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friends with benefits boundaries

13 Friends With Benefits Boundaries That Must Be Followed

It’s difficult to find true love, and not so much to find sex – but the easier access to sex in the Friends-with-benefits relationship doesn’t mean you don’t set boundaries. These rules and hard conversations help you avoid the hassles of commitment and the dread of heartbreak while ensuring sexual gratification.

how to hookup on tinder

How To Hookup On Tinder? The Right Way To Do It

Sometimes all we want is a no-drama, no-strings-attached, strictly short-term relationship, i.e a hookup. If you are new to Tinder or your experience on the platform has been miserable, then let us help you ace the game.

nsa relationships

13 Things You Should Know About NSA (No-Strings-Attached) Relationships

Being in a committed relationship is a beautiful experience but it demands a lot of work from both individuals. There might come a phase in your life when you just want to have fun without having responsibilities. So, the alternative that Millennials and GenZers have discovered is an NSA, or no-strings-attached relationship.

Casual dating

Casual Dating — 13 Rules To Swear By

Casual dating means dating without expectations and labels. A no-strings attached relationship. So, how do you pull off casual dating correctly? Is it even worth it? We answer all your burning questions.