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Six reasons why men become jealous, even if they are not your husband

Why would a man, not your husband, still feel jealous about you? Reasons can range from love to envy
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Being married has nothing to do with jealousy

Jealousy is a tricky emotion. Tricky I say, because the reasons for jealousy for us men can range from being the pettiest to the most powerful. More often than not, men become envious towards women even if they are not married to them.

From a casual hug to a harmless smile, a friendly touch to an innocent exchange of pleasantries, to more serious issues like a brighter career and a coveted social status – any of these can turn men into green-eyed monsters. Part of this trait arises out of the fact that men are considered to be more competitive, territorial and protective by nature.

Here is our list of the six most common reasons why men become jealous.

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  1. Creepy people everywhere!! Just pissed at the last one where I got to know that the only reason a woman is unsuccessful is because she has slept with a man… Please die if you think so!!

  2. Aah the last pointer is what that caught me in the neck! That is such prevalent cliched thought….women can never work hard on their own and achieve something big in their career is the existent thought of the century! Sad but true…

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