Break up And Loss

Breakups do come with a sense of loss. As one article puts it, “If you intensely love someone the pain of a breakup is as excruciating as losing someone to death.” Break up and loss goes hand in hand.

If a relationship or a marriage ends the sense of loss persists for a long time. This is a time when people need immense support from friends, family and some even opt for counselling.

Some people plunge into depression and become reclusive and some keep Bollywood breakup songs on the loop. In this section, <Bonobology brings you stories on how people dealt with the sense of loss after a breakup. Some stories are funny, some quirky and some poignant. There is a story where a person says that it was the gym and Jagjit Singh songs that saved the day for him. Another lady says that at a particular traffic signal she still looks for a blue car that belonged to her boyfriend. The breakup comes with extreme pain and we can help you deal with it.

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