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Updated On: November 2, 2022
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Flirting can be a big point of debate for many couples. Some may indulge in flirting with those around them even when they are already in a committed relationship. Not because they are inclined to cheat, but because they simply enjoy it. Others may be completely against it because they think that it defies their sense of loyalty.

Is flirting good or bad in a relationship? That’s up to you and your partner to ascertain based on how comfortable you are with these things. Whatever one’s opinion of flirting with others when in a relationship may be, do know that not all kinds of flirting are harmful or an indication of emotional cheating or infidelity.

Flirting Is Not Always As Bad As It Seems

Sometimes, flirting is just a way of seeking positive attention that does not actually have to amount to any kind of attraction. A lot of people indulge in healthy flirting to give each other compliments, a bit of an ego boost and to set the stage for a friendly camaraderie. So if your partner has a history of having a way with ladies when he’s at a party, it may not mean that he is on the verge of infidelity. It might just mean that being charming and enjoying this little give and take of attention is a part of his personality.

Flirting is okay in a relationship as long as it does not cross any boundaries and is not used like a seduction technique. Think of flirting as a human need to know that you are wanted and desired. Enjoying that feeling is one thing. But to press on it and constantly try to seduce someone else may be unhealthy flirting which could be bad for your relationship.

With all its nuances and benefits, let’s look at the case of healthy flirting in a relationship, how it can be good for you and why it may not be as dangerous as you think.

Unhealthy flirting is when you try to lead someone on without the possibility of taking things anywhere. You are essentially seducing and breadcrumbing them only to give them no returns. Healthy flirting on the other hand, is mainly appreciation and adoration which may not be sexual in nature.

How to flirt with a girl or guy harmlessly? The thing with flirting is that it can be interpreted in different ways by different people. If you don’t want to give someone the wrong idea, then do adhere to some boundaries when you are flirting with them. Make sure that they are comfortable with how you flirt with them.

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Women who like to flirt around are not necessarily attention seeking women. Similarly, men who casually flirt with those around them, are not necessarily players or cheaters. Seeking positive attention and to be desired is considered a very human need. And healthy flirting plays a big role in that, for it is a type of love and showing affection that humans thrive on.

Because of gendered expectations of women, their need for validation or indulgence in flirting is shamed and labeled as attention seeking in a negative connotation. Men on the other hand, do not face such a stigma.

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Can men and women be just friends without any kind of romantic attraction brewing between them? With varying intensities of romance and friendship, each relationship is unique. However, the answer is yes. Men and women can be just friends too with various combinations of being in a platonic relationship, sometimes romantically attached or sometimes sexually attracted only. There are no clear boxes to define such relationships.

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