Ekshika Parnami

I wrote my first poem in fifth grade and haven’t stopped since then. As it has been famously said, “I don’t write poetry, poetry writes me.” Writing has not been a luxury for me, it has been a need that keeps me sane. Pouring my emotions out on paper comes as naturally to me as breathing. A degree in Journalism from Christ was just the cherry on top. Writing long essays as a part of UPSC preparation or term papers as a JNU student never felt like a burden to me and it was in fact therapeutic to type 2000 words in one go. Interning as a reporter with Indian Express taught me how asking the right questions can lead to crisp and engaging pieces. Emotionally, I have keenly observed and experienced inconsistencies in relationships, in my own life and around me while growing up. I have hopped from relationship to relationship, be it long distance or unrequited, toxic or abusive, live in or casual. To heal from the pain and heartache of those and the rough marriage of my parents, I would post long pieces on Instagram, which were basically a vent and also the start of my journey towards self-love. Some people started relating to my writing and would tell me, “You should get paid for this!” So, here I am. I found my medium to get those overwhelming feelings and lessons learnt, out of my system.

drifting apart in a relationship

10 Things To Do When You Are Drifting Apart In Your Relationship

If you’re one of the couples growing apart, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Make each other your priority. Even if that means cooking together on a Friday night. Let them know they are your top priority. You don’t need to be the same person as your SO. But you can work hard and look for new things that you both enjoy. You have two options, grow together or grow apart.

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