Devyani Sultania

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and am a passionate photographer. While I secretly dream of travelling the world to capture sunsets, you'll also find me roaming the streets of Kolkata in search of the best Chinese food ever.
when a man is torn between two women

8 Tips To Help When A Man Is Torn Between Two Women

When a man is torn between two women, it’s hard to decide who would prove to be a better partner in the larger scheme of things. If you find yourself in such a situation, allow us to help you make a sound decision.

Signs an affair is turning into love

12 Signs An Affair Is Turning Into Love

“Is it an affair fog or real love?” “Is the affair getting serious?” – Well, if you are asking yourself these questions, you’ve probably crossed the affair stage and moved on to love.

how to make my husband miss me during separation

20 Ways To Make Your Husband Miss You During Separation

Whether it is a separation or a divorce, it is normal to miss the bond that you once shared with your husband. You might miss your husband and want him back. If you want to win back your husband after he leaves you, we have a few tips that could help.

low self esteem behaviors

11 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem Behaviors In A Relationship

Low self-esteem behaviors are one of the biggest issues that affect a relationship. A person’s sense of self-worth is responsible for how they treat others as well as how they let others treat them. It affects what you can or cannot accept in a relationship, what you think you deserve, and if you’re willing to settle with what you get.

signs he will eventually commit

10 Honest Signs He Will Eventually Commit

If you really love your boyfriend, you would want to know if he is ready to commit. Allow us to help you understand the signs he will eventually commit to the relationship.

feeling sad and lonely in a relationship

Why Am I So Depressed And Lonely In My Marriage?

If you feel lonely in a marriage, it’s probably because there is a lack of emotional intimacy and a disregard for your needs. There could be other reasons also, ranging from responsibilities to unrealistic expectations and lack of vulnerability.

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