How To Hookup On Tinder? The Right Way To Do It

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Updated On: August 5, 2023
how to hookup on tinder

How to hookup on Tinder is a common Google search. Despite what popular culture keeps pedaling, not everyone is looking for love. Sometimes all we want is a no-drama, no-strings-attached, strictly short-term relationship, i.e a hookup. If you are new to Tinder or your experience on the platform has been miserable, then let us help you ace the game. So read on to discover how to find hookups on Tinder, the right way.

Setting Up A Profile For Hookups

Before you start, you need to make sure your profile is projecting the right tone for hookups. If you project sweet, homely, marriage material vibes, you’re going to get matches that are looking for commitment. You need to be clear that you’re looking for something casual. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get hookups on Tinder using your profile:

1. Tinder hookup bio

You should be clear on what you are looking for and what you are like. Just stay your authentic self. Your ideal bio should describe you, describe the kind of person you like, and give off a sexy-funny vibe.

Avoid writing anything that suggests you’re looking for a long-term commitmentDon’t copy and paste quotes, or get too artsy with wordplay
Show you’ve got a sense of humorDon’t be too blunt or crude. Avoid expletives

For example, take this humorous Bio

tinder hookup
Image source: Tinder
tinder for hookups
Image source: Tinder

2. Connect other profiles 

No one likes to be spammed. Women, especially, double-check everything because of creeps on dating platforms who ruin the experience for them. So, how to hook up on Tinder without people getting suspicious of you? Link your Instagram account. You’re more likely to get more matches if people can confirm that you’re a real human being who can be traced and not some spam bot. 

Link active Instagram accountsDon’t link to an account you rarely use or that has very old photos
Keep posting frequent pictures Don’t ignore Follow requests from a match you’re interested in if you have a private account

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3. Add pictures

The aesthetic of your pictures should be casual but the overall vibe should not be homely. It should communicate short-term goals, so nothing too sweet, like pictures with your grandmother. 

Add 3 or more pictures. Mix and matchNo photos showing a sweet side
Use pictures that accentuate your good features and bring out your adventurous sideNothing overtly sexual or violent. You’ve to seduce them, not put them off

Example of a profile with a casual aesthetic.

how to get hookups on tinder
Image Source: Reddit

4. Select age and distance range

Unless you travel a lot, you have to customize certain settings on Tinder for hookups. This will limit your matches but you’re more likely to find matches that materialize into a hookup on Tinder.

Choose the ideal distance you are comfortable travelingDon’t plan a hookup in a location you’re not familiar with
Be careful if you choose the age group of 18-20s, minors often use fake birth dates while signing up on TinderDon’t lie about your age. Report anyone who you think is lying about their age

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Tinder Hookup Tips: How To Approach And Get Going

Once you’ve set up a profile, you can start swiping left or right. Be sure to check bios of potential hookups. Do not swipe right on someone who has mentioned that they are looking for something long-term. Soon, you’ll also start getting some right swipes, and once you’ve matched, here’s how to hookup on Tinder: 

1. Be honest

How to hookup on Tinder? By being honest. Don’t project love vibes when you are not looking for it. You have more chances of landing a hookup if you make your intentions plain. There’s a high chance you won’t scare someone who also wants something casual.

2. How to hookup on Tinder: Sexual tension>Sex

When you are hungry, anything tastes great. But if you aren’t, even a yummy seven-course fare would taste bland. Remember this when sending the first message on Tinder. Once you identify that you and a potential match have an appetite for the same thing, make sure the sexual tension is flaring. Once the conversation rolls, build on it. Keep looking for small hints that they’re enjoying your chat. Make every response unpredictable and flirtatious. The conversation you’re building here must be different from any conversation they have in their normal life.

3. Act on it, but at the right time

Don’t take ages to come to the point. The longer you wait, the lesser your chances of a hookup. Gradually, express your intentions. Ask for a phone number or a date. If your match is interested in you, they will reciprocate. If they don’t, bail out. Don’t waste time on them.

5. Tell them you’re it

But, with charm. Most people tell you what they want. Assure them that you’re what they’re looking for. So, if Alex says he likes being dominated, Julie can tell him that she hasn’t allowed him to speak yet. To Alex, it will be flirty and exactly what he wants. Of course, this comment won’t work for someone who likes to dominate. So, learn to read the room.

Once you have done all these steps correctly, you are very likely to land yourself a date. So, just ask them if they’d like to meet and from there, you can work out the logistics. Remember the following tips on how to flirt on Tinder successfully:

Talk to win. Speak  to them the way you would when no one knows youDon’t exchange any personal information. At most, share your number or use an alternative number
Make sexual suggestions playfully, ensuring it doesn’t get crude. You have to charm them, not creep them outDon’t send them unsolicited messages or pictures. Seek consent
Ask for a meeting as soon as you cross the conversation barrier Don’t get into banter with anyone. If you really want to know how to hookup on Tinder, then leave the ego aside and respect everyone’s opinion

Take this conversation, for example.

tinder hookup conversations
Image source: Reddit
tinder hookup tips
Image source: Reddit

How To Hookup On Tinder Safely

The idea of meeting someone new sounds exciting, even adventurous, till something goes wrong. We might know at least one gullible person who has been catfished, stalked, or mistreated by someone they went on a date with. And, no one wants to appear like a paranoid junkie looking over their shoulder all the time. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you’re safe during Tinder hookups:

1. Do background checks

Unfortunately, the world has its fair share of psychos, and it’s best to keep an eye out if you are planning to meet anyone. Check their bio for any linked accounts. Google their names. It’s one thing to plan an exciting date, it’s completely another to be catfished on the said date. 

2. Always meet in public places

Never invite someone to your place right away. Go to a nice bar, have a chat, and learn a bit more about them. Check if they look like their photo, do they behave well, do they make you comfortable. If you don’t like how they are offline, you don’t have to be with them. Be cautious and you won’t regret it later. Reddit users have come up with various suggestions from keeping extra cash in your bra to wearing comfy shoes to run at the first chance. It is one of the top safety tips on how to hook up on Tinder.

3. Gut feeling for Tinder hookups

Never do anything you are not comfortable doing. If your date teases you about not being adventurous enough because you refuse to go to their place instead of a cafe, you don’t have to give in. Similarly, you don’t have to give them your phone number. You can always ask to talk over Telegram. You decide how and when you leave the place, what you consume, and who mixes your drinks. Feel free to be as cautious as you like to avoid the dangers of online dating. Take the next step only when you feel comfortable with the other person.

4. Don’t share any nudes

This is a personal choice. And though Euphoria would have us believe that nudes are the currency of love, they can also become leverage for blackmail and exploitation. In certain countries, this could count as distributing pornography and is illegal. So, sending nudes to a stranger is never the answer to how to hookup on Tinder.

5. Arrange a lookout

Always inform someone before going out with a match to avoid problems later. Tinder includes this in their advisory. Many people share live locations with their lookouts while on a date, do frequent checks on the phone, and might even scout the location before the date. It’s completely up to you.

6. Report anything fishy

How to hookup on Tinder and be a hero? By reporting. Report anything that makes you uncomfortable – unsolicited pictures or fake profiles, all can be reported on the platform. This improves not just your user experience but also helps other people. Remember, The Tinder Swindler was not just about a man frauding women, it was also about how easily he got away with targeting others. 

tinder hookup

Tinder Hookup Etiquette

Meeting on Tinder is like a normal date except that an algorithm chooses your match rather than you. Like any normal date, you have to maintain Tinder etiquette to keep the game clean. Remember, the question is not how to hookup on Tinder, but how to do it the right way:

1. Honesty is the best policy

Tinder hookup etiquette dictates that you be honest. Don’t make tall claims that you can’t keep up with. Don’t be that person who lies and cheats people who trust them. So, unless you want your date to escape out the back door of the pub, don’t lie.

2. Be considerate

Be punctual on dates. Or, at least inform them if you’re going to be late. Keep texting in between to keep the interest alive. If you’re going out, offer to split the check. Keep tabs on how intoxicated both of you are. Make sure your date reaches home safely. Check on them afterward through a text. It’s only polite and no one feels used. 

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3. Appear interested

Go through your texts again and revise any information you have received. Remember any names or events they told you about. Everyone likes it when people take an interest in them. This will also enliven your Tinder hookup conversations. Plus, you may get another date sooner than later.

4. Maintain hygiene

Clean yourself. It’s the basic thing. If you plan on having sex with someone, make sure they’re not repelled by you. Clean your house in case the two of you decide to go back to your place. At the very least, make sure there’s no evidence of another person having been there before them.

5. Consent is the queen

Don’t forget the role of consent. Don’t be the idiot who tries to French kiss the girl when she was just offering her cheek for a peck. Ask what they like, don’t just take their bios at face value. People are too complex for you to just trust their bios completely.

6. Use precaution, always

Ask for their vaccination status. Insist on seeing any vaccination certificates or STI test results. It’s not at all weird to ask for it. Always carry condoms regardless of your sex. Latex, non-latex, different sizes. Don’t give excuses like you don’t like condoms. If they refuse to wear a condom, leave. You don’t have to risk pregnancy or STIs for anyone.

Tinder is not a closed space only meant for long-term relationships. You can find the right person for you if it’s something casual you want using all the pointers given above. Just remember to play it safe.


1. Is Tinder really used for hookups?

Tinder is a dating app and is meant for people to find a connection online. The use of Tinder for hookups is not unusual since many people are not looking for anything serious. So, go for it.

2. Is Bumble better than Tinder?

Bumble is an alternative dating site and is supposed to be more women-friendly so women are less likely to get unsolicited messages, while Tinder hookup conversations can get nasty. Bumble is also meant for people who seek commitment, but there is an option to choose a mode that helps you find matches for something casual.

3. How do you initiate a hookup?

Whether on Tinder or offline, you always initiate a good conversation that slowly gets flirtatious. Steer the conversation away if it starts to go toward the commitment category. Stop, if they seem uninterested. If they are interested, have a few more conversations before suggesting going out. Check out our detailed Tinder Hookup Tips above. 

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