Struggles and Scars

When the man is the only breadwinner and the wife refuses to pitch in

He finds the strain of being the lone breadwinner too much. All the women in his family work, why doesn’t his wife?

(Names changed to protect identities)

I grew up with a teacher grandmother, a lawyer mother and an architect sister. So for me it was natural to choose a wife who is working. Sandhya worked in an auditing firm; I knew she would be the best fit.

After marriage we moved on transfer. She took a sabbatical from work to ease into the new home and the new city. When her sabbatical stretched to nearly 9 months I asked Sandhya to resume her career. With much coaxing from me she joined a nearby accounting firm as a part-time accountant, stating that juggling home and career would be a challenge with longer commutes. But she was underemployed as a Chartered Accountant.

Just as we celebrated our first wedding anniversary she announced that she was pregnant. It was something we had both wanted. She quit her job and became a full-time mother.

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