working women

Are Men Turned Off By Feminists?

Are men turned off by feminists? Let’s find out with the help of psychologist Adya Poojari on why men might be intimidated by a feminist

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how to date a girl you work with

How To Date A Girl At Work? Follow Our Tips!

So, if something like “I like a girl at work” has been on your mind ever since she joined your team, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from trying to woo her. Before you do, however, make sure you follow the essentials we list out for you today. There’s always a chance a failed approach might blow up in your face. 

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financial abuse in marriage

11 Signs Your Husband Uses You Financially

If he is spending all the time and gets angry with you if you make a single purchase then it’s a complete red flag. He is being financially abusive

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The Better India Founders

Anuradha Kedia, co-founder, speaks about ‘making a difference’

Anuradha Kedia, co-founder, with her husband Dhimant Parekh, of The Better India, spoke to us about work-life balance, the impact of their work and their vision for the future. How did the idea of The Better India emerge? My husband and I were both news junkies! We’d scan newspapers and websites and devour all that …

Anuradha Kedia, co-founder, speaks about ‘making a difference’ Read More »

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