

19. Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same sex?

20. What is the weirdest place you have ever indulged in some self-pleasure?

21. What is your favorite sex toy?

22. What do you think about group sex?

23. Do you enjoy shower sex?

24. Have you ever read erotic fiction?

25. Do you prefer to be dominant or submissive in bed?

26. Describe the last dirty dream you had.

27. Have you ever had nicknames for your partner’s naughty bits?

28. How many sex toys have you used on your partner?

29. Have you ever slept with more than one person in a day?

30. Do you ever want to be handcuffed during sex?

31. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex?

32. Do you have any foot fetish?

33. Answer honestly, have you ever had a threesome or tried unicorn dating?

34. Which color of clothes do you find the most appealing?

35. What’s a non-sexual thing that you find really attractive?

36. Ever had a one-night stand?

37. Have you ever sent a sext to the wrong person by accident?

38. What’s the most number of times you’ve had an orgasm in a row? 

39. Would you enjoy watching your partner being pleasured by someone else?

40. Which memory of our intimate moments gets you the most excited?

41. What’s a role-play fantasy you’d like to try with me?

42. Do you prefer to use your tongue or your fingers on my body?

43. Thoughts on visiting a sex club?

44. Do you have a sexual ultimate bucket list?

45. What’s the kinkiest thought you’ve had about me?

46. Which body part do you like to suck on the most?

47. If you could send me a hot sext right now, what would it be?

48. If my hands and legs were tied to the bed, what is the first thing you’d do to me?

49. What’s your favorite sext that I have sent you?

50. Name a restaurant where you’d like to do it with me in the washroom the next time we’re out.

51. If you had only a minute to turn me on, what would you do?

52. What would you like to write on my body with lipstick while I’m blindfolded?

53. If you had to spill some chocolate sauce on my body and lick it off, which part would you choose?

54. Does a sleepy voice turn you on?

55. If you could take off any one piece of clothing from my body right now, what would you pick?

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Romantic Truth Or Drink Questions

As you can see, these truth or drink questions for adults can turn very saucy, very fast. But that’s not all there’s to them. You can also use these to enhance emotional intimacy in your relationship. No matter how well you think you know your partner, there’s always scope to unravel newer sides to their personality. Why not indulge in an exciting couple’s drinking game and find it out? These deep truth or drink questions for couples also serve as a great addition to your date night ideas, candlelight dinners, therapy sessions (yes, you’ve to skip the drinking part for this), or anniversary nights. Just make sure you set the mood before diving in:

56. If our love story was a movie, which famous movie title would you give it?

57. Describe our relationship using three adjectives.

58. What was that one moment when you realized we were meant to be together?

59. If I hadn’t come into your life, what would you be doing now?

60. Tell me your corniest pick-up line.

61. What is your ideal romantic gift on your birthday?

62. Name one person from your work you’d consider dating if you haven’t met me.

63. Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on?

64. What are your best first date memories?

65. Which is your favorite of the dresses I’ve worn to our dates?

66. If you had to text one of your exes, who would you pick?

67. What do you find the most attractive thing about our relationship?

68. Would you ever date someone twice your age?

69. Where would you like to give me a hickey?

70. What’s the cutest romantic gift you’ve received from someone?

71. Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day?

72. What’s the most embarrassing romantic confession you’ve made? 

73. What’s your favorite love story from books or movies?

74. Do you like hand-written letters?

75. What would you pick: a couple’s massage or a candlelight dinner?

76. Where do you see us five years from now?

77. What’s the riskiest thing you have done for love?

78. Tell me the story of your first kiss

79. What’s your favorite goodnight text?

80. What is the weirdest romantic gift you have ever received?

81. What are some things that make you feel really comfortable around your partner?

82. Spill a secret from your dating life that you’ve never told a soul

83. What is the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship for you?

84. Name 3 green flags in a relationship

85. If your partner ever cheats on you, would you forgive them or would it be a deal-breaker?

86. Has a romantic gift ever made you tear up?

87. What makes a relationship toxic in your opinion?

88. Would you prefer a hug or a kiss from your high school crush?

89. When was the last time you felt a person was your home?

90. What do you think is the most overrated thing in a relationship?

91. When do you like to cuddle the most?

92. What is your biggest pet peeve in a relationship?

93. Elaborately planned dates or sudden random ones?

94. What’s the best date you have ever planned for your loved one?

95. When was the last time you lied to a partner and what was the lie?

96. Have you ever used a dating app?

97. What is the worst date you’ve been on?

98. Do you think long-distance relationships work out?

99. Would you and your partner ever adopt a pet?

100. Do you believe in love at first sight?

101. Describe your idea of a perfect romantic holiday

102. Tell me something you were always scared to express

103. Choose a date spot: museum, library, concert, or dog park.

104. Has your partner ever given you a lap dance?

105. Do you believe in the idea of soulmates?

106. What is the right time to propose to someone?

107. What’s your favorite old-school date idea?

108. Would you ever go for an open relationship?

109. What’s that one unique thing about our relationship that makes it so special?

110. What’s your love language?

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On Romance

Random Truth Or Drink Questions

Not all dare or drink questions can be about figuring out whether you potentially have a future together, getting to know your partner better, or spicing up things on the intimacy front. Sometimes, you may just want to unwind and have fun. That’s where old-school truth and dare questions come in handy. This set of random truth or drink questions can breathe life into the most mundane and boring evenings:

111. Have you ever shoplifted?

112. Have you ever danced in the rain?

113. What’s the weirdest rumor someone has spread about you?

114. If I could grant any one wish of yours right now, what would you ask for?

115. What’s your favorite odd food combo?

116. Name a book that has changed your life.

117. Do you think when you are dreaming about someone, they are thinking of you too?

118. Would you date any of your exes again if you had a chance?

119. What’s your most annoying habit?

120. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

121. What are your three obsessions?

122. If I go to your house, what’s the strangest thing I’d find?

123. If you found out you’ve got only a week to live, who’s the first person you’d go to hug?

124. Who was the last person you stalked on Instagram?

125. Name two places you’d definitely add to your travel bucket list

126. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

127. If you had to dye your hair, which color would you pick?

128. What’s your most embarrassing drunk dial memory?

129. What’s the funniest DM you’ve ever received?

130. If you could change any one thing about your childhood, what would it be?

131. If you are trying to stimulate vulnerability in a relationship, ask this question: What is your biggest insecurity?

132. Spill a scary secret that you shouldn’t tell anyone

133. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

134. If you had a dog and a cat, what would you name them?

135. What’s the biggest prank you’ve played on someone?

136. Who was the last person you deeply missed?

137. Have you ever had a near-death experience?

138. Do you think aliens exist?

139. What’s a silly superstition you believe in?

140. What’s the sweetest thing someone has ever said to you?

141. Tell us your weirdest one-night stand story.

142. Name a friend you’ve got a crush on.

143. Do you believe in zodiac compatibility?

144. What’s the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents?

145. When was the last time you broke down in public?

146. Would you like to enter a haunted house?

147. What’s an irrational fear that you have?

148. What’s the biggest misconception people have had about you?

149. If you could ask a fortune teller two questions, what would they be?

150. What’s an inexpensive thing that makes you boundlessly happy?

Who knows, this game of truth or drink may lead to your best friend finally proposing to you. Or these questions may bring out the best in your relationship and bless it with brighter days ahead. Try these with your loved one today and spill the truth or sip some wine – either way, it will be a fun ride. Make the most of it!  

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