Dating disasters

Dating anxiety

12 Ways To Cope With Dating Anxiety

Dating anxiety causes include past trauma, toxic past relationships, low self-esteem, the fear of scrutiny by other people, and insecurities about your financial status or appearance. As a result, you tend to cancel dates, feel jitters, expect the worst-case scenarios, and struggle with post-date anxiety.

how to lose feelings for someone you love

How To Lose Feelings For Someone You Love And Let Go

Love is a powerful feeling. But breaking up with someone and trying to move on while incessantly missing them – that bag of feelings is potent. But if you want to know how to lose feelings for someone you love, you need to believe in yourself. We all get there. Eventually.

How to break up with someone long distance

How To Break Up With Someone Long Distance

Long-distance relationships are complicated. Trust issues can make the relationship more of a burden than a source of joy. Here are 11 thoughtful ways to break up with someone long distance.

do rebounds make you miss your ex more

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More – Know It Here

Rebound relationships are considered an effective mechanism to forget one’s ex. But do rebounds make you miss your ex more? Yes, this happens when you get into a rebound just to forget them. Sounds ironic, but let’s unpack this. 

what is a womanizer's weakness and more

What Is A Womanizer’s Weakness?

You hear the word ‘womanizer’ and images of all the actors who’ve played James Bond, or men with posh cars and a square jawline come to mind. They’re notorious for their lack of commitment. Yet, they’re irresistible. But what is the psychology of a womanizer?