Every Girlfriend Does These Things when She Is Drunk

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Updated On: July 15, 2023
things girlfriend does after drink of drunk girlfriend
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With every margarita she ordered, her eyes grew smaller and heavier. If a guy was to narrate his tale of his girlfriend getting drunk, this line would be told in a deep, scared voice. Not all women are loose cannons when they are drinking. Some can hold their liquor exceptionally well, and some cannot tell the difference between a dog and a cat after their second beer. Every girlfriend does these things when they are drunk and it could be hilarious.

We have listed some things your girlfriend does when drunk

1. Awaken the Kraken

A drunk person knows no inhibition and your very drunk girlfriend brings out the topic you have been avoiding for months. Intoxication leaves her with no boundaries that she might not cross and brings out the grudge she has been holding on to.

Mental note: You are in for a heated discussion.

2. Overindulges in PDA

Drunk time is the time to tell you how much she adores your haircut and the fact that you are the best thing that’s happened to her. Usually, after the unveiling of her love for you, it’s followed by abrupt hugging and kissing; something she would never do when she is sober.

Every Girlfriend Does These Things when She Is Drunk
Every Girlfriend Does These Things when She Is Drunk

3. Losing stuff

By the time you are done with the drinking session, she will have claimed to have lost her wallet, her keys, her makeup and her shoes.

Turns out she has been holding it/them in her hand all this while.

But this is probably the riskiest or the dumbest thing that a girl does when she is drunk.

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4. Spill life secrets

This a thing all drunk girls do. I have done this couple of times and so have you; especially when you get drunk with your jock loving buddies. Your girlfriend is no exception. When the drinks keep coming in, the secrets keep spilling out.

5. Flirt with your good looking friend

She doesn’t mean anything by it, but she sees a good looking, ripped dude sitting next to you, there can come a time when she pays the dude more attention; the occasional flirting and a few compliments may be thrown his way but don’t lose your cool over it.

6. Snatch other people’s drinks

She sees a drink and her whole being rushes to consume it. Personally, I feel that’s not good manners, but alcohol can make you lose your manners sometimes.

Every Girlfriend Does These Things when She Is Drunk
She could snatch a drink

7. Denial

You: You are drunk. Take it easy on the drinks.

Girlfriend: No, I am not drunk. You are the one who is drunk.

You: Let me take you home.

Girlfriend: I am not going with you because I am not drunk.

You: Can you even walk straight?

Girlfriend: I can because I am not drunk.

Sound familiar? That is the conversation every man has with his drunk girlfriend. Denial is the sure shot way to make sure if your girl is drunk or not.

And don’t forget, by this stage of being drunk, the slurring of speech has already started.

Slurring of speech is common among women
Slurring of speech is common among women

8. Puke or pass out

You cannot deny you haven’t carried your girlfriend over your shoulder or held her hair back when she puked her dinner out at least once in your time.

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