what to do when he ghosts you and comes back

What To Do When He Ghosts You And Comes Back

Ghoster tend to come back either for the better or usually for the worse. Luckily, we have made a list for you on why they come back and what to do once they come back. Ready carefully and pick your choice.

I got left on read

A Swing And A Miss: Emotions You Go Through When You’re Left On Read

When anybody gets left on read, there are bound to be a million things going on in their heads immediately after they realize they’ve just been subjected to the 21st century equivalent of the guillotine. Let’s take a deep dive into this unfortunate victim’s mind, for empathetic purposes only, of course. Nobody’s laughing here. 

Couple outdoor

Is Caspering Less Brutal Than Ghosting?

Although it sounds like a completely made-up gen-Z term, you might have inadvertently indulged in caspering, or may even have become a victim of it. Let’s take a look at what it is and what to do if you’re getting Caspered

How To Respond To Ghosting Without Losing Your Sanity?

When you get ghosted, questions like “What just happened?”, “Did I this person just disappear on me?” and perhaps, most importantly, “What next?” will pop into your mind. Let’s put all your questions to bed, so you don’t spend your nights thinking about the best ghosting responses.

Here’s Why I Ghosted Him In Online Dating

I had a palpable connection with a man I met online. Days of conversation turned into weeks, weeks into months. But what happened that prompted me to partake in online dating ghosting?