How to impress a lady at work?

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impressing lady at work

We end up spending most of our time with our colleagues, and it is but natural to get attracted to them, especially if they are females. Is there a woman you like at work? Someone you are really interested in beyond casual sex? If you are wondering if your alliance will mature into a marriage, then you will be happy to know that couples who meet at work are more likely to get married than those who meet anywhere else. A study conducted among 2000 adults concluded that 14% of couples who worked together ended up married, compared to 11% who were introduced by friends. Now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Top 12 tips to impress a woman at work

Any girl working in your office is a female colleague. They could be younger than you, older than you, married or single or even committed. They could be your junior too. Impressing a lady at work can be challenging. Approaching a woman at work and leaving a long lasting impression is the first step. However, there is a high chance that you might mess things up in your eagerness to please her and come across as a charming person. Here we talk about the right ways to impress a woman at work.

Be sincere towards your job and do it right

Women admire men who do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Sincerity is one quality that you cannot go wrong with, and women are quick to judge it. Men who act bossy or show disrespect towards others may have that badass appeal that may last for a night or two, but it will not mature into a long lasting relationship. If you are looking for love, you might as well behave and work responsibly and take pride in what you do.

Be respectful to your colleagues and help them when required. Follow work ethics. This way you will impress your female colleague and have more than just a fling.

Be yourself – do not fake yourself

Acting fake and trying to put on a false personality which you think she would like is the worst way to try to impress a woman at work. She will see through it right away. Be comfortable with your true personality and show it to everybody around you. Women like men who are confident about themselves. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Try to highlight your strengths without overtly trying to show off and hide your weakness. Be frank and upfront. Do not try to paint a larger than life picture about yourself. Women at work are smart and will see right through the act that you are trying to put up. Unless you just want temporary attention from her, do not attempt at faking your personality.

Not only will you not impress the woman, but also give her a negative impression about you. That’s a downer.

Always be presentable

Don’t wear ridiculous clothes to impress a lady or sport funny hairdos! She will definitely not get impressed, and chances are that somebody from HR will come and see you! Dress in a smart and presentable way. Follow the dress code at work. Try to stick to the rules, but play around with styles and colours. Being presentable is not only about the clothes that you wear to work, but also your hairstyle, your face, and most importantly the body language that you wear. Don’t scuffle when you walk. Take confident strides, and keep your back straight.

Your body language plays a very crucial role when someone is trying to form an impression about you. That way you can impress both her and your client.

Be a gentleman – and not just for her

Open the door for her, let her in and out of the elevator first and offer her a helping hand whenever there is a need. However, opening the door only for her and banging it shut in the face of other female colleagues is not going to impress her much! The idea is to come across as a person with good manners all throughout. Be kind and courteous to the people you talk to. Don’t forget that you are being watched all the time, and also being judged. Speak like a gentleman. Use words like please and thank you. Speak only when required.

If the woman at work gets the impression that you are trying to show off your presence by unnecessarily speaking, you will create a bad image about yourself in her mind.

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Be interested in her, genuinely

Showing genuine interest in her is a sure-shot way to impress. Ask her about her day, her work and offer advice if she needs help. However, asking too many personal questions and poking your nose into things which aren’t your business will immediately throw you into creep-zone! She will not only be not impressed, but might also start avoiding you completely. You don’t want that, do you? If she feels close enough to you to talk about her personal matters, she will talk to you. Respond to that. Show empathy and help her in any way that you can. If you ask too many provocative and personal questions too frequently, she will immediately refrain from talking to you.

Act and behave like an adult

You should try not to throw silly tantrums. Act your age. Communicate in a mature way. Be clear about yourself. Do not try to act silly like a teenager in love. It will create a negative impression about you. Don’t call people names when you are angry. The way you handle yourself and your emotions says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Be considerate and soft

Don’t try to over-power your junior female colleagues at work. Do not belittle anyone if their performance is not upto your expectations. Always be considerate and soft when dealing with people, and do not Take practical and wise decisions when asked. Don’t ask someone else to decide on your behalf. If someone walks to you with a problem, look for the solution and do not magnify the issue.

Be considerate and give her the option of choosing what she wants. Be assertive, not overpowering or dominant.

Have an open mind

Office spaces are full of people who come from all walks of life. You will see different people every day. So will the woman you are trying to win over. Your story may not be their story. Your idea may not be their idea. You should not come across as being judgmental, to your female colleagues. Women tend to like men who are liberal in their views and do not jump to conclusions on what is seen and heard.

Be supportive

Support the woman that you want to impress. Be proud of her career, as proud as you are of yours. Make her laugh when she seems stressed over work. Listen to her when she is having a bad day. The idea is to make her feel good about herself so that she looks forward to coming to work every day. Men who are caring and supportive are a rare gem to find and women know that.

Don’t fool around

Your office may have plenty of attractive women, but if you are interested in only one of them, then make sure you have eyes only for her. Women tend to share a lot, so if you are trying to get attention of many women, you may soon be trending as a player. Gossip spreads fast, and if you are looking for attention of one woman, do not go about dating every colleague or ogling them as they pass by. She should feel that it’s only her that you are interested in.

Be genuine

Look into her eyes when you talk to her. Do not make her self-conscious by doing so intensely. You might even make her defensive. Let her feel your empathy and care through your eyes. When you smile, let your eyes smile too. Show her that you are a warm person and not a robot who just shows emotions for the sake of it. Do not be pretentious and artificial. Women are quick to figure these things out, and if she works with you, she might well have a fair idea how you are as a person. If you are to meet her at a decided time, make sure you are there first and don’t make the lady wait.


If you have made a mistake, do not try to shy away from apologising. Own up to it and apologise. You may face ego issues, but it will create a good impression about you. Cowards tend to run away from their mistakes. If you apologise, she will know that you are a strong person.

Impressing a woman at work is simpler than you think, provided you are really interested in her. No matter how easily you create those umpteen PowerPoint slides or how deep your technological knowledge is, impressing a women at work requires some sharp tips and a little common sense. Hurry up and make plans for tomorrow! Time to impress women at work!

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