On Marriage And A Happy Co-Existence With Your Partner

This couple proves love knows no bounds

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Updated On: June 18, 2024
happy co-existence with your partner

“There are no perfect relationships. Just two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.” Nothing sums up the essence of a long-term partnership between two people who come together in love better than this adage. Once you learn to view your relationship with a romantic partner from this lens, navigating the ups and downs of life, accepting each other’s quirks and flaws, and finding your happily ever after becomes so much easier. This tale is a befitting example of it.

The Secret To A Happy Relationship

Fali Kekobad has been there, done that, and learned heaps in the process. For instance, he learned from his first marriage how to hold it together. “It’s so easy to make mistakes,” he says. “Having been married before really helps,” laughs the irrepressible Fali, on how he makes it work with Geetha, his artist wife from Karnataka. “We have a good time. We are always enjoying everything.”

Enjoying the little things

Fali walks the talk and revels in the little things in his life with Geetha and their daughter Mili. He continues to share a cordial vibe with his ex-wife, though they rarely meet. His son Varun often joins his father’s new family for dinner or the occasional holiday.

Financial stability and calmness

Fali believes in being calm about everything. He also believes, strongly, that “doing well financially helps a marriage. The male has to be stable and stabilize the finances. There will definitely be problems without this.”

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Single life and its lessons

Single for about 10 years before he married Geetha, Fali met many women during that time. “It was the best time of my life,” he admits disarmingly. However, this period woke him to the benefits of marriage. “It’s good to have family and children. It disciplines you; you place some restraints on yourself. You can’t possibly say, “Okay, I’ll come home at 3 in the morning.” Once you accept that, you start enjoying it. More importantly, accept the personality of your partner, and then you start enjoying that as well.”

Family man and fitness

This self-avowed family man claims to be fitter now than he was at 30.

“I exercise regularly; we all wake up by 5 for my daughter’s school. That’s good, I think. By 10 pm we are all asleep.”

Love for travel and music

Fali travels well over 100 km every day and loves every bit of it. “I like my music, used to love jazz, now I listen to whatever there is on FM radio,” he says. Geetha is more adventurous with her music and collects music for both of them. “Makes me listen to it,” Fali describes indulgently. “She keeps gathering info on her phone and telling me about things happening all over. She has a network all over the world.”

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Approach to marriage

Clearly, he belongs to a breed that believes in approaching marriage calmly and intelligently. “I have to make the family work. It comes from within. It is not forced,” he states categorically. Flexibility is another component that they have built into their relationship. “I tell Geetha, you go wherever you want to go. Mili and I will work it out.”

Age and religion

Social statistics have no significance for this unusual couple. About the age gap between them, he laughs and says, “Mentally I am much younger than her. If you do things properly, you don’t age. For instance, we live outside the city and have a huge compound. I jog there every day after work.”

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Regarding religion and Geetha’s claim that he has become more religious after marrying her, he jokes, “I had problems with the tax department.” After that, he began ‘to do a little bit’. “I think it helps. I go to the agiary, come back, things start getting solved.” However, this nature-lover does believe in a higher power, because “plants, animals, this whole universe, didn’t just happen.”

He shared his mantra for a happy co-existence with one’s partner – “There’s some goodness in all of us. Try to find the good things in the person. Negative things don’t matter. Above all, be honest. Without trust, nothing happens. And only then will love grow.”

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