Affair and Cheating

Is indifference or disrespect equivalent to cheating on spouse?

Research suggests that a lot of couples stray in marriage not only because of sexual desires, but unfulfilled emotional needs too
Couple on Sofa

“Wow, so many books…how many have you read, buddy?” I asked John (name changed), the friend I was visiting in Abu Dhabi. Before he could answer, his wife, Vidya (name changed), shouted from the kitchen, “Are you kidding me? John doesn’t read at all.” Her voice grew louder and clearer, as she walked into the living room and laid the table for dinner. “He just watches those stupid matches, their repeats and even Bigg Boss. This is my collection,” she announced proudly.

“Sticky!” My thought bubble read. Couples sometimes put you in an awkward situation. You first become an unwilling spectator to their laundering of dirty linen and are then expected to take sides and play the judge.

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