25 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

happy woman with her husband. There are romantic things that you can tell your husband to make him feel loved
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The things you say to someone can create a massive impact on that person and your relationship with them. Saying a simple “I trust you” can go a long way in improving your relationship and creating a lasting bond with your spouse. Words tend to stay with us and that’s what makes it so important to use them in the right way. Looking to use the power of words to brighten your marriage? Wondering how to express love to husband in words?

So the thing with marriages is that they often become dull and boring as time passes. The romance starts to fade eventually but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed. One can use some tools and tricks to bring the zing back to the relationship. A lot of times, we start taking the other partner for granted and do not express our love and care as we once used to when we were pursuing them. Romancing with words is a nice way to bring that softness back in your marriage and avoid going down the sad path of being in a boring relationship.

Think of this scenario to spice up your marriage again. You compliment your husband earnestly, he feels happy and says something nice to you back. You follow up with a soft touch or a gesture like cooking him his favorite meal. He, in turn, showers even more love on you because he feels loved and contented by what you have done for him. Et voila! These little steps are what bring a marriage back to life again. Seems simple, right?

Being a hopeless romantic never really loses its charm. So if you’ve come here searching for a way to make your husband feel appreciated, then you’ve done the right thing. Here are a few wonderful romantic things to say to your husband to make him feel appreciated and loved. When you say these to him, he will feel wanted and cherished and he will, in turn, make you feel like his queen!

How To Express Your Love To Husband In Words

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Bollywood and Hollywood sell you the dream of a ‘happily ever after‘ in relationships which is more of a myth than a reality. The truth is that most marriages turn loveless and sexless unless efforts are made to rekindle the spark. Think about it, your husband has probably done the wooing bit to get you to be into him but that was years ago.

Now it’s been seven years of marriage, there’s a baby on board and things are just not the same anymore. So how about you take up that role now? The way to become more romantic with your husband involves a bit of flirting, a small dollop of kindness, some attention, and a mix of shared activities. Take this cue and take the onus of getting that much-needed romance back into your married life.

How to express your love to your husband in words?
How to express your love to your husband in words? Compliment him and make him feel cherished

Take every opportunity to express how he makes you feel. There are many things to say to your husband to make him smile and remind him of all the love that used to be in your marriage. Normally it is the husband’s job to pamper a wife (or at least that’s what we all like to think).

But our husbands deserve a little loving too. So turn that equation around and see how easy it is for you to win him over with a little effort. Learn the art of saying what he wants to hear, and couple it with the right kind of tiny moves. Moves like snuggling with him, passing a quick wink when the kids are around, or simply developing a code word that says you love him in the most innocent words. How to express love to your husband in words? There are many, many more ways.

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Indirect things to say to your husband to make him smile

Colette, a reader from Kansas, had devised the line, “It is a little warmer today than normal” to let her husband know that she is thinking of him in a room full of extended family and children. The lovable words for her husband were always heard by the one they were intended for over Thanksgiving dinners and other celebrations. A little sneaky but oh so romantic!

Besides using similar code words, you could also consider gifting your husband a journal where you’ve documented all the things you love about him. Or maintaining a little personalized love book that you can read together from time to time to remind him of all the ways in which he makes your heart skip a beat.

Let this article guide you on how to use the right romantic words to flirt with your husband and make him think of you a little more than he does already!

25 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

After the responsibilities of marriage dawn upon a couple, the romance between them often takes a backseat. The thrill of the chase is over because the person has been won over, signed, sealed and delivered. And thus the focus moves onto other things such as kids, parents, running a home, making money, planning a budget, preparing for the future and it goes on. It’s like the couple has time for everything except each other.

Take the charge now and get romantic with your better half. Write a short love msg for husband, throw a surprise birthday party, buy him a spa treatment or go crazy in bed with him! But the most effective way to really get your point across is by saying romantic and sweet things to your husband to make him feel good about the relationship and himself as well.

Remember we all get irritated and annoyed with our spouses at some point or other but you must take care and not let what you say in anger ruin all the sweet nothings you have whispered and worked on through the day. How to express love to husband in words? Here are 25 things you can say to express your love to your spouse. It’s important to truly feel the romance in your bones even as you whisper these romantic things to your husband.

1. ‘I truly appreciate all the things you do for me’

Most marriages fall into a negative cycle of complaints. “You take me for granted.” “You do not care about me.” “I have to nag you for you to listen to me.” “You are on your phone 24/7.” These are some of the common lines you throw at your husband, don’t you? It’s because we forget to appreciate the little things they do but only seem to point out the ones that bother us.  Well, it’s time to change that cycle.

Appreciate what he does for you. If he puts his phone aside to give you his undivided attention, express your gratitude for it. When he gets you the groceries you asked for on his way home from work, let him know you appreciate it. If he sees your empty glass and offers to make you a drink, thank him. Extend him the same politeness and courtesies that you do to your friends and extended family.

And add a little bit of flirtatiousness when you do so, indulge in some romantic talk with hubby. Yes, it is easy to be romantic, even if you think otherwise. That brush of hands, that suggestive look, that sexy curve of lips, bring it all in. Top it up with an initiative to spice things up in the bedroom to really drive home the message that you appreciate your man.

Buying the sexy lingerie that he said would look good on you or ordering that scintillating red lipstick that makes him drool, ought to do the trick. This will place him in the upward romance cycle as well as he does even more things to gain your appreciation. Whisper a naughty thing here and there as icing on the cake!

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2. ‘You bring out the best in me’

If you think your husband is perfect for you, then you must express that. Let him know how he brings out the best in you. Rachel always felt that her husband complimented her personality for she was hot-headed but he always helped her calm down. She easily mistrusted people and her husband, Izak, always encouraged her to give people the benefit of the doubt. She sulked over small things while he always made her see the bigger picture.

If you feel similarly, then write this as a short love msg for your husband in the middle of the day and he will be floored by this compliment. It is extremely romantic to know that your partner thinks you are making a positive difference in their personality. Nothing like having your wife tell you you are responsible for her best. He’s never going to ask himself, ‘Does she love me?’ again. So cute!

Your husband will not only feel appreciated and loved but also proud of your relationship. Expressing your gratitude to your husband is simple, only if you truly feel what he does for you. Your spouse will obviously be elated to know that he has had a major role to play in your growth.

things to appreciate about my husband

3. ‘Marrying you was the best decision of my life’

There might be times when your man feels as if he is letting you down. You sense that he feels guilty for not being able to give you the life of your dreams or fulfill even your small desires. He may not be very vocal about this but learn to read the signs.

Is he trying to avoid eye contact, not talk about deeper things? Spends less quality time with you? Well, then, the onus falls on you to make things better. How to express love to husband in words? You should use this opportunity to make him feel good about what the two of you share. Figure out how to express your feelings to your husband in words and actions.

Tell him that marrying him was one of the best decisions of your life. Reassuring him that you sincerely love him will go a long way in making your relationship with him stronger. This is the sweetest thing you can tell your husband. Tell him you will pick love over anything else, anytime!

4. ‘I love the way you carry yourself’

This is undoubtedly one of the best things to say to your husband to make him smile and feel like he is attractive. From being well-groomed to being well-read, if there is anything about your husband that impresses you and makes him irresistible then you must let him know the same.

Compliment him on the perfume he picked to the colors that look good on him. Touch his biceps and tell him how strong they are or tell him about that one time you were really proud of something he did at work. You will see his confidence rising. To make things super cheesy, consider writing a note like this: “To my loving husband, you floor me with all that confidence and how you keep your head held high. You are truly an irresistible man and I can’t wait to see you tonight!”

Ask for his help while shopping, tell him you need his help to pick out clothes for yourself. If you’re browsing clothes online on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ask him to weigh in on the options you’ve shortlisted because you love his sense of style. Appreciating his sense of style and choice is a sure winner, your husband will fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

5. ‘Would you like to go out on a date with me?’

Being married does not mean that you both have to stop dating each other and forget about the fun times you had in the past. You should make it a point to keep the fire burning by asking your husband out on a date, and we are sure that he will not be able to resist the offer. Choose a romantic restaurant and have a wonderful night.

Remember to wear his special perfume on that date night! And we can say this, your efforts will be noticed by your husband. He will appreciate the fact that you are trying to reignite the spark and spend some quality couple time with him. There is no doubt your efforts will make your husband fall in love with you again.

6. ‘My friends/colleagues find you hot as well as adorable’

Men loved being complimented by other women or acquaintances. So tell him the specific compliments which they paid him in his absence. “They said you go the extra mile to make them comfortable when at our home.” “They find you very handsome.” “They think you are very informed about what is happening in the world.” These are some things to say to your husband to make him smile.

Remember to pass him the compliments he receives, since we often just ignore them. It will boost his self-confidence and he will, in turn, take care to be even better. He would find these super sweet, especially coming from his wife. Thus, you can conveniently stroke your husband’s ego by sharing with him all the positive things others genuinely think about him.

short love msg for husband

7. How to express love to husband in words? ‘You know the ideal way to make me smile’

Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a husband who is witty and can make you laugh. Perhaps he can laugh at his own silliness and mistakes thus lightening the atmosphere? Maybe your husband has been your best friend and knows how to light you up. As you read this, you already know how lucky you are.

Aimee Porter, a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom said, “There are so many things to appreciate about my husband. But what I love most is how he can brighten up even the dullest days for me. He could have had the longest day at work but he still comes home, cracks a silly joke, and puts a smile on my face.”

If you’re feeling grateful like Aimee, then go ahead and let your husband know how thankful you are for the same. Let him know how cool he is to be so charming and funny. Let him know how happy you are to have a husband like him in your life. And please know it is not easy to find a man who can make you smile and laugh. A healthy sense of humor is the hardest to find and goes a long way in making your relationship romantic.

8. ‘I always look forward to meeting you’

How to tell your husband that you love him? Tell him how badly you miss him when he is not there. And how you look forward to him coming back to you. This is the most romantic thing to say to your husband and is one of the perfect ways of expressing love to husband in words. By saying this to your man, you are clearly trying to tell him that you miss him when he is not around and you are always eager to meet him after a hectic day at the office or some other commitment.

This particular statement also shows that you cannot imagine spending your life without him and that your days end and start with him. This is the most romantic thing to tell your husband which will make him so happy

9. ‘You make me feel protected at all times’ – A caring message for husband

Men have this genetic need to be the providers and protectors to those around them. They feel empowered when they can do so and if and when you feel safe in his presence, you must make it a point to express that to him. If your husband provides you with a comfortable environment, shares your chores, listens to you, takes good care of the kids when you are out, let him know that you appreciate the same.

If he is there for you no matter what, he will be happy to hear that from you. It is your way of asserting his importance in your life and it will always work. Let’s say, you’ve been out and about the whole day while he stayed at home and finished the chores for you. Use this example of a caring message for husband to let him know that you care and appreciate all the work that he does.

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10. ‘When you touch me, I feel like you cherish me’

Does your husband’s touch feel special to you? Whenever he touches you, does it make your heart race? If your answer to these questions is yes, then instead of nodding while reading this post, go and tell him this! These romantic things which you say to him also make him want you more in bed which will end in a nice time in the bedroom.

If you two haven’t had good sex lately or any sex at all, then try this one. Write him this message when he’s at work or out. “To my loving husband. When you touch me, I feel like you cherish me. Let’s have some fun tonight when you get home.”

things to say to your husband to make him smile

11. ‘Not just a good husband, you are a good son and a dad’

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband? Well, show him how much you appreciate him in his other roles as well. Did he take his parents to the doctors? Or does he help the kids with their homework? Did he fix the dryer that broke down? Is he taking care of the insurance for the entire family?

Aren’t you proud of your husband for doing all his duties with love? Every man wants to be a good son, a great father and a better husband. By telling him that he is doing it all perfectly, you will make him feel accomplished and happy. Say something like “I am so proud of my husband for everything that he does. Not just a good husband, you are also a good son and a great dad. We all love you.”

Let him know that you appreciate all the extra work he takes up and his commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities is one of the reasons you are so much in love with him. Tell him that he is a complete man. Do not forget to compliment him on his roles.

to my loving husband

12. ‘I cannot forget the fun we had last night’

If your husband is not affectionate or romantic, you can simply take on this responsibility and eventually, he might follow. If the physical intimacy between the two of you is amazing and you both can express your sexual desires appropriately, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. It indicates that you are still into each other, and intimacy is a huge thing that makes a marriage a success.

Make sure you tell him that he is mindful of your pleasures and that makes you feel even more loved. Nothing comes closer to a man’s heart than knowing his woman is happy with the intimacy they share. Plus, telling your husband that you really had fun the previous night and you look forward to more such encounters in the future is a huge turn-on for him.

13. ‘You have grown as a person, which is why I adore you more’

Workplace challenges, the inevitable rat race, struggling to make ends meet are some of the issues most modern households go through. There is more stress on a couple today than ever before. How to express love to husband in words to show him that you see his efforts? Acknowledge how he has dealt with the rising pressure and come out an achiever.

Has he taken up any course to better his skills? Is he taking charge of his health? Make sure you notice the little things he does and make it a point to acknowledge them. Acknowledging his efforts can be one of the most heart-touching love messages for your husband.

You have been married to this man, and perhaps it is your anniversary and you can see how far you have come. Pen a heartfelt note on your anniversary on how you appreciate all that he has done for you and the family over the years. Write something like “One of the things I appreciate the most about you is your resoluteness in the face of challenges. You have grown so much as a person and it makes me love you even more.”

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14. ‘Spending time with you is something that I treasure’

There must be activities that you two do together, like exercising, cooking, vacationing, shopping, etc. Let him know how fun things are when the two of you do them together. I knew a couple who made wine together and then drank it all night no matter how awful it tasted. Isn’t that goals right there?

You can even binge-watch your favorite shows together and then discuss them. Discuss the characters and their actions and let him know how invigorating it makes you feel. As small as it may be, do these little things to bring that spark back into your marriage. And then let him know how much you enjoyed spending that time with him.

caring message for husband

15. ‘I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you’

This statement reveals your commitment to the relationship and reassures your husband that you are ready to spend your whole life with him. Growing old does not scare you, as long as you have him by your side. The only partner you need to survive every day, let your husband know how excited you are to see his face every morning for the rest of your life.

16. Things to say to your husband to make him smile – ‘I love you with all my heart’

Tell him that he is your mirror and you love what your mirror reflects. Saying you love him in different words is the simplest way to express your feelings toward your husband. You can even keep these cute post-it notes in his office bag to surprise him. At least, keep repeating this statement to let him know that he is your soulmate and there is no other person who could have been your Mr. Right.

17. ‘You are the cure to all my worries’

Perhaps your boss and you had an altercation or your mom kept nagging you over the phone about something. Whatever it might be, the moment you come home to your dear husband, all your worries seem to dissipate into thin air as you crawl into his arms. If this is not a perfect and loving marriage, we don’t know what is.

If lately, you haven’t been able to express your love for him in this way, that’s okay. Life gets to most of us. But it does not mean that you should not try again. Go and snuggle up with him one night, look into his eyes and tell him this. He will undoubtedly fall deeply in love with you all over again.

18. ‘There’s a fire in you and I just love it’

“If someone asked me what I appreciate about my husband the most, your zest for life would top the list. There’s a fire in you and I just love it” could be a great way to empower your husband before his workday starts. By kissing him on the forehead and telling him this, you’re making sure that he has the best day ever.

This is basically an adulation for how passionate he is in all that he does. From dating an artist in college to now being married to an investment banker in his 30s, your husband has always excelled at things he loved and was passionate about. You have always seen his growth and been a part of it. This is what lights a fire in him and that’s how he keeps himself going. When he feels recognized for the same, he will feel even more motivated to perform better.

19. ‘It is a privilege for me to grow old with you’

Chloe Raatz, a social worker told us, “I love my husband with all my heart, and once I told him how it was a privilege for me to grow old with him. He was so happy to hear it that he pulled me into a romantic hug and it truly reminded us that we are the most important thing for each other. Spending the rest of our lives together is something that we have to do and I’m so lucky that I get to do it with Joe.”

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband? Well, to tell him that you feel like the world’s luckiest woman to share a life with him!

expressing love to husband in words

20. ‘To my loving husband, you are the best man I have ever known’

From his cooking skills to his diaper changing skills to how well he cleans up and dazzles you after it all, your husband is a total catch. Any woman would be lucky to have him and you are possibly the luckiest of all. Write this one as a caring message for husband or say it to him before bedtime.

I am sure that he’s going to be so happy when he hears these words out of your mouth. Show him that you see how successful he is as a man and that he makes the world a better place.

21. ‘You will always be my best friend first’

Dani Omarrah, a cosmetologist based in New Jersey told us about how she thinks of her husband as her best friend. She said, “I love my husband but more than that, I love my best friend. He is the one I can always talk to, the one who always wipes my tears, and also the one I can have the most fun with. Romance aside, I cherish our friendship much more as I do not feel that close to anybody else.”

If you feel the same way, then these love words are your go-to. How to express love to husband in words? Just openly tell him how much he means to you. Every great relationship or marriage is based on a solid foundation of friendship and companionship. What a beautiful way to make a grown man blush.

i love my husband with all my heart

22. ‘There is so much love in your eyes’

Just because your marriage has been on the rocks for a bit does not mean that you two don’t love each other. Yes, you’ve had a lot of fights, slept in different rooms even or perhaps even gone days without talking to each other properly. All those things happen when you start growing weary of a marriage but it does not have to mean that the love is lost.

If you still ardently believe that your husband loves and cares for you, then tell him this. Not only will it make him happy but it will also placate any heated argument that you just had. Expressing love to husband in words after a fight takes a lot of courage but it is important to do it.

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23. ‘Your heart is a gold mine and I am lucky to have it’ – short love msg for husband

Taking a stroll down Cheesy town again, if you’re feeling a little extra sappy, then this short love msg for husband is the one you should send him. Maybe you two have been apart for a while because of his work trip or you just haven’t gotten to see him enough because of your busy lives. Maybe you two are in a long-distance marriage, which is why it becomes all the more important for you to start expressing love to husband in words.

proud of my husband

24. ‘Life with you is paradise’

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband to show him how grateful you are for him in your life? “Life with you is paradise and every day feels like magic when you are around!” To fill him up with warmth and make him feel all mushy on the inside, this one is going to do the trick, no doubt about it.

Paradise isn’t just when you’re on vacation with your hubby or spending a lazy evening at home. It’s all the types of kisses in the middle of the day, him bringing you a bowl of soup when you’re sick, folding the laundry with him or playing with the kids together.

25. ‘I am proud of my husband for all that he does’

Saying a small “I am proud of my husband” to him will go a long way in repairing your relationship. Lately, he has probably been feeling undervalued or unloved owing to all your arguments and grudges against one another. Saying this is like offering an olive branch to him. So go ahead and tell him how proud you are of him.

We know it is not always easy to convey your feelings of love through words. However, if you follow these 25 romantic things to say to your husband, then we are sure that your marriage will be beautiful, full of romance, and as happy as you want it to be!

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