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11 confessions by married people on why they stopped having sex

Is it true that couples have less sex after they're married? Here are a few excuses they give to not have sex
Couples no sex

Sex? No please, we’re married

You must have heard the popular saying that couples stop having sex after getting married. While the truth in the statement is debatable, one cannot ignore the fact that after the ‘honeymoon period’ in a marriage wears off, the sex tends to decrease.

As the knot is tied and commitment is established to one person forever, the urgency to show love to one’s partner often decreases and reduces the sex as complacency sets in. However, the reasons for sexless marriages, or Dead Bedrooms as they are often referred to, are varying.

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  1. Well some of the confessions were quite hilarious some one were something to give them a moment.
    But, yeah it was good to read.THUMBS UP

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