What Marriage Means To A Woman – 9 Possible Interpretations

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Updated On: June 3, 2023
what marriage means to a awoman

Marriage can have different meanings for women depending on their priorities in life. It’s fascinating how some women view it as an incredibly important stepping stone in life, while others see it as just a label for fitting into the community. Regardless of what marriage means to a woman, we mustn’t judge her for her choice.

Let’s face it, marriage is serious business. It’s undoubtedly a significant milestone in the lives of those who decide to take that leap. Besides, maintaining a strong marital bond requires substantial effort and commitment from both partners. After all, the expectations change as you transition from being bonded by your feelings and emotions to your lives merged by marital vows. It’s a whole new ballgame. In this article, we’re going to the nitty-gritty of this ballgame from a woman’s perspective. Let’s figure out what marriage means to a woman.

What Marriage Means To A Woman – We Figured These 9 Things

Marriage is more than just romantic honeymoon plans and cute anniversary gifts. It is a legal commitment that affects all aspects of a person’s life – familial, economic, and social. Many consider it to be the ultimate act of love or a sacred union that binds two souls together for eternity. However, walking into marriage isn’t always easy. Of course, it may bring immense fulfillment to a woman’s life, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

So, what does marriage mean to a woman? What is the importance of marriage in her life? Well, it can mean different things to different women. For some, it represents unwavering commitment and serves as a reliable support system. It can be a source of sexual intimacy, emotional security, or economic stability. On the flip side, some women may not find marriage important at all. They have their unique perspectives. To get more insights on this topic, we spoke to a few women about their views on married life, and we figured out these nine things:

1. Companionship and support system for life

“To me, marriage means a lifelong companionship. It’s about sharing my life, the highs and lows, with a partner who truly understands, respects, and loves me, just as I do for him. It’s like embarking on this incredible journey of a lifetime together. Marriage is a beautiful thing. But like any journey, there will be ups and downs in marriage, twists and turns, tough moments, and happy ones. What makes it truly special is having that unwavering presence by your side, knowing that someone will be there with you through it all. These are my expectations from marriage. It’s a beautiful institution that holds so much meaning and promise,” says Carrie (36) from Boston, Massachusetts.

That’s a common purpose of marriage today – companionship and support in a relationship. It is one of the best support systems a woman could have in her life. Just imagine having that one person you can come home to and share absolutely everything with. Whether it’s happiness or sorrow, the mundane day-to-day stuff or major milestones, mood swings, or work troubles, you know they’ll be there to listen and help you deal with it all. They’re the person you can celebrate your victories with and lean on during your failures. And what’s amazing is that they not only listen to your thoughts but also offer a fresh perspective that can truly make a difference.

To a woman, her spouse can be her safe space. It’s having that best friend and confidante who stands by your side through thick and thin. They become your partner in crime, whether it’s watching movies together, reading books, or simply enjoying meals. It’s such a beautiful bond between two people, don’t you think? To have that level of trust and love, where you know that no matter what life throws at you, your partner will be there to catch you. It’s that feeling of knowing you’re not alone, that you have someone who truly cares for you and accepts you for who you are. That’s the true essence of marriage and what makes it so special to a woman.

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2. What marriage means to a woman – not a necessity

A lot of women view marriage as nothing more than a socially mandated label to legitimize a relationship. According to them, love and commitment are not contingent on a certificate or a piece of paper. They firmly believe that you can build trust in a relationship and be dedicated and committed to a partner without ever tying the knot.

“Signing a legal document as proof of my commitment and loyalty to my partner is not what truly symbolizes marriage to me. This is not the marriage meaning I believe in. I think that love and commitment should be based on feelings and choices and not driven by societal approval. Who needs a piece of paper to define their relationship, right?” says Sandra (38), sharing her views on the importance of marriage.

In fact, some women argue that getting married can make things complicated, especially if the marriage doesn’t work out. The process of divorce and dealing with alimony laws can be quite messy, whether it’s done mutually or not. It involves numerous legal hassles that can add stress and complications to an already difficult situation.

So, for these women, marriage is not a necessity. They prioritize the strength of their relationship. They believe in the freedom to define their commitment in their way, without conforming to societal norms or legal formalities. It’s about finding happiness and fulfillment on their own terms, regardless of whether they choose to get married or not.

3. Way too many responsibilities

Marriage is not a union of two individuals. In many countries, especially in Asian cultures, when you marry someone, you also marry into their entire family. And let me tell you, that can bring a whole lot of responsibility and sometimes even conflicts. In some cases, in-laws tend to have a significant influence on the couple’s lives, and that can lead to major arguments between a husband and wife. And unfortunately, it’s usually the woman who ends up shouldering the responsibilities and is expected to fulfill them flawlessly (especially if she is in a situation where she is staying married for financial reasons).

“Being in a relationship or living with your partner is way better than getting married because you’re not bound by rules, expectations, and responsibilities. You are not expected to be the perfect wife, daughter-in-law, mother, homemaker, and so on. You don’t have to compromise on things you don’t want to. No facing situations where you have to choose between career and marriage or motherhood. You don’t have to deal with societal pressure to get pregnant or figure out what’s a good wife. You and your partner get to decide what’s best for yourselves and the relationship,” says Aparna, an Indian living in Palmetto Bay.

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4. Deeper sexual intimacy

Sex is one of the important things in marriages. In fact, for a lot of women, sexual intimacy can be one of the reasons to marry. It holds a special place in what marriage means to a woman. A friend of mine, who requested anonymity, says, “I felt a deeper sexual intimacy with my husband only after marriage. It’s not like we weren’t intimate while we were dating. While premarital sex had its charm, for me, sex after marriage was really special. It felt more meaningful and intimate. Definitely one of the biggest pros of marriage for me.”

5. Economic stability

There is a strong connection between money and marriage. One of the things that many women expect from marriage is a sense of financial security. Economic stability is one of the purposes of marriage for some women. Many married couples are often better off financially and can manage their money more effectively as a team. Nowadays, as more women are financially independent, they do seek partners with whom they can optimize their economic standing and work toward building the life of their dreams.

6. Commitment to each other

Commitment to stay together and always be there for each other is a common purpose of marriage today. Sustaining a marriage requires a high level of commitment from both partners, which, in turn, offers a sense of security, stability, and entitlement. If you’re committed to mutually supporting and nurturing each other, you can create a long-lasting relationship.

“My first marriage didn’t work out, even though my ex and I were very much in love when we decided to take the plunge. Yet, I had to sign the divorce papers and walk out with my two little girls. This experience didn’t waver my faith in the institution. I found love again and my forever partner in my husband, Jason, and it’s been a beautiful journey.”

“I made sure I wasn’t marrying for the wrong reasons this time, and marriage is what brings us together. For me, marriage is an ongoing process that requires effort and a strong will to stay together despite all odds. Any successful long-term relationship requires hard work from two people. Every single day. It needs dedication, love, commitment, loyalty, trust, and forgiveness at every step of the way,” says Sarah (56) from California.

Truly, commitment is key to a strong marriage. Having a faithful and loyal partner who promises to stand by you through thick and thin feels great.You promise to care for each other for life.

7. Love and oneness

Walking into marriage should be all about love, right? When two people decide to spend their lives together, it’s because they deeply care for each other. Practical and financial reasons to get married are all very well but love is the foundation – the glue that holds it all together. While becoming a wife, a woman seeks unconditional love and oneness. It goes beyond physical attraction, connecting on a spiritual and emotional level too.

In a marriage, oneness is key. It means accepting and loving your partner just the way they are, imperfections and all. You accept each other’s flaws and differences and help each other grow individually as well as a couple. You work, celebrate milestones, and face marriage problems that come your way as a united front. A marital bond allows you to share your deepest thoughts, emotions, and dreams with your partner, creating a life together as a team.

“What is a healthy marriage like? To me, it is about two people living together, spoiling each other, and sharing duties, responsibilities, and love equally. You trust each other and make your own rules instead of conforming to societal norms. That kind of marriage is a beautiful thing,” says Cassie (45) and we couldn’t agree more. You work toward your dreams and goals together, supporting and nurturing each other along the way. That is the importance of marriage for a woman.

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8. What marriage means to a woman – Having a family of her own

For some women, having a child can be a powerful motivator to take that step into marriage. It becomes one of the meaningful purposes of marriage for them. After all, parenting is an incredible journey filled with excitement. While we acknowledge that you can be an amazing mother without being married, raising a child in a marriage (if that’s what you want) can be a fulfilling journey that gives you a chance at building your own family.

9. Emotional security

Emotional safety in a marriage is a major drawcard that has kept this institution relevant even in this fast-changing world. Becoming a wife is incredibly satisfying when you know it means finding someone who’ll stand by you through the good and bad. Men and women, both, look for emotional safety, stability and support in a marriage. You need to be able to be yourself and share your feelings, dreams, and aspirations with the person you’ve decided to spend your life with. You should be able to feel vulnerable yet safe.

Ultimately, marriage is about the union of two souls. Partners need to connect on multiple levels – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. There should be deep emotional intimacy, a strong connection, and a profound sense of belonging for a marriage to thrive. Knowing that there’s someone to take care of you when you’re sick, listen to you when you’re upset, and provide comfort when you’re at your lowest is an incredible and fulfilling feeling for many women.

Key Pointers

  • A few important things in a marriage for women are love, understanding, and a strong emotional connection
  • Some women firmly believe that you can express your love and dedication to each other without the need to get married
  • According to some women, the positive reasons to get married can include – building a lifelong partnership, creating a loving and supportive family, and experiencing emotional safety

At the end of the day, marriage is a personal choice. Every woman should have the freedom to make that decision for herself. It is undoubtedly a big step in the life of a woman, and she should take it only when she feels ready. And you know what? If she never wants to get married, that’s okay too. There’s no rule saying that women are born to get married. So let us respect and support women in whatever choices they make, without any judgment.

This article has been updated in June 2023.


1. What does it mean for a woman to be married?

Marriage is a major milestone in the life of a woman, where she wants to build a life with someone she deeply loves. It brings about new responsibilities and expectations, leading to a shift in her priorities. What she desires most is a partner she can wholeheartedly trust and rely on, someone who reciprocates that trust and treats her with respect. For her, marriage represents the biggest form of commitment, where she can build a future filled with love, support, and dedication from her spouse.

2. What does a woman want in a marriage?

A woman wants her partner to be supportive, accepting, reliable, and trustworthy. She wants a safe and comfortable space where she can freely express her fears, aspirations, and emotions. Finding a partner who can be her best friend and confidant is really important to her. In some cases, there may be financial reasons to get married. A woman also seeks emotional intimacy and a sense of security in marriage, knowing that she can fully open up and be vulnerable to her partner without any judgment.

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