7 home chores every wife wishes her husband would take care of

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Dear husbands, do you know the best thing you could do to let the wifey dearest know that you love her to the moon and back?

Share the household chores!

She will love it more than pretty diamonds and expensive dinners if you share the house cleaning time and everyday chores. At this time and age when both the husband and wife have so many outside commitments, taking care of a house is no longer just a woman’s job and it certainly shouldn’t be so. Since both of you are equally invested in turning the bricks and cement into a home, keeping the home neat and clean should be a shared project too. Plus when you are working together for the daily housework, the time required for the job is reduced by half and after all the work you two can find some extra time for play too, if you know what I mean.

1. Making a bed in the morning

It’s the first task of the day and a quite important one, because nobody likes to come home after a long, hard day to a rumpled bed. The woman has other household chores to perform every morning before she leaves for work or puts on the ‘Mom on duty’ cloak. So if the husband takes care of the simple task of making the bed every morning, a big part of her morning duties is reduced.

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2. Deep clean the house

Because cleanliness is next to godliness, husbands. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep the house squeaky clean. We still make peace with the fact the husbands don’t do the regular dusting and cleaning, but helping us maintain the basic cleanliness and participating in the monthly deep cleaning of the house makes our housework load a lot less and our love for you a lot more!

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3. When it is time for packing and moving

Joining in proactively with the planning and implementation of the huge task of packing and moving would be nice. A little genuine interest and enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt anyone, and hey! it’s your home too!

4. Stop complaining about the dust balls living in the AC!

Even though it doesn’t count as a daily chore, cleaning the debris from the AC is a draining task and it would be nice if the husbands put it on their list.

5. Do the plumbing work

We don’t want to be toffee-nosed, but if the wives are supposed to be the mother cum nurse cum cook cum house-manager, husbands too need to put on the handyman hat once in a while and take care of the plumbing jobs.

6. Fix the fused light on the high ceiling

If you see that the light has not already been fixed, your commenting on the fused bulb or blown-out tubelight is not going to magically take care of it either. Get that stepladder out, mister.

7. Help us keep the bathroom clean

Leave the bathroom neat after use and clean the toilet at least once a month. The floor wiper is simpler to use than you imagine.

There are so many big and small things that one can do. Starting with clearing the dinner table each night… and in sorting the random mess that any lived-in home gets daily… and also the cobwebs high up in that unreachable corner, the stubborn dust mites under the mattress, the universe of microorganisms living in the carpet and in the insides of a sofa… the gunk in the drain pipe… please, just a little participation, guys!

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1 comment

Preeti Goyal
Preeti Goyal May 29, 2018 - 1:53 pm

Yes, guys, participate in the household chores!

If you see an opportunity to take out the trash, fix that lightbulb, pack away the dishes, do it. Don’t wait until your wife asks for your help. Be on the lookout for ways to serve her.

You will be a hero in her eyes if you readily help when asked or take care of some chores before she asks.

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