why can't I get over my ex

Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex? Top 10 Reasons To Know

Breakups are painful yet important milestones in our emotional growth. However, they are extremely challenging to navigate. Understanding why it is so hard to move on from your ex may help you deal with this obstacle in the road to your happiness goals.

growing apart in a long-distance relationship

Should I Text My Ex To Make Them Want Me Again?

All of us who have been through a breakup recognize this feeling, this wonderment, “Should I text my ex?” We look at the reasons texting your ex is a terrible idea, when could it actually be okay to text your ex, and if you do decide to text your ex, what are the things to keep in mind.

emotionally distant spouse

Limerence vs Love | Difference And Signs To Know

What is limerence? Does limerence turn into love? Let’s take a crack at everything you need to know with clinical psychologist Devaleena Ghosh (M.Res, Manchester University), founder of Kornash: The Lifestyle Management School, who specializes in couple counseling and family therapy.

deal with loneliness

11 Tips To Deal With Loneliness After Breakup And Find Support

The aftermath of the breakup is worse than the breakup itself. People experience many conflicting emotions in a short span of time. Overwhelmed, hurting, and directionless, they are engulfed by profound loneliness. But what can be done in such a situation? How can one deal with loneliness after a breakup and find support?

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