Your childhood could be ruining your adult love relationships- Dr Deka explains

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One’s inability to love may not just be a choice. Nine out of ten times, it’s what we go through as children splitting into various sub-personalities just so that we can survive through the dysfunctionalities in our families. To not love, may also be just a survival mechanism, and nothing more. The adult is perhaps still stuck in the time-energy capsule of that dysfunctionality, and in therapy, that’s what we need to enter and break.

~ Dr Gaurav Deka

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Readers Comments On “Your childhood could be ruining your adult love relationships- Dr Deka explains”

  1. niharika Chaudhary

    my ex-bf gad cheated on me and i used to love him lyk madly but i broke up with him and since then i had those fear and trust issues and now im with a person who is soo caring,loving and im raised in a family where only males are treated lyk my bf supported me in my goals of and its going fine but he works in a private firm and also his family is not good economically and his big brother doesnt work and his father is a farmer only he is working but he is not lyk so passionate about future but he supports me..he takes care of me whenever im depressed even when i am ill he is the only person for me and always dere for im really confused in the long run it would be good for me

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