12 Tips To Impress A Female Colleague And Win Her Over

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how to attract a woman at work
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We end up spending most of our time with our colleagues, so it is only natural for attraction between coworkers to take form. Is there a woman you like at work? The cute girl at work has your heart? Someone you are really interested in, beyond casual hookups and sex? Don’t know how to impress a female colleague and take things forward? Fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Starting things up with a coworker is a good idea if you’re looking for a stable, long-term relationship. But if you do not get it right, things are going to get very, very awkward. Imagine if you play your cards wrong and she gets creeped out. Next thing you know, you’re getting an email from the HR.

Frankly, the only thing that might be keeping you from making your move is the fear of getting it wrong. It might be worthwhile to learn how to approach a girl at work. Let us go through the 12 tips we’ve assembled for you, to make sure you know how to attract a woman at work without attracting an email from the HR.

Top 12 Tips To Impress A Female Colleague

Couples who meet at work are more likely to get married than those who meet elsewhere. A study conducted among 2,000 adults concluded that 14% of couples who worked together ended up married, compared to 11% who were introduced by friends. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

The numbers don’t mean much, however, when you’re worried about not being able to even initiate a conversation about anything other than work with your female colleague. Impressing a lady at work can be challenging. You probably already know that approaching a woman at work and leaving a long-lasting impression is the first step, but gathering the courage to know what to do isn’t a walk in the park.

When people talk about stories of trying to flirt with a girl at work, it doesn’t really turn out too well, does it? It’s usually frowned upon and you’re pretty much always walking on eggshells. First pro tip: try to establish a friendship with the cute girl at work outside of work as well. Don’t worry, you will be able to get out of the friendzone if you learn to play your cards right.

Even then, there is a high chance that you might mess things up in your eagerness to please her rather than come across as a charming person. The way you approach the situation will make a huge difference. To make sure your efforts don’t go in vain, follow these 12 tips to impress a woman colleague and win her over. There is no sure shot single answer to how to get a girl at work to want you, but we can try.

1. Be sincere toward your job and do it right

Women admire people with astute professional acumen and integrity. Sincerity is one quality that you can not go wrong with. Men who act bossy or show disrespect toward others may have that badass appeal that lasts for a night or two, but it will not mature into a long-lasting relationship. Many men go around following tips on how to impress a girl at work, and then lag behind at their job. This will not work when you are trying your luck on how to impress a colleague girl. She understands your job and will not be impressed to see you fail at it.

If you are looking for love, you might as well behave and work responsibly and take pride in what you do. The key is to know the quality in people that attract women the most, and then, play your strong suits to the gallery. Respect your subordinates and try to help them when you can. This will definitely make an impression on her. Be respectful to your colleagues, especially women colleagues, and help them when required. Follow work ethics. This way, you will impress your female colleague and have more than just a fling.

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2. Being yourself is the best way to impress a female colleague

Putting on a fake persona that you think may impress her is not a great strategy to make her notice you. She will see through it, if not right away, then soon. And then your ‘how to attract a girl at work’ plan will go askew. Be yourself and carry that with aplomb. You might be a shy person, and you can remain so while talking to her, but do go and speak to her. If you don’t have the best physique, you can make up for it by being charming.

You may not be witty, but you can always be pleasant. Women like people who are confident in themselves. But do not try to paint a larger-than-life picture of yourself. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Try to highlight your strengths without showing off. Learn how to impress a colleague girl by playing to your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Men, especially, often find it difficult expressing emotions. But sincere display of vulnerabilities can be very attractive for potential partners.

Unless you just want temporary attention from her, do not attempt to fake your personality. “In trying my hand at how to impress a girl at work, I claimed to love her dog and period dramas. After a few weeks, I just could not pretend that anymore,” someone wrote to us. Remember, you can’t fake it forever. Not only will you not pick up the skill on how to attract your female coworker with this approach, but you will also end up making a negative impression. That’s something you’d want to steer clear of if you want to impress a female colleague.

3. Always be presentable to make an impression

Don’t wear ridiculous clothes or sport funny hairdos in a bid to impress a female colleague. Follow the dress code at work but play around with styles and colors. Being presentable is not only about the clothes that you wear to work, but also about your hairstyle, your face, and most importantly, your body language. Body language can be developed like a skill set. Learn it to attract a girl at work.

Don’t scuffle when you walk. Take confident strides, and keep your back straight. Perhaps most importantly, make sure you always smell nice. You can even tell someone loves you with their body language at the workplace, and it plays a crucial role when someone is trying to form an impression on you. This tip will not only come in handy for making a lasting impression on your crush, but also hold you in good stead in your professional life.

So if you’re wondering about how to get a girl to like you at work, just make sure you look your best in front of her. Our tips on how to impress a girl in office are: Keep your hair, or pony, or beard neat and trimmed, don’t wear clothes without ironing them, and make sure you trim your nails. Be presentable.

4. Be a gentleman, and not just for her

This is for the menfolk. How to attract a coworker, you ask? Well, open the door for her, let her in and out of the elevator first, and offer her a helping hand whenever there is a need. It begins with such basic acts of courtesy. However, opening the door only for her and banging it shut in the face of other colleagues is not going to impress her much. You can not be showing a lack of respect. You must learn how to behave with female employees. The idea is to come across as a person with good manners.

Be kind and courteous to the people you talk to. Don’t forget that you are being watched all the time, and also being judged. Speak like a gentleman. Use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Apologize when you have erred. Accept apologies when others offer it sincerely. Speak when you need to. If the woman at work gets the impression that you are trying to show off your presence by unnecessarily speaking or mansplaining, you will create a bad image of yourself in her mind.

5. Be interested in her if you want to impress her

Showing genuine interest is a sure-shot way to impress a girl working in the same office. Ask her about her day, her work, and offer advice if she needs help. When she speaks, make sure you listen. One girl said what attracted her to her office colleague was the fact that he remembered things she said weeks ago. Being attentive to her words and actions shows that you’re genuinely interested.

However, asking too many personal questions and poking your nose into things that aren’t your business will immediately throw you into the creep zone. She will not only be unimpressed, but she may begin to avoid you entirely. You don’t want that, do you?

If she feels close enough to you to talk about her personal matters, she will talk to you. Respond to that. Show empathy and help her in any way that you can. If you ask too many provocative and personal questions too frequently, she will immediately refrain from talking to you.

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6. Behave like an adult at your place of work

Professional behavior is a must to make it in her good books. You should not throw your weight around or create a scene. Act your age. Communicate in a mature way. If she is not responding to your efforts, be patient. Do not feel entitled. Do not act like a teenager in love. It will create a negative impression of you. If your answer to “How do you start a conversation with a girl in office?” is to go over to her and immediately start bragging about that big deal you closed recently, you’re probably going to come across as smug.

Be mindful of how you behave with other colleagues too. Don’t call people names or say those nasty things you should never say to anyone in anger. The way you handle yourself and your emotions says a lot about the kind of person you are. Knowing how to approach a girl at work in a mature way is surely going to earn you brownie points with her.

impress a woman at work
Don’t be rude and you’ll definitely leave a good impression on her

7. Be considerate and soft to win her heart

Don’t try to overpower your junior colleagues at work. Do not belittle anyone if their performance is not up to your expectations. Always be considerate and soft when dealing with people. Don’t ask someone else to decide on your behalf. If someone comes to you with a problem, look for the solution and do not magnify the issue.

Take on the role of a mentor to your junior colleagues and be a guide when you can. When it comes to the woman colleague you are trying to impress, being considerate of her choices is non-negotiable. Give her the option of choosing what she wants. Be assertive, not overpowering or dominant.

If you make it seem like you’re telling her what to do, she’s not going to take it very well. Always be considerate of her decisions and don’t offer solutions unless she explicitly mentions she’s coming to you for them. Try not to flirt with a girl at work, it might seem inconsiderate and rude. It might end up being a fatal flirting mistake.

8. Have an open mind

A workplace comprises of people from all walks of life and different backgrounds. You will see different people every day. So will the woman you are trying to win over. You and your coworkers may not see eye to eye on everything. The differences in culture, background, and values can result in differences in outlook too. Your story may not be their story. Your idea may not be their idea. Don’t come across as being judgmental about those who think or act differently than you.

Women tend to like people who are liberal in their views and do not jump to conclusions on what is seen and heard. So, the next time your idea isn’t given the attention you thought it’d get in the meeting, try not to make a big deal out of it. Learn to accept criticism and don’t be stubborn. Before you even set out to impress a girl working in the same office, you must first make her realize you’re not stubborn as a mule.

9. Be supportive if you want to impress a female colleague

Support the woman that you want to impress. Be proud of her career, as proud as you are of yours. Make her laugh when she seems stressed or overworked. Listen to her when she’s having a bad day. Sometimes all one needs is for someone to listen to and acknowledge their problems, nothing else.

If she’s struggling with confidence issues at work and isn’t feeling her best before that important meeting, try to perk her up through a few words of encouragement. You won’t even have to try and figure out how to attract a woman at work when you’re the first person she comes to when looking for support. This is your best bet on how to make a female coworker fall for you.

The idea is to make her feel good about herself so that she looks forward to coming to work every day. If you’re a guy, then men who are caring and supportive are rare gems to find, and women know that. Give her the benefit of the doubt even when you think she didn’t perform that well. To find success at how to get a girl at work to want you, make her feel like you always have her back.

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10. Don’t fool around if you want to win her over

Your office may have plenty of attractive women colleagues, but make sure you have eyes only for her. Women tend to share a lot, so if you are trying to get the attention of other women too, you may soon be trending as a player. No ‘how to attract a coworker’ tips are going to help if you are seen trying to attract any or all coworkers.

News travels fast in the office grapevine. If you are vying for a girl’s attention, do not go about dating every colleague or ogling them as they pass by. She should feel that it’s only her that you are interested in. Knowing how to behave with female employees is going to go a long way in creating your image. If you mess up, you may be branded as the office ‘lecher’. You can say bye to the girl at work you want so much.

11. Be genuine in your interactions with her

Impress a female colleague by looking into her eyes when you talk to her but not in a way that makes her self-conscious. You might even make her defensive. Let her feel your empathy and care through your eyes. When you smile, let your eyes smile too. Show her that you are a warm person and not a robot who just shows emotions for the sake of it. If you are to meet her at a decided time, make sure you are there first and don’t make the lady wait. Following some dating etiquette rules may help you.

Our tip on how to get a girl to like you at work doesn’t get simpler than this: just be yourself. Don’t fake any emotions and be in the moment. The long and short of it is that you should not come across as the creep that women avoid, but rather as a genuine, warm-hearted person with whom she looks forward to spending time. Women are quick to figure these things out. If she works with you, she might well have a fair idea about the kind of person you are.

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12. Apologize if you are in the wrong

If you have made a mistake, own up to it and apologize. You have to let go of your ego and do this if you want to impress a female colleague and win her affections. Do not forget, showing vulnerabilities is seen as a sign of strength. Only cowards tend to run away from their mistakes. People who feel unease in owning up to having done wrong reflect an egoistical personality which no woman is a fan of.

If you apologize for any mistake you may have committed, or for any shortcoming, she will know that you are a strong person. You might even come off as brave for baring yourself. There is nothing sexier than a confident, humble person. Isn’t it funny that you can learn how to attract your female coworker by admitting to your flaws!

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How To Take Things Forward After You Impress A Female Colleague?

You have played your cards right and made an impression on her. You are confident you know how to impress a girl in office. Now what? How do you go from being a coworker she likes and gets along with, to a potential love interest. Here are a few things you could do. Do remember these are a few things girls always notice on dates and in the people who are vying for their attention.

  • Socialize with her friends
  • Flirt with your eyes. If you get the right response, flirt with her more openly
  • Do not be obsessed with your phone in her presence
  • Compliment the way she looks but do not go overboard. Keep your praise sincere and genuine
  • Ask her for advice but do not come across as clueless
  • Have an opinion on things
  • Ask her out to a social situation that could potentially turn into a borderline date
  • If you hit it off well, ask her out on a real date

Impressing a woman at work is simpler than you think, provided you are really interested in her. No matter how easily you create those umpteen PowerPoint slides or how deep your technological knowledge is, impressing a female colleague is a whole different ball game. It requires some sharp tips and a little common sense. Heed our advice and learn how to make a female coworker fall for you. Hurry up and make plans for tomorrow!

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