Devyani Sultania

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and am a passionate photographer. While I secretly dream of travelling the world to capture sunsets, you'll also find me roaming the streets of Kolkata in search of the best Chinese food ever.

why do people lie in relationships

8 Expert Tips On How To Stop Lying In A Relationship

Lying is common in relationships and life, in general. We all lie. It’s a basic human trait. Even so, you could be wondering how to stop lying in a relationship? Well, there are certain ways.

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Signs an affair is turning into love

12 Signs An Affair Is Turning Into Love

“Is it an affair fog or real love?” “Is the affair getting serious?” – Well, if you are asking yourself these questions, you’ve probably crossed the affair stage and moved on to love.

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mutual respect in a relationship

9 Examples Of Mutual Respect In A Relationship

Mutual respect in a relationship is as important as love and trust, probably more. Partners need to be respectful of each other if they want their relationship to last.

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