A few words can decide how your day goes, it can decide how you start thinking and it has the power to heal or make you feel better if you are going through a tough time. That’s the power of a quote.

The dictionary describes a quote as repeat or copies out (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person).

Somebody else might have said it but you can identify with it and feel alive and happy after reading a quote. That’s why we feel publishing a quote a day is about sharing wisdom and happiness.

The quotes are varied. We have Bollywood celebs talking about love, philosophical quotes on love, life, partnership and relationships. Breakups, crushes, thoughts and affairs also figure in our quotes. We even have several quotes on being single, asexual, LGBT or divorced. Every word written in these quotes teaches the reader a small life lesson. That’s why people come back again and again to read the quotes.