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long term relationship break up

How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

Friends, family, loved ones rallying around you is amazing. But, there are times when a trained therapist is who you need. An impartial ear, active listening, and someone who won’t hesitate to call you out could be just what your heart and brain need.

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Symbols Of Love

Top 16 Symbols Of Love With Their Meanings

Sometimes love between two people is so strong that they need symbols to express the feelings inside them. Read the symbols of love and find out their beautiful meanings.

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how to know if you have a crush on someone

How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone – 17 Sure-Shot Signs

Maybe you’re confused about the way you feel. Or maybe you want somebody to confirm it for you. I’ve curated this fantabulous list on how to know if you have a crush on someone. These signs will be your guiding light as you unravel the true nature of your feelings.

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Does she love me?

Does She Love Me? Find Your Answer In These 23 Signs A Girl Gives

“Does she love me?” “Does she like being with me?” “Should I just book our honeymoon tickets right now?” While we can’t help you with that last one, we do hope this list of signs she is madly in love with you will at least be able to answer a couple of your questions and clear your doubts. 

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how to get over a friendship breakup

How To Get Over A Friendship Breakup

Getting through a breakup is a long and tiring process which demands fortitude and patience. There are ten ways to mend your heart. If you want to recover from losing a friend and heal swiftly, then here’s a map for the road to take.

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