Deepak Kashyap

Deepak Kashyap is a counselling psychologist and a certified life-skills trainer with a private practice in Mumbai, India. He is also a published columnist in national newspapers and magazines, writing about issues related to sex, mental health, relationships, and emotional disturbances. He also serves as a counselling expert with Bonobology.

polyamorous marriage

How To Make A Polyamorous Marriage Work? 6 Expert Tips

A polyamorous marriage doesn’t always have to end up being a cesspool of complicated equations and emotional wounds. By setting boundaries and expectations right, you can find that sweet spot that works well for everyone involved.

Types Of Sexualities

18 Types Of Sexualities And Their Meanings

New terms are constantly being added to accommodate the many different ways people fall in love and experience sexual attraction. This article lists and explains 18 of those terms.

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