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Lokesh Dharmani

Lokesh Dharmani is an award winning RJ at the most popular radio station in the UAE, City 1016. He reviews Hindi films for a Bollywood magazine called Masala and is a TV host as well. He loves to cook and runs a blog called Loki\'s Kitchen on his radio station\'s website, where he shoots and edits his own recipes into quick one minute food recipe videos. He also runs a blog called fByLokesh where he talks about three of his favorite Fs; films, food and fashion. He won the best blogger award in the UAE in 2015. Lokesh also loves to travel and recently started a YouTube channel called Travel Lokeshions where he shares his fun travel videos.

Of studs and sluts

Why is it OK to objectify women but not men, and why are large age differences acceptable only when men are older?