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Why I let my woman flirt with other men!

They met through traditional channels but their relationship was not traditional at all

A few years ago, my family was looking for a bride for me. I met the lady and we both ended up getting drunk at our first meeting. This was an unofficial meeting, of course, and it happened because we had spoken on the phone for a week and finally said, “Let’s just meet.” We met and things got a bit cosy with nostalgia.

She saw a guy passing by and instinctively whistled slowly, without realising I was with her. Checking him out like we guys check women, it was naughty. I sort of liked it. And to my surprise, she was noticing my reaction. I looked at her and we both laughed out loud.

She jokingly said, “Now you don’t want to marry such a wife, who teases other men in front of you, or wait – do you?”

“Aren’t you one of those typical desi husbands, who want their patni to be thousands of other things? Won’t you go all crazy-jealous-devil when OTHER men try to lock eyes with me, perhaps, even when you (husband) are around? Will you be this free-spirited, fun loving and love giving husband to this naughty crazy-biwi?”

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Why I think verbal flirting is only half as good as physical flirting

It had all started with innocuous flirting on WhatsApp

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