7 Men Reveal The Cute Things Their Drunk Girlfriends Do

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Updated On: March 11, 2024
Cute things drunk girlfriends do

When a man gets drunk, it is a lot different from when a woman becomes inebriated. Women innately have inhibitions about how the outside world perceives them. They completely change when they get sloshed, and always for the better. Women can get hilarious and simultaneously pull off looking cute when they are drunk. Seven guys reveal what their lady does that’s so cute when drunk that they melt in her sweetness. Drunk girlfriends do all kinds of antics which are truly hilarious.

7 Men Tell Us The Cute Things Their Drunk Girlfriends Do

Girls can do all kinds of funny things when they have taken too many swigs from the bottle. Among the things that guys find cute about their girlfriends being drunk is definitely one.

1. Laughs for no reason

Akash’s girlfriend, who also happens to be a very close friend of mine, laughs, giggles and smiles foolishly when she is drunk.

“She is so funny and cute when she is drunk that she brings joy to the people around her. She just can’t stop giggling when she is sloshed. I find it super attractive and one of the most cute things my girlfrined does.” reveals Akash.

He also says that she suddenly finds all things around her funny and that she cracks jokes and laughs at them herself.

2. Keeps hogging

This one can be a little tricky. Another colleague of mine says, “She has the appetite of an elephant when she is drunk. She wants to eat every time she is high with alcohol and her hogs, but in the cutest manner. She gets so messy with the food and alcohol that she seems like a kid who gets the freedom to do whatever he/she wants,” explains her boyfriend. But he finds it really cute that his drunk girlfriend feels so hungry after a binging session.

3. Passes out and sleep talks

This can happen to men as well, but men aren’t cute when they pass out and sleep talk, as often it will be foul language or a fight they picked with someone in their dreams.

“She passes out and starts talking about her day at work and how she missed me,” explains Raj.

“What’s funnier and cuter than she answers the questions you ask her while she is asleep and drunk as no one else’s business,” he adds. He finds his drunk girlfriend the cutest when she does something like this.

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4. Becomes a seductress

“She starts seducing me by giving me those sensuous looks, biting her lower lip, and starts playing with my hair,” says another boyfriend. Yes, there can be girls who look cute when they suddenly become these sensuous and seductive ladies after a few drinks. Drunk girlfriends can be quite entertaining.

He goes on to say, “After she gets a little tipsy, she starts flirting with me in the most sexual way and I fall prey to her seduction.”

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5. Always wants me around

Sukrit’s girlfriend doesn’t let him go anywhere out of her sight after a few pegs. She always wants him to be around her to take care of her while her head is spinning. “I can’t even go to the loo, at times,” he adds. He finds this extremely sweet and attractive. He says that her wants for him multiplies when she is zonked.

She loves to be cuddled
She loves to be cuddled

6. Talks incessantly

My best friend’s girlfriend in college used to talk non-stop after getting drunk. This is one of the things guys find cute about their girlfriends. She would speak about anything and anyone in the world and one sentence would not be related to the other even remotely. Abhijeet says, “You know how she can talk about a cricket match and then suddenly speak of her eyeliner getting smudged and then spontaneously jump on to how drunk she is, and the list is endless.” I have been a witness to this cute madness and trust me, usually, men don’t like women who talk a lot, but they love the ones who talk cluelessly when intoxicated.

7. Sways to any kind of music

Mayank’s girl sways to whatever music she can get. She would even dance to an old ring tone when she’s a few bottles of beer down. “She is super sweet and without any inhibitions when she dances to even most rubbish music after she is drunk,” says Mayank, a college mate of mine. His girlfriend was Hispanic; no wonder that any beat would make her body move after being high.

Men find their girlfriends cute when they do stuff without caring for what the world around them thinks. A sober woman is often concerned about her image and about what her friends and acquaintances will think. Men find women more attractive and cuter when they let go of these inhibitions and do whatever their heart tells. that’s why drunk girlfriends are so endearing. In most cases, women need some alcohol in their system to act with such spontaneity and impulsiveness.

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