16 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

happy woman with her husband. There are romantic things that you can tell your husband to make him feel loved

Do not underestimate the power of words, because these can have a lasting impact on the mind of any person. Romance does not fade with marriage, but we choose not to express it. Saying romantic things to your husband will keep the spark alive in your marriage, making you both happy and content. Being hopelessly romantic does have its charm. There are wonderful romantic things to say to your husband to make him feel awesome. Just find those sweet things to say to your husband and make him feel wanted like anything.

How to express your love to husbands in words

When you interact with your husband, you must use lovable words to express your innermost feelings. You should say things to your husband to make him smile. In this way, you can make sure that your relationship with him remains bright and prosperous at all times. You just have to learn the art of what to say and that too at the right time. Thus, let this article be your helpful guide to the romantic things to say to your husband. But also remember saying appreciative things and expressing your gratitude can count as the most romantic things you can say to your husband.

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16 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

After marriage, if you ever get the feeling that the romance that you share with your husband is decreasing, then you must restore your relationship to the earlier levels of love and bonding. Romance often takes a backseat due to the other responsibilities that come onto play after marriage, leaving a couple with little or no time for each other. To bring the old school romance back into your life, you will need to take the charge and get romantic with your better half. The most effective way to do this is by saying romantic and sweet things to your husband to make him feel good about the relationship and himself as well. Here are 16 things you can say to express your love to your spouse. It’s important to say romantic things to your husband.

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1. ‘I truly appreciate the things you do for me’

Most marriages meet their end because the couples are not able to appreciate one another and they keep complaining that they are being taken for granted by their partners. To avoid such a situation in your relationship, you should let your man know that you truly appreciate the things he does for you. This will inspire him to do more things for you with confidence. Tell him the sweet things you have always wanted to say and see how the romance bounces back to your life.

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2. ‘You bring out the best in me’

If you think your husband is the perfect man for you, then you must let him know that. Tell him that he brings out the best in you and helps you become a better person by always encouraging you. Guess this is the most romantic thing you can tell your husband and this is the sweetest thing that he would love to hear. Nothing like having your wife tell you you are responsible for her best. Oh so romantic!!

Your spouse will obviously be elated to know that he has had a major role to play in your growth.

3. ‘Marrying you was the best decision of my life’

There might be times when your man feels as if he is letting you down and is not able to fulfil your desires appropriately. In those times, you should take the responsibility of letting him know the importance he has in your life by telling him that marrying him has been the best decision of your life. Reassuring him that you sincerely love him will go a long way in making your relationship with him stronger. This is the sweetest thing you can tell your husband.

4. ‘I love the way you carry yourself’

From being well-groomed to being well dressed, if there is anything about your husband that impresses you and makes him irresistible to you, then you must let him know. Until and unless you tell him that he looks good in some particular outfit or smells good, he will not be able to be confident. Supporting him and complimenting him should be a crucial part of your interaction. This is the most romantic thing you can do for your husband. He would feel super happy confident and can take you out for shopping where he picks up clothes for him and he for you. How romantic!

romantic things to say to your husband to make him feel loved

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5. ‘Would you like to go out on a date with me?’

That you are married does not mean that you both stop dating each other and forget about the fun times you had in the past. You should make it a point to keep the fires burning by asking your husband out on a date, and we are sure that he will not be able to resist the offer. Choose a romantic restaurant and have a wonderful date.

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6. ‘My friends/colleagues find you hot as well as adorable’

These words are going to be received by your man with a big huge smile on his face, because it will boost his ego to know that other people, especially girls, still find him attractive. He would find it the sweetest thing that he could hear from his wife.

Thus, you can conveniently stroke your husband’s ego by sharing with him what others genuinely think about him.

7. ‘You know the ideal way to make me smile’

Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a husband who knows a lot of funny things and can make you smile brightly. You have to let your husband know about it so that he can keep thinking of ways and mechanisms to make you laugh more and more. A sense of humour goes a long way in making your relationship romantic.

8. ‘I always look forward to meeting you’

This is the most romantic things to say to your husband. By saying this to your man, you are clearly trying to tell him that you miss him when he is not around and you are always eager to meet him after a hectic day at the office or some other commitment. This particular statement also shows that you cannot imagine spending your life without him and that your days end and start with him. This is the most romantic thing to tell your husband.

9. ‘You make me feel protected at all times’

When your husband is around and you feel safe in his presence, then you must tell him that exactly. It is just your way of showing that you feel protected and there is nothing that can go wrong if you have him by your side.

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10. ‘When you touch me, I feel like you cherish me’

Does your husband’s touch feel special to you? Whenever he touches you, does it make your heart race? If your answer to these questions is yes, then do let him know, to encourage him to be lovable and intimate with you as and when possible. The romantic things you say to him also makes him want you more in bed and that helps to maintain the intimacy in the relationship.

11. ‘As well as a good husband, you are a good son and a dad’

After marriage, your man has to take up a lot of responsibilities to make sure that he can fulfil not only your needs but also the needs of the kids and his family members. If he is doing a great job in tackling these responsibilities, then do not forget to compliment him on that.

12. ‘I cannot forget the fun we had last night’

If the physical intimacy between the two of you is amazing and you both can express your sexual desires appropriately, then it is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Plus, you must tell your husband that you really had fun last night and you look forward to other such encounters in the future.

romantic things to say to your husband to make him feel loved

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13. ‘You have grown as a person, which is why I adore you more’

Despite hardships and struggle in the relationship, if your man has been able to hold on and has transformed himself for the better, then do not let him go. Make sure that you drive home the point to him that his growth has impressed you and you adore him even more because of this. These are heart touching love messages for your husband.

14. ‘Spending time with you is something that I treasure’

You both must be having activities that you all do together, like exercising, pursuing things of common interest, etc. The moments you spend with him are memorable and you treasure them. So, you must let your husband know about the happiness you feel when you spend time with him. These are the things that would make him smile.

15. ‘I am ready to grow old with you’

This statement reveals your commitment to the relationship and reassures your husband that you are ready to spend your whole life with him. Growing old does not scare you, as long as you have him by your side.

16. ‘I wholeheartedly love you’

Not much explanation is required for this point. Saying you love him is the simplest way to express your feelings towards your husband. At least, keep repeating this statement to let him know that he is your soul mate and there is no other person who could have been your Mr Right.

We know it is not always easy to convey your feelings of love through words. However, if you follow these 16 romantic things to say to your husband, then we are sure that your marriage will be able to survive the test of time.


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