10 Things To Do When You Are Thinking About Divorce

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If you are thinking about divorce, you could be stuck in a cycle of should I or shouldn’t I. Maybe you sing it in your head with some music as well! Contemplating a divorce can bring about a plethora of emotions, ranging from why’s to perhaps and maybe’s. The ifs are a constant.

You do need a divorce. If you stay in the marriage, you will be unhappy. But what about the kids? Are you hiding behind your kids’ happiness for not wanting a divorce?

But at other times, do you feel frustrated to even walk into your own house because you do not want to look at your spouse? Before you get into the ordeal of divorcing your spouse here’s a mental note down you would want to make before taking the plunge. Not all reasons for divorces need to be thought of carefully but if you are still worrying about whether or not, remember legal battles of a divorce drains you physically, monetarily, mentally and most importantly, emotionally. Times like when your wife is physically abusing you or your husband has anger issues that lead to violence or when one of the spouses is cheating on the other, are valid enough reasons to end the marriage.
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Contemplating a divorce and actually getting one are two different things. Evaluate your marriage and the ways to better it. Take our carefully drafted divorce checklist. If you have an alcoholic husband who refuses to get help even after you have been requesting him to do so, divorce might be a way out. In such a case, thinking about divorce is completely understood. But are you making empty threats? Are you thinking of divorce without even trying to seek help from a professional?

The question of divorce should not be thrown around carelessly. It is an end of a marriage and before you let the confusion wreck your mental peace, here are a few things to think about. Thinking about divorce without having a real concrete base also indicates your lack of serioussness towards the marriage and the relationship.

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10 Things To Do When You Are Thinking About Divorce

Is your marriage abusive? Do you just not like your spouse anymore that has led you to stray from the marriage? Have you realized your wife does not want children? Are you wracked with fear your lineage would end? Whatever the reason ask yourself if small fights or a grave mistake is worth ending your marriage.

Follow these 10 steps before you take the final decision.

1. Is there a way to save the marriage?

Can you save the marriage?

Can you save the marriage? Image source

Your marriage is in shambles but it did not happen in a day. If you have noticed a pattern of your spouse’s financial irresponsibility or infidelity or simply the fact that you don’t like each other anymore, is divorce the answer to it? Before taking the plunge, have you voiced your concerns and mental state to your spouse or spoken to a marriage counselor? Filing for a divorce before trying to fix your marriage will make you feel more guilty and if your life after the divorce does not turn out to be as good as you had thought then you will have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life.

2. Get someone to talk to

Divorce is not a matter of child’s play and it’s definitely not an easy way to figure out if you want to stay married or get divorced. Even if there have been problems in the marriage, knowing for sure if divorce is the answer is not an easy task.

Try opening up about your problems to someone who can take an unbiased stand. Be careful who you go looking for some advice because not all of them will be without judgment. In the delicate state you are in, you do not need someone telling you it’s okay not to think too much and to go with your gut feeling. That’s rubbish advice and just because your friend had a divorce doesn’t mean you will end up getting split too. The point being: Find a person who knows exactly the right advice to give and can remain impersonal about it.

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3. Think of your children, if you have any

How close are the children with your spouse? A divorce will legally split your family which means if you get custody of the children, your spouse will have to see the children as stipulated by the court. Custody battles are not as big a problem as the emotional and mental trauma a kid will go through if the divorce is finalized.

For a child, divorce means he will be spending time with your parents and aunt as guardians while you are working. It means no mommy-daddy at the dinner table, no going out with mommy and daddy for a movie and every time the child asks questions like “Why isn’t papa living with us anymore?” you will either have to tell them some story or the real story (which might be too much for a kid to understand).

Consider your kids' well-being

Consider your kids’ well-being Image source

Children are impressionable and highly imaginative. Think how it is going to affect them and how you intend to make them understand about the situation should you choose to go for the split.

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4. Start saving up

Apart from the legal proceedings and hiring a lawyer- both of which will require quite a lump sum of money- you need to start saving up money if you are contemplating divorce. Are you intending to move out? If so, start looking for places. Start saving liquid cash. Opening up a savings account just for post-divorce use is a good way to begin. Considering your spouse still hasn’t got any idea of an impending divorce, it might be wise to keep the existence of the account under wraps.

5. Start looking for a lawyer

Not all lawyers will offer the same advice. If you have a family lawyer, it’s better not to go for that. You haven’t even decided if you want a divorce, so hiring a lawyer that’s related to your family isn’t wise. Exhaust your research and see which lawyer is better suited for your need.

Find yourself a divorce lawyer

Find yourself a divorce lawyer Image source

If you want a definite win and don’t care if your spouse is hurt at the end of the long haul, choose someone who has majority of wins. Hiring lawyers who are over-priced might not mean the best decision especially if you are having severe money crunch. It is important to remember that you have to think of your life after divorce. So, spending money on an expensive lawyer will leave you penniless. It’s better to choose a good divorce lawyer suited to your financial, legal and emotional needs.

6. Try not to tell everyone that you are thinking of a divorce

This is a marriage ending. Stay away from the temptation to tell your friends and family that you are thinking of a divorce. Most people will try and get the details about your crumbling marriage as a gossip for their Sunday brunch. Others won’t be able to help you make your decision. On top of that, all that “Oh, poor thing” and “You will be fine” and the pity they show is going to mess you in the head even more.

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7. Read up on all the laws of divorce

You need to read up on the grounds where you can be granted a divorce, since this isn’t a mutual divorce. For example, if a wife is treated with cruelty in marriage, she is entitled to maintenance money, considering she has been living separately from her husband. Learn about custody rights of your child. Is there anything in your past that you have done that can be used against you in the legal battle, something like adultery? While you are still confused whether to get a divorce or not, read up about all divorce laws in your country.

Know the laws of divorce

Know the laws of divorce Image source

8. Keep away from social media

Cannot stress this enough but lead yourself away from the temptation to rant online for your followers. No one is a divorce expert so seeking advice from anyone apart from a professional will be a fool’s move.

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9. Take care of yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself in the mental process. The divorce can wait. In the middle of it, try to keep your sanity at home and at work when going through a divorce.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself Image source

10. Start imagining life after divorce

This is something many people don’t do and end up in shambles after the divorce. Think of how you will afford a new home, will you have support for the child (children), will you be able to bring up the child alone? Can you do the groceries, bills, banking, investments all by yourself? Would you be able to afford the same lifestyle you have now or would you have to tone it down? Will that make you unhappy or it doesn’t matter as long you are free?

It’s a good idea to have a notebook and jot down all the things you will have to manage on your own and how you will do that.

Sometimes people decide on divorce on an impulse. It is absolutely right to do so if you are in an abusive marriage or is psychologically abused constantly. Otherwise, divorce is a decision that needs thinking. It’s important to plan it out and know your thoughts well before you file for a divorce. Mulling over these 10 points will surely help.

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