Eternal Love: What It Is And Does It Really Exist?

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
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“Can you be in love forever?” Well, loving someone forever seems like the most romantic thing ever when you watch it in films or read about it in books. But does anything called eternal love or eternal relationship exist in real life? Several studies have claimed that it does. We’ve all grown up reading about or hearing stories of eternal love in mythology and classic literature (remember Romeo and Juliet?).

However, when it comes to experiencing it first-hand, many may draw a blank. This leaves people asking questions like “What is eternal love?”, “Does eternal love exist?” These questions especially puzzle the generation of digital natives aka the millennials and Gen-Zers. When finding a partner is as easy as swiping on your phone and breakups happen over Snapchat, it can feel as if the essence of true love is beginning to be forgotten. But that does not mean that it does not exist. It’s just getting lost in all the noise. However, when you do find it, hold on to it for it can change your life forever.

What Does Eternal Love Mean?

What does eternal love mean? Well, if you go by the dictionary’s eternal love meaning, it defines it as a love that lasts forever. A love that does not lessen with time or get broken even by death. A variety of symbols like roses, apples, cupid, doves, and more, have been used to describe or symbolize love in art and culture across the world.

Eternal love is a love that is so powerful and intense that nothing in the world can make it go away. It’s the kind of love that most people yearn or go looking for their entire lives. Very few lucky ones are able to find and experience such everlasting love that stays on even after the death of either partner. It just never ends, rather grows stronger with every passing day. If you’ve always wondered whether a love so strong can blossom between two people, this story may hold a few answers:

“There she is,” said Steve’s friend, and his heart skipped a beat even before he looked up to see Sheila – said to be the prettiest girl in town. Man, was she really good-looking! Wearing a white shirt with denim shorts, she entered the cinema hall just in time for the 1:45 PM show at the town cinema, while Steve and his friend had been firmly ensconced in their seats for the past 20 minutes.

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After that day, Sheila and Steve started meeting and hanging out at the coffee shop on the main street. It wasn’t too difficult: their parents had been friends for a long time, and his dad easily bulldozed his way into their home, rejuvenating the ‘just like old times’ series of dinner evenings.

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Sheila always knew Steve had a thing for her. She would often catch him staring at her, only to give out a delicate smile that nailed it completely. Steve was showing the classic signs of being a hopeless romantic, he had fallen in love with Sheila without even having a real conversation with her. Mercifully, their time was much more before Instagram DMs, iPhones, and social media.

“So what are your hobbies?” she asked Steve one day while sipping her iced white chocolate mocha.

“I love music, reading, traveling,” (which was pretty clichéd) but then he added, “I like to write poems too.”

“Oh, really? How nice is that! So let’s hear a poem from you.”

“Umm…Everything was decidedly different this morning,” he began.

“The sun shone bright, much brighter than yesterday.

The stars were still up, they refused to go away!

Sparrows whispered to each other excitedly,

The bees were already stumbling in drunken ecstasy,

And did anyone note the trees as they swayed?

Some strange delight in the air. All this, for you, my eternal Love…”

“My eternal love?”

“Er, that’s the way I just wrote it…you know.”

“Yes, I understand…and…it’s really nice…I like it.”

Does Eternal Love Really Exist In Today’s Age

does eternal love exist
I was happy that she enjoyed my poetry

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way into a girl’s life is surely through her heart. And nothing does it quite like poetry. Forget diamonds, that’s how Steve made his fab entry into Sheila’s world. A world he loved to live in, a world which he realized gave perfect meaning to his own world. Steve loved the mingling of the two worlds, knowing deep in his soul that somewhere, a long time ago, they had always been one… But Sheila didn’t think like that – not just yet.

She was a Libra, and they like to make friends with everyone, especially admirers; they are too polite to turn anyone away! But Steve held on to the initial success, still a little unsure about whether being in love with a Libra woman would work out in his favor. He wrote at least 20 more poems to impress her even more.

As a result, they did become pretty good friends and their coffee dates started getting longer too. Replete with long conversations in person, they also started calling each other on the telephone, etc. Then, one day, Steve asked Sheila if she would marry him.

“I’m not ready yet. You’re a nice guy, undoubtedly, but I need time,” she said.

“Oh, I will wait forever. I will love you for eternity, Sheila. You are my everything,” said Steve and then she looked at him. “But please hurry!” he added with a smile.

We often think concepts like ‘love is eternal’ or ‘love lasts forever’ only exist in fairy tales, movies, and books. We love watching and reading about such eternal love stories, also secretly hoping that we find such a deep love for ourselves one day. After all, who doesn’t want a love that lasts a lifetime? But it also feels like an Utopian idea, something that exists only in our fantasies, not the real world.

“How can you just fall in love with someone and straight away ask to be married?” Sheila asked, politely. “I mean, it’s a little funny. How can you be so sure? You keep talking about eternal love but that is a huge deal. How do you know that I am your eternal love or what eternal love’s meaning is?”

“Sure? I am sure,” Steve said. “I am sure we are soulmates, and totally incomplete without each other. As far as the question of “does eternal love exist” goes, I have no doubt about it. I love you for eternity.”

“I am skeptical that we might be acting a little presumptuously. Let’s sleep on this a bit, shall we?” Sheila said.

In today’s world of social media and dating apps, one might wonder if the eternal love definition still exists. Can you be forever in love? Or has the eternal love meaning gotten lost in the chaos of life? According to researchers and experts, eternal love still exists. Real love is forever. It is possible to love someone forever and for those feelings to grow intense with each passing day.

A study conducted on couples who had been together for 20 years and on those who had recently fallen in love stated that the brain scans of each group exhibited identical chemical reactions when shown photographs of their loved ones. Eternal love can also be a choice you make depending upon your capability to love someone to that extent. If your partner has driven change in you or helped you grow and become a better person, you will probably love them forever. 

It is possible that one is pessimistic about love after having experienced pain and loss of their beloved. How is it possible to stay in love forever, they might wonder. Sometimes, we are so consumed by negative emotions that it becomes almost impossible to look at the brighter side. Love is a genuine emotion and feeling. Eternal love isn’t fairytale romance but to find such love in real life is what makes it so beautiful and extraordinary.

falling in love

What Does It Mean To Love Someone Forever?

Sheila agreed to marry Steve after mulling over his proposal for a few days. Soon, the happy day came and they got married. Everyone in town dubbed it the most romantic event of the decade. And truly, they seemed forever in love, forever happy. With her, Steve never has to question “Does eternal love exist?” With Sheila by his side, he is sure it does.

But then, after Steve celebrated his 40th birthday, something strange happened. He became an insecure husband, without any reason at all, just from thinking that he was now growing old. Sullen, snappy, and suspicious is what insecurity turned him into, despite all the “I love you for eternity” romance they had going on.

And it is in such times that the mettle of love is truly tested. If you are lucky enough to have been friends besides being lovers, your spouse can still get across to you in your most torrential moments and talk to you as a true friend. The same spouse you are possessive about can calm you and restore your low self-esteem. And Sheila did that lovingly, with passion and compassion; and understandingly, with great patience, making Steve realize that not only is he the one she loves the most in this world but also that he is her best friend. 

Eternal love is a powerful and unbreakable bond between two people destined to be together. It is probably the most powerful feeling known to mankind. To love someone forever means to care for them and support them through thick and thin. You should be able to become their best friend and choose to love and cherish them every day. To love someone forever means to accept and respect them for who they are, with their flaws and differences, and to choose to do that for a lifetime.

What is eternal love? Perhaps, you can find the answer to that in what happened when Steve turned 50. Things are looking far better for him and their relationship now. True love is eternal and all these years are testament to that. After 32 years of a very happy married life, the car is still cruising happily; the transmissions and poetry are still good, fit for an eternal drive!


1. Can you really love someone forever?

Why not? True love is eternal and even though there might be highs and lows, the love persists and that is what matters. In the face of all obstacles, your love will not wane and that is when you should be proud to call them “my eternal love”.

2. How do you love someone eternally?

By never giving up on them. Loving someone eternally is not just about making grand confessions or romantic gestures and saying, “I still love you until eternity” every other day. It is about proving your commitment and honesty to them by always being there for them. You do not abandon your eternal love no matter what happens. You continue to hold their hand for as long as you can.

3. What does eternal connection mean?

The answer to what is eternal love or what does eternal love mean is fairly simple. It is the love of your life, the one you want to spend an entire lifetime with. You want to begin and end each day with them and you see yourself with them in every stage of your life.

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