20 Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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make your girlfriend happy

“Be with someone who makes you happy. Someone who makes you laugh and smile a lot.”

If your girlfriend is the perfect one for you, don’t let her slip away. Treasure her by making your girlfriend happy and giving her the love and affection she deserves. She is someone special and she needs to feel it too. So, how to make your girlfriend happy? How to make your girlfriend feel special? Making your girlfriend happy doesn’t always have to make a hole in your pocket. If she’s really in love with you, even your small gestures will mean the world to her and she will be happy with you.

20 Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

You want to make your girlfriend happy but don’t know from where to start. You feel like decoding the female brain is one of the toughest things to do. You know how happy she keeps you and want to do the same for her. You love her but can’t figure how much she means to you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 20 ways you can make your girlfriend happy.
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1. Tell her you love her

Easiest way to make your girlfriend happy and elated! Always tell her that you love her and how lucky you feel to have her in your life. Show her how much her presence means to you. Look into her eyes and tell her passionately that you love her. Telling her how much you love her will make her feel appreciated and special.

Tell you love her

Tell her you love her often Image source

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2. Leave cute notes

Leaving cute notes around for her may seem high school but girls love it when their guy writes something cute for them. You can leave small sticky notes on her phone or at the desk for her saying, “thank you for being in my life” or “you make me happy”. Such notes will make her heart melt and she will have a big smile on her face. Even without being around her, you would actually make your girlfriend happy and she will miss you instantly.

3. Make your girlfriend happy by giving her flowers

Women love flowers, they are one of the secrets to their heart. Flowers aren’t meant to be given only on special occasions you can give them any time to make someone feel loved. Drop by her office with abouquet of flowers. Such gestures will make her blush and she will feel special.

Give her flowers

Make her smile by giving her flowersImage source

4. Send her cute texts

So, how to make your girlfriend happy over text? You can send her sweet one liners or tell her about how much you are looking forward to meet her. Tell her how much you miss her. Cute messages like these will instantly bring a smile on her face.

5. Pamper her

No matter how disciplined your girlfriend might be, all women love being pampered. They will not let out how much they long for someone to pamper them, but it’s one of their secret wishes. Pamper her as much as you can. Get her, her favourite food, give her massages when her body aches and smother her with kisses. To make your girlfriend happy, pamper her with spa sessions and other gifts like jewelry every once in a while.

Pamper her

Make her happy by pampering herImage source

6. Make her laugh

In an interview when Blake Lively was asked how she feels about her husband, her reply was “he makes me laugh, he makes everything fun around”. One of the qualities of being an ideal boyfriend is to know how to make your girlfriend laugh. If you are able to constantly make her laugh, you will see her happier in the relationship.

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7. Thank her

She is someone really special who makes you happy. Appreciate her for the effort she puts into the relationship and thank her for the little things she does for you. A small thank you from you will make her day. Women feel special when their guy notices their efforts and appreciates them.

8. Build relations with the important people in her life

Everyone has important people in their life who are their backbone. Her family, her close friends are those people who mean a lot to her. Make efforts to get to know the people that are important to her and build relations with them. She will love it.

9. Respect her

Women look up to a man who knows how to treat their woman. Treat her with respect and respect her views and opinions. Include her in your important decisions. Such gestures make a girlfriend happy and they feel that they’ve chosen the right person.

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10. Call her often

So, how to make a girlfriend happy on phone? Calling her often and checking on her makes her feel that you care for her. Another trick is give a short call just to say that you love her and miss her. Girlfriends love these small gestures and it makes them happy.

call her often

Make her happy by calling her unexpectedlyImage source

11. Smother her with kisses

When you meet her, smother her with continuous kisses. She will be a bit shocked to see you kissing her all of a sudden but you’ll also be able to see that smile on her face because of those kisses. Make sure she doesn’t mind being kissed and your relationship is at a comfortable place that way.

12. Give her hugs

Girlfriends love hugging their boyfriends. They find it their safe place. And hugs are comforting, aren’t they? Keep hugging her and pampering her. She will feel like a kid being pampered so much by her boyfriend. Show her that you can’t keep your hands off her because you are so in love with her. Such things make a girlfriend happy.

13. Cook for her

Almost every woman fantasizes of her boyfriend cooking for her. Girlfriends love it when their boyfriend cooks for them. No matter how bad a cook you are, it will make your girlfriend happy because of the effort you put in to cook for her.

Cook food for her

Girls love men who cook foodImage source

14. Hold her hand in public

Hold her hand in public, especially in front of your friends. It will make her feel that you are proud to have her and are not afraid to show it in front of your friends. She will feel more secure.

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15. Compliment her

Women love compliments, especially from their boyfriends. Keep complimenting her about the things you like about her, it could be how she looks, how soft her skin is or even her personality. She will like it that you notice these things about her.

16. Make compromises for her

Imagine you want to watch an action movie on TV and she wants to watch her favourite chick flick. You hate chick flicks but can’t get over those puppy eyes of hers. Give in to those puppy eyes and give in to the chick flick. Make these small compromises for her and she will realize that her choices matter to you.

17. Pay attention to her

If you both are attending a friend’s party, don’t leave her alone to hang out with your other friends, especially if she doesn’t know anyone else there. Stay by her side and make sure she feels comfortable. Pay attention to her needs so that she doesn’t feel lonely or distraught.

18. Get to know more about her

There are so many things that you still do not know about her. Show your interest in things like her childhood, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, etc. Getting to know more about her will bring her closer to you and she will open up to you more and confide in you. Seeing that you are taking interest in her life, her likes and dislikes, your girlfriend will become genuinely happy.

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19. Show her you are loyal

Show your loyalty

Show her you are loyal Image source

You might be a social and outgoing person with many lady friends. She might even feel a bit insecure at first because she doesn’t know these people. Show her that she is the only one that matters to you by showing that she is the only one you want to be with. Your girlfriend will feel happy and secure knowing that she is with someone who is loyal.

20. Be true to her

The key to a happy and healthy relationship is to be true to your partner from the start. Avoid lying to her because such things eventually come out, creating a rift in your relationship. No matter how bad something is, just tell her. She will understand. It will make a girlfriend happy knowing that her boyfriend is true to her.

Every girl deserves a man that can keep her happy, fulfilled and feel loved. Someone she can be herself with, knowing that her boyfriend will love all parts of her, even the weird and dark ones. Be that guy for her and there will always be a smile on her face because she knows that you’ll be there to make her day. Now that you know how to make a girlfriend happy, what are you waiting for? Get to work and make your girlfriend feel the luckiest and happiest person in the world.




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