What He Really Thinks When He Realizes You Blocked Him

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when he realizes you blocked him

“How will he react when he realizes you blocked him?” – that little voice in your head can’t stop badgering you with this question. We can assume it was not easy blocking a person who once meant the world to you. But looks like you have taken a firm decision to keep him out of sight, out of mind. You thought this social media detox from your ex would finally get him out of your head. 

Then why is your heart pounding, worrying about his reaction? Perhaps this anxious phase is more about “Will he try to contact me after I blocked him everywhere?” We have listed a few possible scenarios which triggered you to block him. If your story resonates with any of these, read on:

  • You want complete no-contact to help you move on 
  • You are done trying to fix the issues and blocked him out of frustration
  • You want him to chase you and see your value
  • You miss him too much after the breakup

Can A Person Know That He Is Blocked?

“I blocked him on WhatsApp and he blocked me back. How did he find out?” asks Delilah, my digitally impaired friend from Hudson. Well, Delilah, whether you block a person on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, they won’t receive any particular notification to get their hearts broken instantly. But if this person is still keeping tabs on you and checks your profile on a regular basis, sooner or later they will find out that you have blocked them. 

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How? For one thing, when he looks you up on Facebook or Instagram, your profile won’t show up. Messenger clearly gives you away because if he opens your chat, he will get a message like – ‘You can’t reply to this chat’. And WhatsApp doesn’t deliver your texts to the person who blocked you. So, no, he won’t know about the blocking right away, but if he pays close attention, it won’t be concealed for long. 

What He Really Thinks When He Realizes You Blocked Him 

Findings from a study suggest that keeping in touch with an ex-partner through social media can affect your healing process and personal growth after a breakup. So, first of all, kudos to you for this big step toward a peaceful recovery, with lesser distractions. People may call you a high school drama queen, but if you feel it was necessary for moving on, stick to your decision.

Although I can see a little twist in the plot given that you are so flustered about his response when he realizes you blocked him. I can tell because I have been in your shoes. I once blocked my ex during a no-contact phase hoping to catch his attention and fix the relationship. “Does blocking a guy make him miss you? Will he try to contact me after I blocked him?” – we think quite alike, no?

Now, we don’t know how much hope there is for your relationship. But we can try to do what we do best, that is to put your mind at ease. We don’t want you to fall apart if you reach a “I blocked him on WhatsApp and he blocked me back” stage. To arm you with information, we have listed every possible reaction he can give when he realizes you blocked him.

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1. He might feel lost 

Was your boyfriend a little too self-involved to notice your misery? After all, it’s a typical guy trait to not know what they did wrong. In that case, this blocking might come as a shock to him and mess with his head real bad. On the other hand, if he was a caring boyfriend in general, but you decided to break it up or got mad at him due to some other reasons, it can create a lot of panic when he realizes you blocked him. He won’t be able to think straight.

2. It will break his heart

Let’s hear it from our reader, Dave, who’s recently been on the receiving end of a block, “I always thought Troy was the love of my life but apparently, fate had something else planned for us. Two weeks ago we broke up over some issues, yet I didn’t give up on us. I thought we could still try to make it work. But the fact that he blocked me made it pretty clear that he has moved many steps ahead of me and wants different things now. It shattered my heart.”

3. He would be relieved that it’s finally over

Was your relationship going down the on-again-off-again rabbit hole with each passing day? Then no one knows better than you how emotionally and mentally draining it becomes. One week you are all cute and cuddly, and the next, you are fighting like an old couple. Yet, nobody would step up to hit the stop button. You did both of you a favor by blocking him. Trust me, when he realizes you blocked him, he would feel a little relaxed and uncaged. 

Infographic on - what he really thinks when he realizes you blocked him
How does he feel when he realizes you blocked him?

4. If he is already dating someone else, he won’t be bothered, or at least won’t react to it

Does blocking a guy make him miss you? We are sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but the answer is no ‘if’ he has moved on with no residual feelings in his heart for you. He is with someone else now, he is happy. Why would he jeopardize his present by letting you in between him and his new partner? In case your guy is not in the same place in life as you are, it won’t make much difference to him when he realizes you blocked him. Even if he feels bad about it, it will be temporary and he will soon move on.

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5. He would plan his next move to catch your attention

You think you blocked him so it’s all over. Little do you know, for him, the game just began! Rejection doesn’t agree well with his monumental ego. It’s rather a challenge that he cannot lose. Although if at any point you were hoping “Will he try to contact me after I blocked him?”, it might work out for the best. Looks like your master plan will be a big success if him chasing you is exactly what you wanted. 

There will be a smirk on his face when he realizes you blocked him while in his head, he is planning a grand gesture or a fail-proof plan to make you go weak in the knees again. A friend of mine once wrote a romance-dripping song for his ex and sang it at a party where they were both present. That would be hard to resist for anyone, don’t you think? 

Counseling for Toxic Relationship

6. He will desperately try to contact you 

Ah, the obsession sets in. You are probably wondering, “Does blocking a guy make him miss you?” We can’t assure you about the ‘missing’ part but he will leave no stones unturned to get in touch with you. He could be in search of closure. Or perhaps he genuinely wants to explain his side of the story. The end result is he might show up at your door unannounced. Heck, I have seen people so desperate that they would text on apps like Google Pay!

7. He can create a scene when he realizes you blocked him

The first reaction he has when he realizes you blocked him could be uncontrollable rage and vengeance. Not everyone has the emotional maturity to take ‘no’ for an answer. He can go to any extent to make you suffer the way he has suffered. Dropping by your office and creating a dramatic scene to damage your reputation, picking a fight with you on the streets, calling up your friends and family to discuss your personal matters – just a heads-up, be prepared for such pettiness. 

stories about breakup and loss

8. Expect some more emotional manipulation coming your way

Were you by any chance dating a narcissist? Is your guy famous for his gaslighting and manipulative nature? If it’s a ‘yes’, then mark my words, he will find his way back and convince you why you should be with him until you break and give in. But the moment you get back together, he will go back to the same old pattern and feed on your emotional distress. 

“Will he try to contact me after I blocked him?” you ask. He might but in a way that you never expected. Blackmailing is the oldest trick in the book for the vindictive lot. He can threaten to spill some personal information about you that has the power to put your job, your safety, or your family’s honor at risk.

In such cases of rejection, revenge porn and other different shades of cybercrime are quite common, even among young adults. According to a study, 572 adult respondents stated that they were 17 years of age or younger at the time they faced sextortion, whereas 813 adult respondents stated they were between the ages of 18 and 25.

Three out of the five minor victims (59%) knew the perpetrator in real life prior to the incident as most cases involved a real-world romantic association. If this resonates with you, please, for the love of god, don’t worry about his thoughts when he realizes you blocked him and seek legal advice immediately. 

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9. Blocking can make him jealous 

Mollie, a 24-year-old bookkeeper from San Jose, says, “Many months after our breakup, I blocked him on WhatsApp and he blocked me back within a day. I was a bit confused about this reaction until I realized he was acting out of jealousy.” Here’s what happened. Mollie had gone back to dating after all those months and figured it was best to block Nathan and start a new chapter without the past haunting her. 

On the other side, Nathan found out about her date and couldn’t help but feel extremely possessive. The whole situation came down to sexual politics to him. He was desperate to show her that he has moved on and jumped into a rebound relationship out of impulse. Make a note, your guy might experience some jealousy triggers when he realizes you blocked him.

10. You can receive a genuine apology from him

Okay, enough fretting about the negative thoughts. Let’s focus on the positives and see what good can come out of this blocking incident. Does blocking a guy make him miss you? It sure does if he has unresolved feelings for you. It can work like an eye-opener for him to finally see what all went wrong in your relationship. Perhaps he feels genuine remorse for being so unfair and rude to you and when he apologizes this time, he would really mean it. 

11. He may ask for reconciliation

Only when it registers in your mind that you have lost a dear one forever, you start acknowledging their importance in your life. Blocking him can make him realize your worth and reach this exact epiphany. When he imagines a life without you, he sees nothing but a bland, loveless picture. There is not enough booze in the world to help him forget you. If he has to beg, so be it. But he will try his best to turn the wrongs into right and patch this relationship. 

does blocking a guy make him miss you
He may apologize and ask for reconciliation

12. Perhaps he won’t even notice 

Let us assume that he has taken the no-contact rule after breakup pretty seriously. He is putting some real effort into healing and has finally tamed the urge to stalk you every day. Then the chances are low that he would be able to detect the blocking. While it can be frustrating for you to not receive any immediate response from him, in the long run, you will count it as a blessing. Let him go as he is trying to feel better, and be happy.

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13. He decides to accept your decision 

This can happen when a man’s emotional endurance and maturity level are impeccable. Yes, it will hurt him to the very core to take in the fact that you blocked him. He may even feel a little vexed but it will never go to the extent of hopping mad. Even if it does, he knows it’s his issue and he will deal with it in isolation. Despite all of that, he will still respect the choice you made to separate your ways and give you the space you need. 

Key Pointers

  • He can feel lost, jealous, and hurt when he realizes you blocked him
  • He might be relieved and not be bothered about it if he has already moved on
  • He can get desperate to win you back by hook or by crook
  • He may try to emotionally manipulate you or even blackmail you
  • He may apologize and ask for reconciliation

So, we see you on the other side again! We have shown you slices of all the possible reactions your ex/partner can have when he realizes you blocked him. As you know him at his best and his worst, only you can discern how he might react in the said situation. 

Please remember, there is nothing to be scared of. No matter how bad things get, you can always seek help (both legal and psychological) and see through to the end. As long as you know it was the right decision, there should be no turning back. And if you need a little support in this journey, skilled and experienced counselors on Bonobology’s panel of experts are always here for you.

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