backhanded compliment examples

23 Backhanded Compliment Examples in Everyday Life That Are Actually Insults

Fake compliments that are disguised as insults can stress you out mentally and physically, and make you feel less than. Therefore, it is important to know what backhanded compliments are so that you don’t accidentally say things like that to someone. We have also put in some response examples so you know how to politely handle a situation in which someone gives you a backhanded compliment.

high-value woman

15 Traits Of A High-Value Woman — Tips On How To Become One

This reminds me of “She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States…” Contrary to popular belief, a high-value woman isn’t a beauty pageant winner or an unattainable goddess. Being one does not entail subscribing to norms of conventional femininity or possessing superhuman qualities. In fact, she is her most authentic self.  Kudos to you …

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Are Men Turned Off By Feminists?

Are men turned off by feminists? Let’s find out with the help of psychologist Adya Poojari on why men might be intimidated by a feminist

wifey material

Don’t Mistake These Signs To Be Wifey Material Signs

If I had a penny for every time a guy used the term ‘wifey material’ as the pinnacle of compliments, I’d be living in a palace made of gold. Why must we use ‘material’ to describe people at all? It does nothing but make us sound like a fabric shop. Pay heed to what’s coming next, and don’t mistake these signs to be wifey material signs. Your bubble is going to burst, and your notions are about to get thrown out the window!