Is My Husband A Narcissist ?

Your husband is supposed to be your biggest supporter and the one that you can count on to have your best interest at heart. However, if you’re married to a narcissist, you might experience the exact opposite. Are you made to feel like somehow everything that goes wrong is your fault? Does your husband always …

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signs a narcissist is done with you

11 Ways To Tell A Narcissist Is Finished With You

Discovering the signs that a narcissist is done with you can be a pivotal moment, allowing you to regain your independence and escape their toxic influence. In this article, we explore 11 crucial signs, drawing on insights from psychology expert Nandita Rambhia, to help you navigate this challenging dynamic and protect your mental well-being.

vulnerable narcissist

13 Signs Of A Vulnerable Narcissist In Relationships And How To Deal With One

Vulnerable narcissism falls under the spectrum of Narcissistic Personality Disorders. However, vulnerable narcissists exhibit lower self-esteem and are usually emotionally volatile. Relationships with such a personality type are usually characterized by manipulation, exploitation, and anxiety. Here are 13 ways that detect whether you are in a relationship with a vulnerable narcissist and how to deal with one.

wife is a narcissist

11 Signs You Have A Narcissistic Wife

Living with a narcissistic woman needs a lot of patience and a deep understanding of her behavior. Let’s take a look at the signs and how to deal with a narcissistic wife.