Love story of amrita, prita & imroz

The Unusual Love Story of Amrita Pritam and Imroz

Their love conquered all, giving them courage to defy societal norms when live-in was unheard of in India, to transcend physical attraction and experience the divinity of love, and make art about each other in life & death. Journalist and blogger Nawaid Anjum recounts a beautiful real life love story.

red bird with wings spread ou

The Migratory bird

She a still lake in the middle of nowhere He a Red Knot flying 16,000 kilometres twice a year from his “home” called Siberia no maps, no compass – only soul his geomagnetic field – only love sun during the day stars by night leading him to her he built a nest in her and …

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Woman in Wind at Beach

Words, Wandering

Starting the new year 2018 with my humble attempt at translating in English this beautiful, wistfully romantic Hindi poem written by my friend and fellow poet/writer Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar. Words, Wandering I speak to you in random stanzas In newly crafted verses every single day. I touch you in my woven words, In the raagas …

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What is love

When it is not love

I do not know what love is But I know it is not When you still have to say it Though there are no words left to say When no one said they’d stop by Though you wait for them anyway When, for them you pray Though it shakes your faith; a little bit everyday …

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