11 Confessions By Married People On Why They Stopped Having Sex

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Updated On: July 16, 2022
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Sex? No please, we’re married

You must have heard the popular saying that couples stop having sex after getting married. While the truth in the statement is debatable, one cannot ignore the fact that after the ‘honeymoon period’ in a marriage wears off, the sex tends to decrease.

As the knot is tied and commitment is established to one person forever, the urgency to show love to one’s partner often decreases and reduces the sex as complacency sets in. However, the reasons for sexless marriages, or Dead Bedrooms as they are often referred to, are varying.

In this Reddit thread married men and women who do not engage in sex any more confessed what caused them to be in the situation. The reasons they gave ranged from boredom to loss of attractiveness or health problems. We’ve compiled 11 very striking answers:

1. She gained over 100 lbs, and I am just not attracted any more

Not attracted to fat wife

By Mcompledpayas

2. We’re both on anti-depressants which have totally messed with our sex drives

Anti depressants kill sex life

By sirkibble14

3. We got married and had kids

Marriage killed sex life

By SVTRocks

4. My wife decided three years ago sex is too ‘icky’

Sex is icky

By annoyingone

5. Honestly, we’re both just not attractive anymore. Better to masturbate

Better to masturbate

By imcondescendingu21

6. It has gotten to the point where I could tell she was only doing it for me, and I began to feel as though I was essentially raping her

Sex felt like rape

By clamberrypie

7. She started blatantly using it to get something she wanted or to cover up something she did

Using sex as a means

By whiskeyalpha7

8. My husband is not very good at sex and shows no interest in improving

Husband not good at sex

By DeadBed1010wrice

9. I’ve had Erectile Dysfunction for about 3 years now

Erectile dysfunction

By bustaflow25

10. I’m not in love anymore and I want out

Not in love

By twatchops

11. She was prescribed several medications that resulted in multiple health issues and is completely asexual

Health issues and asexuality

By pyungshin

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