Confess To Your Crush – 23 Adorable Ways

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23 adorable ways to confess to your crush
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Are you also struggling to find an answer to the question, “How to confess to your crush”? It might be hard to find a solution to this head-scratching problem, but it’s not impossible! We’re here to help you turn this ‘Mission Impossible’ into ‘Mission Possible’ so dear readers, full steam ahead!

In elementary school, confessing crushes was a piece of cake – pass along a note that said, “Do you like me? Tick Y or N.” But we’ve reached adulthood, A.K.A, the age that sucks the fun out of everything! Confessing your crush as an adult is a little more complicated and might feel extremely scary to you. 

The obvious fear here is: They might not like me. But we have something that might help make up your mind: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. This age-old adage sounds cliché but is accurate. So, if you’re trying to think up ways of letting your crush know you like them without making it awkward or looking for some creative ideas, we bring you 23 adorable ways to confess to your crush.

Is It A Good Idea To Confess To Your Crush?

Sure, confessing to your crush can be a double-edged sword, but if you don’t unsheathe it, you’ll be left with regrets about not making the move. Admitting your feelings can be hard, but losing someone just because you couldn’t muster up the courage to confess can be even harder. Take it from us, the loop of “what could have been” and “if only” isn’t a pleasant headspace to be in. It might be unrequited love, but at least you will have a concrete answer.

There are many reasons that confessing to your crush is actually better than not saying anything at all:

  •  If you don’t confess, it’ll eat away at you and cause you distress 
  •  You might regret not saying anything at all, which will affect your future relationships
  •  You never actually know their answer; they might actually like you back!
  •  If you don’t confess, your crush might turn into an obsession, which will harm you

Just picture this. You have liked someone for a long time. And you want to confess your feelings to them. So, you find a way to do it, and guess what? They were waiting for you to make the move! And now you have your happily ever after.

This is not to say that you absolutely have to ‘fess up your feelings whenever you have a crush on someone. You can choose to keep it quiet if there is a valid reason for it – for example, if you’re already in a committed relationship or if your crush is married to someone, or if it’d lead to a taboo relationship.

But if that’s not the case and you’re both single and available, we strongly feel it’s better to tell the other person how you feel rather than keep things in. So, our suggestion? Go find a unique idea and confess to your crush instead of resorting to dropping hints, hoping they’ll pick it up!

Confess To Your Crush – 23 Adorable Ways

So, you have a crush but you don’t know what to do about it? Well, the obvious answer here would be to confess. Which is the cue for your brain to come up with thoughts of fear and rejection. But it is not as difficult as you’re making it out to be, so try to push those thoughts and fears aside.

How to tell your crush you like them can seem especially tricky if you have little or no experience in the dating world or have faced a lot of rejection in the past. Yes, putting yourself out there and putting yourself in such a vulnerable position can be scary. So, you may end up spending sleepless nights, wondering, “How to tell my crush I like them?”  If only there was a way to figure out how to confess your crush without getting rejected! Well, turns out there is. Not one, not two, here are 23 adorable ways you can confess to your crush:

1. Deepen the friendship first

This is the best approach to confessing to your crush without getting rejected, particularly if you don’t share a close bond with them. Start hanging out with them one-on-one and gradually, develop a friendship. As you slowly and gradually get to know each other, the bond will deepen. And let’s be honest, it’s absolutely crucial to have some sort of relationship and a rapport with a person before throwing feelings their way. 

Work gradually and slowly and it’ll all work out eventually. Most good things in life take time and effort. So, be prepared to invest in a genuine friendship with this person you like so much. Once you feel you’re close enough, set up the conversation and you’ll have your answer.

2. Convey your feelings using body language

It is not the most creative and unique idea out there, but it certainly can come in handy. Sometimes, dropping hints to your crush can work out perfectly. Your body language can go a long way in conveying your feelings and affection. Here are some ways you can give your crush a sense of your feelings without actually verbalizing them:

  • Make eye contact with them for 2-3 seconds before looking away. Giving them a sideway glance will also convey the message
  • Smile when they look at you. It should be sweet, maybe just a tad bit flirty, and a big one so they understand it’s them you’re smiling at!
  • Let them know you’re checking them out: glance at them and cock an eyebrow up as if saying, “I like what I see!” 
  • The easiest way to use body language is to send a playful wink their way. Make sure to smile as well so they know you’re attempting to flirt with them

Making use of body language to confess to your crush can make things easy for you. It is simple and doesn’t require you to jump through any hoops and hurdles. Attune your body language so you’re able to respond as positively to your crush as possible. Subtlety works the best, so there is no need to create some elaborate and outrageous gestures. Just your body reflecting your feelings is enough to convey to your crush you like them.

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3. Write them a letter

Some people have an old-school approach to life. If your crush is one of them, you should write a love letter confessing your feelings. This confession letter to your crush will get the job done and will also make quite an impression – that you are willing to put in the extra effort! 

A confession letter to your crush is a creative way to express your feelings and melt your crush’s heart, all in one fell swoop. It eliminates the need to have the “I like you” conversation face-to-face, thus making the confession a lot less scary.

4. Recreate their favorite movie scene or sing their favorite song to them

If you are in search of an extra adorable way to convey your romantic interest, try to recreate a moment from their favorite TV show or movie. Since you’ve already come this far, you’re likely to know their interests well enough. 

Make subtle references to their favorite shows and movies. When they notice them, they’ll know for sure that you pay attention to them. And if you want the confession to be memorable, go the extra mile and recreate their favorite scene! Trust us, it’ll be hella romantic and adorable and they’ll remember it forever.

Whether you choose to hold up a huge radio outside their window and blast it at full volume or take them to a karaoke bar and sing their favorite song with them, make sure it’s straight from the heart and you’re not too far out of your comfort zone in doing it. This gesture is impactful because it conveys to them that you know their choices well, and by extension, know them well enough. This is a simple and easy romantic way to confess your crush and it rates extremely high on the adorability scale.

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5. Confess it online

If you’re still skeptical about doing it IRL, you could confess to your crush online as well. Some people prefer to keep their proposals private, while others prefer to make them a public spectacle. If you are someone who believes in “keep it private till it’s permanent”, you might prefer a little more private way of confessing. So, you can tell your crush over text that you like him. Use a low-key text message to confess your feelings and keep things totally on the down low.  

Here are some texts to start you off:

  • Hey there! What would you say if I were to ask you out on a date for tomorrow?
  • Well, this may come as a surprise, but I happen to have a little crush on you. Is there any chance it might be reciprocated?
  • Lately, I’ve been thinking about more than just friendship, is that something you’d be interested in?

You can make use of these texts, or you can come up with something of your own. But, confessing online works just as well as confessing in person and you might just be more comfortable doing it this way. 

Does My Crush Like Me

6. Create a cheesy dance routine

If your crush is a fan of dancing, this is the way to go. When letting someone know you have feelings for them, it’s vital to make them feel important and let them know they are your priority. So, if you take the time out to create a whole dance routine just to confess your feelings, they’ll know how important they’re to you. 

Choose the song they like and the dance form they enjoy most and you’ll be able to impress them in a way no one else ever has. Just ensure the routine is as cheesy as possible and will end up with you two having fun with each other. 

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7. Create a playlist for them

Music is the universal language of love and has been the preferred way of conveying feelings for centuries. There was a time when one could convey everything through a mixtape. Mixtapes may be a thing of the past now but it’s the thought that counts, right? 

If not a mixtape, you can always create a playlist on Spotify and give it a cute name that conveys your intention. Compile your favorite songs and ensure you put a few confessional songs in there as well. This is a huge romantic gesture and will easily convey your feelings to your crush.

8. Figure out a cute way to ask them out on a date

There are endless ways to ask your crush out on a date. So, it makes zero sense that you ask them out the boring old way. Rack your brain and find out some cute and fun ways to ask them out. If you want some truly unique ways to tell someone you love them here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a puzzle of the location you want to take them to. Give that puzzle to your crush two days before your date and let them put it together. The puzzle needs to have the date, day, time, and venue of the date so they know everything after completing the puzzle. Trust us, it’ll impress them like nothing else!
  • Get their favorite dessert delivered to their house. With a sweet note asking them out. Let your crush know you care enough to find out their likes and dislikes from the get-go itself!
  • If you really want to go all out, consider skywriting their name, and as they look on mesmerized, trying to figure out what just happened, ask them out. It is the cutest way you could confess your crush, and they’re sure to remember it forever!

 9. Turn up the charm

If you know what makes them tick, you should make use of it. The effects of your charm and the smoothness of your approach can go a long way here. Spend some time in constant communication and you’ll get to know what it is that your crush likes. Use this knowledge to your advantage. You can also use this knowledge to come up with some great pickup lines that will absolutely work.

For example, if you find out they love to get a hot chocolate fudge sundae every Sunday night, be the one to get them the sundae. You could put in a little more effort and include a little note in it as well. Trust us, they’ll get the message – you like them and are ready to do something about it!

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10. Draw inspiration from your school days

Navigating the dating world seemed to be a little simpler back in school. And confessing to your crush only required you to pass a note and you’d have the answer. So, if you feel scared of talking about your feelings in person, you could use this approach. 

Adorable notes to confess your feelings can melt your crush’s heart in minutes. Draw smileys and hearts and write your feelings on short, cute notes. Make them as colorful and pretty as you want and there is a good chance you’ll receive a huge “yes” from them. 

11. Choose their favorite quotes on love and get them framed

Quotes can be your best friend if you use them wisely. Your crush is bound to have some favorite quotes – quotes that seem to occupy a permanent space in their mind. There is nothing much you need to do here; just pick out their favorite quotes and get them printed in cool fonts and styles. You can get them printed on sticker paper and create a collage for them, or you can choose just one special quote and get it framed. Either way, they’ll be really surprised and you’ll have confessed your feelings in a super adorable way. 

12. Take them gift shopping and let them pick it out

You want to give them gifts but are unsure of what they’ll like. The smart solution? Take them shopping and ask them to “help” pick out a gift for “your” crush. Once they make their suggestion, buy it and get it wrapped. As soon as you step out of the shop, present it to them! It’s smooth, it’s adorable and they won’t even want to return the present since they chose it themselves. Hopefully, they do return the feelings though, so fingers crossed.

13. Send them a long confessional message  

Some people love to receive long, personal messages. If you’re looking for a cute way to confess to your crush, send them a long confession message. There are a few things you need to keep in mind here:

  • Be as honest as possible and don’t beat around the bush 
  • Write down everything from start to finish – how they occupy your mind day and night, how much you love talking to them, etc 
  • Make it as detailed as possible and ask them out for a proper date at the end

It can’t get more straightforward than this and it also cannot get any cuter than this.

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14. Turn to arts and crafts

If your crush appreciates creative, heartfelt gestures, choose this route. While there are various ways to use art and crafts to confess your feelings, you can choose scrapbooking. This hands-on, labor-intensive approach can be highly intimate if done right. Put together a personalized scrapbook containing pictures of you both together and decorate it. Homemade DIY gifts are a sincere way of telling your crush how much they mean to you.

15. Write them a poem 

If you have some creative juices to spill, you could write a poem for your crush. Now, you do have the option of just copying something off the internet, but writing one out yourself is a little more personal – and thoughtful. So, take the leap of faith and let your emotions flow into words, and you’ll be off the single list in no time.

16. Add a little bit of mystery to your approach

Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? If you or your crush are not the straightforward kind, subtlety is the way to go. Leave little notes on their desk, get them random gifts, send them flowers anonymously – play the mysterious lover to the T! This can be a fun way to tell someone you like them since they’ll try to guess who it is and it will also keep them on their toes. 

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17. Take help from their friends

Asking friends for help can work out great. Their friends will know whether they reciprocate your feelings. You can ask them to help you out in planning a grand surprise to reveal your feelings. Organize them to put up banners or get them to play some instruments while you sing a verse – and your crush will say the words you’ve been dying to hear.

on crushes

18. Use cheesy pickup lines and jokes

Who says cheese only belongs on pizza? It can also be the perfect topping for feelings for your crush. Try to be flirty and use cheesy and corny pickup lines when you talk to your crush. And make liberal use of jokes. This will bring a smile to their face and improve your odds of getting a yes at the same time.

19. Create an animation video that conveys your feelings

As far as creative ways go, this one takes the cake! Sure, it’ll require a little more effort and a lot of time, but it’s worth it. Choose a special moment you have shared with your crush and get it animated (do it yourself if you have the skill for it or hire someone to do it). Back it up with a script where you say everything you need to confess your feelings. Your crush will be wowed by your talent and the effort you put into it. 

20. Let your dog convey the message

A messenger dog is a cute way of asking your crush out. If your crush is a dog lover, this is the perfect choice for you! If you happen to be a pet parent, then you’re pretty much sorted! If not, you can always borrow a furry friend from friends or family. Take the dog out for a walk to a place where you know you will run into your crush and tie a note around the pooch’s neck. 

The note could read: “The guy who sent you this might be a dork but is cute and trustworthy. Oh, and he’s crazy about you so I thought it’s high time I set him up with someone beautiful!” You can always customize the note, this was just an example.

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21. Make it public

If you already have a good relationship with your crush and have an inkling of what their answer would be, confess publicly. Usually, people don’t make public confessions since they’re afraid of rejection. But, if you’re already fairly certain of their answer, why not sweep them off their feet? You can keep it low-key and post a romantic post on social media tagging them, or you could pull out all the stops and ask them out with roses, balloons, and the whole nine yards, in a public place like a park or a town square. The ball is in your court here!

22. Figure out their love language

Everybody has a different love language. Figuring it out can be a little difficult, but also worth the effort. If you can figure out what their love language is, you can use it to confess your feelings. That way your confession will resonate with them even more. If their love language is physical touch, you can incorporate a long hug into your confession; if it is receiving gifts, use a personalized gift to spill the beans.

23. Heart-shaped pizza never goes wrong

We saved the best one for the last – who says no to pizza? Get a heart-shaped pizza and hand-deliver it. Dress up as a pizza delivery man and put a note inside the box that says: “This might sound cheesy, but I like you. Will you go out with me?” As far as cute gestures go, this might just be the cutest. It’s an adorable way to convey your crush without making things awkward and you both get to share a pizza afterward. Win-win.

Key Pointers

  • If you have a crush, it’s there for a reason. Don’t hide it; instead, find a cool, memorable way to confess to your crush
  • Dropping hints is not enough, you need to find a way to confess your crush without making it awkward
  • Express your affection and you’ll get to know whether your crush is reciprocated or not

Dipping your toes in the world of dating can be a little difficult if you just keep hiding your feelings and secretly hoping they’ll notice. It is about gradually getting to know someone, connecting with them on a deeper level, and then finding out if you both have physical and emotional compatibility to make it work as a couple. But none of this is possible if you don’t take the first step – confessing your feelings! 

Sure, telling your crush how you feel might seem difficult, but, if done right, it can turn into the most beautiful moment of your life. We have listed 23 adorable ways you can confess to your crush. Pick out any one way that you like the most and step up your game!

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