Who Is The Worst Zodiac Sign To Date For You? Expert Answers

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If you believe in the power of zodiac signs, then there is no denying that you’d want to know whom to stay away from in this list of the worst zodiac sign to date. Of course, you shouldn’t make sun signs the primary criteria for rejection. But in a generic sense, there are certain traits because of which a few zodiacs are hard to date for you personally.

Have you ever observed that there are certain people you just don’t get along with, and all of them seem to have similar personalities or behavior? This is why some of the worst zodiac sign couples might be together but would eventually end up separating due to their clashing traits.

In this article, we have listed the 8 worst zodiacs to date with the help of Nishi Ahlawat, a certified astrologer and relationship coach, who throws light on the role of zodiac signs in your dating life.

Who Is The Worst Zodiac Sign To Date For You? Expert Answers

According to Nishi “Zodiac signs play a significant role in dating life. The zodiac traits of a person can help you understand how they will behave or look at a situation while dating you.” 

Hence, the worst zodiac sign to date for you would depend on what your own astrological sign is. In this list, we have listed the 8 worst zodiacs to date for specific signs and why they should avoid being in a relationship with each other: 

1. Aries and Scorpio 

Scorpio sun signs are hard to date for Aries. Explosive, aggressive, and confrontational are words that describe an Aries man/Scorpio woman pairing, which is excellent if you’re lovers in a Shakespeare play but bad in real life. Both signs have strong personalities and a desire to be in charge.

According to Nishi, “They both have Mars energy. This can lead to doubly intense situations between them which becomes really difficult for them to handle in the long run.” 

2. Taurus and Aries 

This is probably one of the most toxic zodiac couples because of their starkly different personalities and needs. Once one digs their heels in due to the stubbornness of Taurus and the obstinacy of Aries man, neither of them will budge. 

“Due to Mars’s energy, Aries are passionate and aggressive in nature and also a bit impulsive with people and money matters which Taurus doesn’t like as they believe in patience and giving time before deciding to do anything,” says Nishi. As a result, these two signs make one of the worst zodiac sign couples and are likely to end on a bad note.

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3. Gemini and Cancer 

Geminis are gregarious people. They’re charming, great flirts, and have no trouble making friends with anyone. Everyone wants to meet the life of the party, which is a Gemini. On the other hand, Cancer tends to be a more reserved zodiac.

Nishi says, “Cancer (the water sign) can get overly emotional and insecure at times which can easily make the carefree and charming Gemini (the air sign) uncomfortable.” 

A Gemini woman is the worst female zodiac sign to date for a Cancer because of their distinct lifestyle and temperaments. They prefer to stay at home and speak only to a few people. When your partner likes to stay in and watch movies on the weekends while you want to go out, as a Gemini, you will immediately see this as a problematic fit.

4. Cancer and Aquarius 

Why is Aquarius one of the worst signs to date for Cancer? Because Aquarius is more of a free spirit and Cancer is a homebody. Cancer may feel that they don’t need Aquarius because they are so independent, but Cancer wants to know that someone is entirely devoted to them. 

Nishi further explains, “Again, there is air energy and water energy, and air doesn’t mix well with water. There is more depth and seriousness in Cancer while Aquarius wants to be free and doesn’t like to lose their freedom.”

Additionally, a Cancer won’t appreciate it if Aquarius corrects them or calls their attention to a mistake they’ve made, which they’re extremely likely to do.

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5. Leo and Pisces 

This couple is the primary example of signs that are worse together. Leo can be testing and also tends to enjoy being pampered and admired because they are a royal sun sign. Pisces can help to make them feel special, yet they can also be incredibly elusive. 

According to Nishi, the reason these signs are worse together is that “Leo is a fire sign and due to the sun’s energy it likes to dominate and be independent. Whereas Pisces, the water sign, is a dreamer and gets hurt easily with harshness and dominance.”

Leo also seeks total loyalty and commitment. However, Pisces has a wandering eye. When the highs are so high, it’s a recipe for treachery and damaged sentiments. Once the honeymoon phase is finished, this relationship is a textbook example of things going south.

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6. Virgo and Aries 

Virgo and Aries just don’t have enough in common, aside from the fact that they both strive for perfection making them one of the most toxic zodiac couples. The Virgo is incredibly structured and enjoys meticulously preparing every detail of their life, whereas the Aries are impulsive and live in the moment. 

This zodiac sign is hard to date for Aries because “Virgo is more practical and a sharp observer. The impulsive Aries doesn’t like this energy and gets uncomfortable when Virgo tries to watch their every move and becomes critical,” says Nishi.

What also makes Aries one of the worst female zodiac signs to date or the worst male sun sign specifically for a Virgo is that Virgo men enjoy serving others, whereas Aries enjoy making decisions and reaping the rewards. If you’re into a BDSM dynamic, this is fantastic.

However, if you want a more conventional kind of relationship, this dynamic can turn abusive, especially if the Aries is a bully and the Virgo is unable to stand up for themselves.

8. Libra and Virgo

Most signs can get along with Libras, but Virgo is definitely the worst zodiac sign to date for this earth sign. Virgo is far too judgmental for Libra. One trait Virgos can’t stand in Libras is their flightiness and capriciousness. 

Although it might seem enjoyable at first, Virgo is all about efficiency while the Libras waste a lot of time. People frequently push and pull Libras in opposite directions. Also, even if their sexual relationship starts out great, very traditional, and passionate, it will eventually become monotonous for both of them.

9. Scorpio and Gemini 

It’s understandable why Gemini might capture Scorpio’s attention. They have a knack for making a Scorpio feel understood and are intelligent and charming. A Scorpio finds their encounters with them to be quite enlightening as they’re one of the zodiac signs that are the most misunderstood. Gemini often uses mental tricks to gauge other people, just like Scorpios tend to be master manipulators.

The reason that Gemini is one of the worst male zodiac signs to date or the worst female sun sign specifically for a Scorpio is that they’ll be curious to find out how advanced these games may get. Scorpio also craves intense emotional closeness, whilst Gemini would rather only show them their superficial appeal. While it lasts, this connection won’t be worth expending too much emotional energy on.

Nishi further explains, “Gemini just wants to be free. They are fickle-minded too and are mostly confused. They don’t know what they want most of the time. This is exactly what a Scorpio (the sign that believes in stability and consistency) doesn’t like at all.”

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9. Sagittarius and Taurus 

Sagittarius is constantly eager to get out and do something exciting, but Taurus occasionally prefers a quiet evening at home. Taurus does not have much fun playing mind games like a Sagittarian, who is stimulated by mental challenges and drama.

“Taurus has earth energy which likes stability and consistency which the intense fire energy of Sagittarius fails to match,” says Nishi. Sagittarius is simply too much for Taurus to handle. 

Sagittarians don’t take things seriously because they’ve been in several past relationships. Their flair for the dramatics and a lack of commitment makes Sagittarius one of the worst signs to date for a Taurus.

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10. Capricorn and Gemini 

Gemini zodiac signs are hard to date for a Capricorn. Gemini requires a lot of conversation and jumps around from one assignment to another. Capricorns, who always complete what they begin, are perplexed by this. 

There is too much discussion, shifting, and changing, which makes the Caps lose faith. Like Geminis, they prefer to know what their next course of action will be and do not really enjoy change. This might work for a little while, though, if a Cap is looking for an uncommitted fling.

11. Aquarius and Scorpio 

Scorpios confound Aquarians, who struggle to comprehend why they are unable to perceive things from their perspective. This is one of the most toxic zodiac couples and it will end in tears if these two even start a discussion that develops into any kind of relationship.

An intelligent zodiac, the Scorpio does not care for the child-like curiosity and free-spirited nature of the Aquarius. They crave a mental connection,

When Scorpio tries to convince them to settle down, Aquarians might become passive-aggressive and demand their freedom. Scorpio will become silent and fall into a sullen state. Scorpio is emotionally more open than an Aquarius and would wait for the latter to commit while being tied down is definitely undesirable for the free-spirited Aquarius.

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12. Pisces and Libra 

A Pisces would have a difficult time getting along with Libras. Pisces, a water sign, is adaptable and though this appears to be a good match for either of these gregarious, joyful signs, Pisces actually values solitude more than Libra. 

These two signs wouldn’t know how to handle the barrage of emotions that might come from a Pisces who is hurt or even delighted. Pisceans would feel horribly emotionally unsupported in these relationships. There is also the issue of adultery, which negatively affects Libras, and Pisces particularly.

Key Pointers

  • Zodiac signs can play a significant part in your dating life
  • People have common traits based on their astrological signs and do not get along with certain signs because of temperamental differences
  • While no zodiac is completely good or bad, depending on your sign, it is better to maintain a romantic distance from certain zodiacs because a relationship like that will be a disaster in the making

This brings us to the end of our list of the 8 worst signs to date. You shouldn’t solely rely on astrology when it comes to love and relationships but it is always better to consider this factor and avoid zodiac signs that are hard to date for your personality. 

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