40 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

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Updated On: February 9, 2024
Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

Romantic things to say to your husband can have a massive impact on him and your marriage. Yes, saying something as simple as “I trust you” can go a long way in improving your relationship. Words tend to stay with us and that’s what makes it so important to use them in the right way. Looking to use the power of words to brighten your marriage? Wondering how to make him feel loved?

Use your words to articulate the little things you value, cherish, and respect your man for. This is vital because there is a very real possibility of a marriage becoming dull and born over time. The romance starts to fade eventually and we, often, start taking our SO for granted. Romantic words are the perfect antidote to the sense of monotony and a nice way to bring softness back into your marriage.

Being romantic never really loses its charm. So if you’re searching for a way to make your husband feel loved, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into this comprehensive guide on the nice things to say to your husband. When you say these to him, he will feel wanted and cherished and he will, in turn, make you feel like his queen!

Words Of Admiration For A Husband

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After the responsibilities of marriage dawn upon a couple, the romance between them often takes a backseat. The thrill of the chase is over and the focus shifts to other things such as kids, running a home, making money, planning a budget, preparing for the future and it goes on. It’s like the couple has time for everything except each other. That’s how monotony and boredom in marriage take hold.

Except, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can take charge and revive your romantic connection with your better half. Write a short love message for husband, throw a surprise birthday party, buy him a spa treatment, or go crazy in bed with him — there is no dearth of things you can try to make your spouse feel loved. However, one of the simplest yet most effective ways to get your point across is by using words to describe love for him. Here are a few words of admiration for a husband you can draw inspiration from:

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1. I truly appreciate all the things you do for me

Appreciate what he does for you. If he puts his phone aside to give you his undivided attention, express your gratitude for it. When he gets groceries on his way home from work, let him know you appreciate it. If he sees your empty glass and offers to make you a drink, thank him. Extend him the same politeness and courtesies that you do to your friends and family.

2. You bring out the best in me

If this sentiment resonates with you, then it makes for the perfect short love msg for your husband. Send it in the middle of a work day, when he least expects it, and he will be floored by this compliment. Nothing like having your wife tell you you bring out the best in her. He’s never going to ask himself, “Does she love me?” again.

3. My husband, my everything, you are the best husband ever

Do you wish for deeper emotional intimacy in your marriage? Do you want to spend more quality time with your husband? Do you long for eye contact and deeper conversations? Well, don’t just sit around waiting for these things to happen. Take the onus to build the relationship you want. This journey can begin with learning how to express love to husband in words. This simple statement is a great example of how words can bring you two closer.

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4. I love the way you carry yourself

Compliment him on the perfume he wears or the colors that look good on him. Touch his biceps and tell him how strong he is or just say, “I’m proud of my husband”. You will see his confidence rising. To make things super cheesy, consider writing a note like this: “To my loving husband, you floor me with all that confidence and how you keep your head held high. You are truly a great husband and I can’t wait to see you tonight!”

5. Happy Husband’s Day, let’s go out on a date

Being married does not mean that you both have to stop dating each other and stop sharing the fun times that brought you close enough to want to share a life together. You should make it a point to keep the fire burning by asking your husband out on a date, and we are sure that he will not be able to resist the offer. Choose a romantic restaurant and have a wonderful night.

things to appreciate about my husband

6. I love showing off my handsome husband

Men love compliments just as much as women. So don’t hold back from paying him compliments about the things you really appreciate about him. For instance, if your heart still skips a beat at the sight of the man you married and you can’t help but blush when people tell you what a catch he is, the one of the things to say to your husband to make him smile is that you love showing him off to the world.

7. I love the way you make me smile

Aimee Porter, a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom, said, “There are so many things to appreciate about my husband. But I love the way he makes me feel on the dullest days. He could have had the longest day at work but he still comes home, cracks a silly joke, and puts a smile on my face.” If you’re feeling grateful like Aimee, then go ahead and let him he’s a wonderful man.

8. I can’t wait to hug you and just melt in your arms

Tell him how badly you miss him when he is not there. And how you look forward to him coming back to you. This is one of the most romantic words for him. By saying this to your man, you are conveying how eager you are to meet him after a hectic day.

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9. Thank you for taking care of me

Men have this genetic need to be the providers/protectors. They feel empowered when they can do so and if and when you feel safe in his presence, you must make it a point to express that to him. You can write, “My hard-working husband, I cannot imagine what my life would be without the safety net you offer. I’ve reserved all my love for you and only you. Never stop with your sweet ways. I love you.” The perfect way to trigger his hero instinct.

10. I love you, my sexy husband

If you want to keep enjoying good sex with your husband or take your chemistry to the next level, it’s very important to keep flirting with your man. Send him this message when he’s at work, “I have been craving your loving touch because it makes me feel beautiful. And that’s why I love my hot husband! I’ll be going to bed early in your favorite lingerie. See you.”

Love Quotes For Husbands from Films/Books

Looking for good husband poems for him? Or sentimental love quotes for husband? Don’t worry, you don’t need to write one from scratch. If articulating long messages for husband is not your strongest suit, we’ve got your back. You can tell your husband you love him through borrowed words. Here are some quotes for husband from books and movies:

11. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband? Well, if he knows how to be a good dad, appreciate him for it. If you’re looking for words to describe a husband and father, just write, “To my hard-working husband, we all love you”.

12. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her

i love my husband with all my heart

If your husband is not affectionate or romantic, you can take on the responsibility of stirring romance into your equation, and eventually, he might follow your lead. And what better way to get started than with this iconic line from Notting Hill.

13. From the first moment, I’ve been proud of you

Workplace challenges, the inevitable rat race, and struggling to strike the life-work balance are some of the issues most modern households go through. There is more stress on a couple today than ever before. That’s exactly why you need quotes for husband to make him feel special. Acknowledge how he has dealt with the pressures and emerged stronger.

14. I would not wish any companion in the world but you

Take a stroll down Cheesy Town. If you’re feeling a little extra sappy, you should use William Shakespeare quotes for husband to make him feel special. This can be especially effective if you two have been apart for a while because one of you is away on a work trip or two are in a long-distance marriage.

15. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on

This Pride and Prejudice dialogue reveals your commitment to the relationship. Growing old does not scare you, as long as you have him by your side. He is the only partner you need to survive every day. Let your husband know how excited you are to see his face every morning for the rest of your life.

16. You are my compass star

This Diana Peterfreund quote is one of the most romantic things to say to your husband. You can also use it as a cute note for him stealthly slid into his lunch box. This statement lets him know that he is your soulmate and there is no other person who could have been your Mr. Right.

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17. I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever

Perhaps your boss and you had an altercation or your mom kept nagging you over the phone about something. Whatever it might be, the moment you come home to your dear husband, all your worries seem to dissipate into thin air as you crawl into his arms. If this is not a perfect and loving marriage, we don’t know what is. And that’s what the movie The Vow was all about.

18. You must simply marry the man who feels like your dearest friend

Looking for deep love messages for husband? If these sweet words from Bridgerton resonate with you, these could be a perfect expression of how much he means to you. Every great relationship or marriage is based on a solid foundation of friendship and companionship. What a beautiful way to make a grown man blush.

19. I want all of you, forever, everyday

Chloe Raatz, a social worker told us, “I love my husband with all my heart, and once I told him how it was a privilege for me to grow old with him. He was so happy to hear it that he pulled me into a romantic hug.” What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband? Well, tell him you are the world’s luckiest woman to share a life with him (but in the words of The Notebook)!

20. I don’t deserve you

Yes, these are sweet words from Sleepless in Seattle. If you feel that your husband is a total catch and any woman would be lucky to have him and you are possibly the luckiest of all, write this caring message for husband or say it to him before bedtime.

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Love Notes To Husband From Wife (Song Lyrics)

Paradise isn’t just about traveling or watching your favorite movie at home. It’s all the types of kisses in the middle of the day or when you fall asleep on his shoulder. It’s the little things that make him the sweetest guy in the world, right? So, here are song lyrics aka cute texts to send your husband to let him know just that:

21. Just know that I would die for you

Yes, it is easy to be romantic, even if you think otherwise. That brush of hands, that suggestive look, that sexy curve of lips, bring it all in. Top it up with some lyrics to drive home the message that your man is the best there could be. If I could choose only one artist to give a shout-out to my husband, it would surely be the Weeknd.

22. You are the reason

These Calum Scott lyrics will not only make your husband feel loved but also proud of your relationship. Expressing your gratitude to your husband is simple if you truly appreciate what he does for you. Your man will be elated to know how much you value him.

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23. It’s you, always you

In Ali Gatie’s voice, tell him that marrying him was one of the best decisions of your life. Reassuring him that you sincerely love him will go a long way in making your relationship stronger. This is also one of the cute things to comment on his social media post. Tell him you will pick love over anything else, anytime!

24. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

Letting your man know what about him makes your heart skip a beat is one of the best things to say to your husband to make him smile. From being well-groomed to being well-read, if there is anything about your husband that impresses you and makes him irresistible then you must let him know.

25. I can’t help falling in love with you

If lately, you haven’t been able to express your love for him in this way, that’s okay. Life gets to most of us. But it does not mean that you should not try again. Go and snuggle up with him one night, look into his eyes, and tell him this. He will undoubtedly fall deeply in love with you all over again.

sweetest thing to say to your husband

26. I need you right now

Ask for his help while shopping, tell him you need his help to pick out clothes for yourself. If you’re browsing clothes online on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ask him to weigh in on the options you’ve shortlisted because you love his sense of style. By making him feel that his opinion matters, you can make your husband fall in love with you again.

27. Wasting time with you is not a waste of time 

Use this line to set the tone for a romantic date night. Remember to wear the perfume he loves on you, and we can assure you, your efforts will be noticed by your husband and how. He will appreciate that you are trying to reignite the spark and spend some quality time with him.

28. Who would have thought I’d get you?

Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a husband who is witty and can make you laugh. Perhaps he can laugh at his silliness and mistakes thus lightening the atmosphere. Maybe your husband has been your best friend and knows how to light you up. As you read this, you already know how lucky you are. Time to show him how lucky he is!

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29. I’ve been thinking ’bout you

These Frank Ocean lyrics show that you cannot imagine spending your life without him and that your days end and start with him. This is one of the most romantic texts for husband.

30. Missin’ you crazy

If he is there for you no matter what, he will be happy to hear how much his presence means to you. It is your way of asserting his importance in your life. Let’s say, you’ve been out and about the whole day while he stayed at home and finished the chores for you. Use this example of a caring message for husband to let him know that you care and appreciate all that he does for you.

Funny Romantic Texts For Husband

You don’t always have to shower him with sweet messages. After all, cheesy romantic sayings about loving your husband don’t work on every guy. Sometimes, all you need is funny flirty things to say to your husband:

31. Lunch was fun! Love sitting across from you. When are we doing it again?

Nothing makes a man’s heart flutter than knowing his woman is happy with the intimacy they share. Plus, telling your husband that you really had fun and you look forward to more such encounters can be a huge turn-on for him.

32. On a scale of America to 10, how free are you tonight?

Looking for romantic things to write in a card for him? Bring out that witty personality of yours! This will reveal your political awareness and make him laugh.

33. Netflix? Chill? Both?

If you can’t decide on what romantic message to send, go with the classic ‘Netflix and chill’ line. Who says you can’t flirt like a teenager when you’re married? Make him feel like he’s in college again.

things to say to your husband to make him smile

34. We should get coffee, I like you a latte!

This is one of the most unique and romantic ways to say hello. This pun can also work well as a cute lunch note for husband. After a whole day of madness at work, he will be happy to see you look forward to spending some quality time with him.

35. I had a dream about you last night. I’d tell you about it but it’s super inappropriate

If you’re looking for naughty words to describe love for him, this one is for you. You can also use it as a flirty text to make him want you. Need another dirty but cute text to send to your husband? Write, “My computer server never goes down, but I do.”

36. Hey stranger, I’d like to get to know you better

Why not explore some exotic role play ideas instead of using deep love messages for husband. On this, a Reddit user wrote, “So me and hubby are coming up on our 3-year anniversary…For the past few days, we have been texting each other like friends with benefits as if we were not married and it has been hotter and sexier than it has been since our first year!”

37. Serious issue: Can’t stop thinking about you

There is no dearth of research on how a slightly risqué joke can help to escalate the level of intimacy in a flirtatious conversation. So, make generous use of humor when sending love notes to husband.

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38. I’m down to 1% battery but I’m using it to text you

As research points out, the use of the words “I love you” is a daily phenomenon in the US. That’s why, to make your words really have an impact, the messages to your husband have to be unique and witty. Of course, texts like “I love my husband with all my heart” are cute but you can also take a new approach every once in a while.

39. You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop

This is one of the dirty yet loving things to say to your husband. As a Reddit user advises, “Don’t compliment them all the time, no one likes someone who’s a kissass like that. Do it from time to time when the moment calls for it, and be gentle about it when you do.”

40. What would it take for you to drunk dial me?

This could work well during courtship with your soon-to-be husband. It’s also one of the emotional love messages for husband when he’s away. How can I make my husband feel special with words, you wonder? Tell him how much you crave him.

With this, we come to the end of romantic things to say to your husband. We hope that these quick tips helped you. The beauty of the husband-wife bond is one of the sweetest things in the world. So, make sure you keep expressing the reasons you love your husband. He needs to know he’s your best man.

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