Saumya Tewari

Saumya Tewari is a PhD student at TISS, Mumbai, specialising in public policy and is an independent social research consultant and writer.  To take a break from serious public policy and academic writing, she hopes to write a novel soon.

What is love

When it is not love

I do not know what love is But I know it is not When you still have to say it Though there are no words left to say When no one said they’d stop by Though you wait for them anyway When, for them you pray Though it shakes your faith; a little bit everyday …

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I saved you for that rainy day

As the sun hides Behind the thick dark clouds And gloom is glee As the wind blows In haphazard direction And balms from heat As leaves get sprayed Clean with rain drops And earth is fragrant As time looses track indoors Staring at the downpour And I open treasured memories

Forest pathway

My hero, Bikerman

When I was little My mother said It was pilots who ruled the world I was fascinated, enchanted But not by pilots It was bikers I liked instead Because they were easy And always had their heads held high I met Bikerman by fate In a world so full of hate He was mystical My …

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